Attackers on Iran Embassy in Stockholm

Protesters break into Iranian embassy in Sweden

AP: Angry demonstrators broke into the Iranian Embassy outside Stockholm on Friday, climbing in through shattered windows and injuring one embassy worker, police said.

More than 150 people had gathered outside the embassy to protest against the Iranian regime, when some of them attacked the building with rocks and tore down a fence to enter the embassy grounds, police spokesman Ulf Hoglund said.

"A few managed to climb through broken windows into the building," Hoglund said. He said one member of the embassy staff was injured inside the building, but didn't know how seriously.

Fifty police officers and an ambulance were dispatched to the scene. Hoglund said police had evicted the demonstrators from the building and arrested one person.

Organizers of the demonstration said a few of the protesters were injured in clashes with the embassy's security officers.

"We want a regime change," said Firouzeh Ghaffrpour, one of the organizers. "The Islamic system is not wanted by the people of Iran."

The protesters, mostly Iranians, also demanded the embassy be closed.

Police said the situation was under control later Friday, but demonstrators continued to block the entrance, preventing embassy personnel from leaving.

The protest followed several peaceful demonstrations in Sweden after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected in a June 12 vote that the opposition claims was marred by massive fraud.


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Shame on you Iranians in Sweden

by Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not verified) on

You can not name yourself Iranian when you attack your own people. They are all MKO who are the bigest loosers on the earth. They attacked their own people along side Iraqies for 8 years. Shame on you and your Idealogies.


I think we did a great job!

by MC (not verified) on

Just wanted to say that after 30 years of frustration, sorrow over personal losses due to this regime, you may expect ppl to break WINDOWS of an Embassy that is simultaneously KILLING our countrymen in Iran!
I did not personally break any windows there because I have broken-glass-phobia, but I really understand and encourage those who did it! The protesters did not TORTURE the personnel, they did not EXECUTE them etc. All they did was to show these criminal diplomats that we are indeed ALL UNITED (their biggest fear) against the regime & that they will have to pay for what they have done! They cannot get away with it! Many of those who got in seek justice for a dear one they have lost. But how in hell can you get any justice from a country that kills peaceful demonstrators & support international terrorism? I mean, you must be fair! We are not dealing with humans here and not dealing with a just, fair and peace seeking nation! These are MONSTERS with no conscience!

Secondly, the police were on OUR side! They actually let the 2 first demonstrators IN the embassy without any fussing or fighting, almost saying "befarmaayeed".

Something is about to happen and someday justice will prevail for all those lives lost for the cause of freedom since 1979 up to today.



by Majid on

Are there "Over 1 million MKO members in Sweden" ? Realy?

As best as I know there are only about 950,000 MKO members in Sweden  and NOT "Over a million" !

"Kodeshoon, saaye ha shoon va  khaaye haa shoon" about 5000, MAX.......LOL

Were you in charge of counting Ahmadi Nejad's votes?


with over 1 million MKO in Stockholm ....

by wgm1919 on

with over 1 million MKO members in Sweden, they could only gather 150 people to demonstrate. Wow !


Police in Sweden cracked skulls big time

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

The security forces of the embassy aided by the police in Sweden cracked some protesters skulls big time.

Stop acting wierd in Sweden and maybe someone will take protesters seriously.

These bums should pray that Sweden does not revoke their asylum and refugee status in Sweden.

If that happens these protesters will be swiftly returned to Tehran for real Iranian justice.


what if all free govts legally shut down illegal IRI embassies?

by ServantCEO (not verified) on

The model in this story might not be the ideal way to follow, but the idea might be great. Wondering what would happen if all free governments around the world shut down all Iranian embassies every where, since their government is obviously illegal and has chosen to shut down all other countries off their nation. As the illegal islamic republic of Iran illegally stopped all free people of their nation from protesting, and kicked out all reporters so they could hide behind their iron curtain, it seems if all free governments would shut down all IRI embassies around the world, the people of Iran might have a strong boost to hold accountable those cowards who murdered an innocent girl standing near protestors and who had the most atrocious massacre instigated by paying terrorists from outside to murder women by beating them to death, and men by axing them flesh by flesh. Just wondering out loud?



by das (not verified) on

i think employees of iri should get the taste of the same medicine that they are giving to the iranian people


Violence will go on as long as double-standards are used!

by Mash Rajab (not verified) on

When some vahshi people break the banks' and people's stores' windows or beat law enforcing individuals , it is called angry demonstartors. When police use force to establish order, we call it vahshigari dolati.

As long as these lies and accusations are, we are not helping human cause. We are culturally big liars and always blame other people for our own failures.

Stop stirring the pot and help killing people.

Go the peaceful way.



The people here behaved the same way IRI does!

by choghok on

They even behaved better than IRI does since they actually did not shot embassy personell, took them hostage or beat them and them locked them up in an unknown place not to be found or shoot them to death and asked their loved ones for money to return their bodies.



by Ramtin (not verified) on

While I agree on so called "Anti-IRI" Iranians holding IRI passport and routinely going to Iran a few times a year and then returning to their safe and cozy host country abroad, this sort of behaviour must in no way be tolerated. Do these people have any job or commitments? They have nothing better to do than break the law and run around clubbing people all day long in the same brutal way as the savages they are trying to eliminate?

Two wrongs don't make a right. I don't believe that the people you see in that picture are indicative of true Iranians, this isn't our way.



by curly on

if I were you I wouldn't talk after world seeing our young being slaughtered on the streets of Iran by people that you love and support and by the way WON BIG according to you fatee comando.


Thirst for blood is leading this "green movement" now

by Mehdi on

Absolutely disgusting! These are the people who are going to bring improvement and civility to Iran? Can you imagine what this mob of blood-thirsty psychotics would do to people if they had the government in their control? Stop this INSANE "movement" now, before Iran becomes like Iraq or worse. We were having orderly progress in Iran and people were being more and more empowered daily. Now this criminal "green movement" is trying to destroy all of that under the excuse that this is a "fight for freedom." No, the truth is that this is now a fight for barbarism! These insane psychopaths want a completely destroyed Iran. Everyone MUST stand up and condemn their stupid actions. All demonstrations and antagonistic actions must stop and all Iranians must have the courage to demand that from the likes of Mousavi and others. This is insane beyond insane. We don't want a Pelestine in Iran. We don't want MKO's ideal, a country drenched in blood. If you can't be civil and have a peaceful movement, then have none at all! You clearly don't deserve freedom. This is true.


Can't you keep the camera up right...?

by Anonyed (not verified) on

People take much better video clips in the middle of heavy clashes with Police/Basijies in Tehran's streets , than this guy in Stockholm...can't you keep the camera up pathetic

Jahanshah Rashidian

Peiknet's Accusations

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

As hardliners attribute  Neda's death to the "autdiders", in return,  a pro Tudehi / IRI site, Peiknet, has today accused a leftist group, worker communist party of Iran, of as "co-plotters of Hardliners" in their drive of occupying this embassy !!!

Peiknet has in the last presidential supported ,generous, Hashami and now unconditionally supports the "Green" Movement. 



by Anonymous74125 (not verified) on

Een che tarz film gereftaneh??!!!!!!

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Ayatollah Khomeiny about Hostage Takeover

by Darius Kadivar on

Ayatollah Khomeini on U.S. Embassy Hostage Crisis


Even stupider arguments

by Alborzi (not verified) on

When Shahi and Mojaheds try to argue reminds me of
this guy from Alborz, The story is too long to explain, but he held the book under this guys balls (while he was singing) and yelled "Beppa naiofteh". Its the ultimate stupidity to do what you condemned for years. You do what
you think is right. Beating a guy for his belief or work is just plain stupid, it will fire up basijis to the mantra that the opposition is bunch of stupid belligerents who are going to trat you like animals. "Beppa naiofteh"


I support every means against IRI

by Rok goo (not verified) on

I was one of those stupid that was happy 'when Islamic demolition happened, 3 years later I run away from Iran bear handed.I never regret that for a second and since then I didn't go back to Iran yet.
but these days every piece of news against IRI brings joy for me. I have to remind those who living out of Iran whether you demonstrated against this barbaric regime or not you are in trouble if you want to go back for a visit because you all betrayed this murderers mob.and I'm for real action against IRI embassy around the world for release of our dearest(nazanin) prisoners.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

haha! butt crack revolt

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

great job. too bad you were not in the right coordinates. Tehran/Stockholm.... big difference.



by پیام on

Keep on fighting.


Mob mentality at its best

by Arash_1970 on

Beating people up and viloence can never be justified.As much as I would like to see many pro regime Iranians dead but I still would like to leave some space between myself and my compatriots who use the philosophy of "The end justifies the means".We need to show that we are more civilized than our fellow Iranians running the country.Until we build them a "Vatican" in Ghom we need to keep them safe.Also we want them alive for trials in international courts.




by KouroshS on

This is so Ironice. To see you encouraging more of such acts in front of iri embassies around the world, while just a while back in the "please watch this clip" you were disgusted by the fact that a flag was being taken down by a girl, from the hands of an older man  and all the ensuing events. One gets the impression that you are against violence of any kind, but then you turn around and put your support behind events that are even more vicioius events. Are you confused or what?

be real. Change does not happen over night and it takes time, In the meantime there are PLENTY of us who have loved ones back home that we must go and visit. Is one supposed to turn one's back to his relatives in iran, Just so they can join one the most disorganized, free-of-credible-plan of action, movemnets of all thime? What about  what they think? Should we at least ask them how they feel about this? And besides, No nation has been able to topple their despised Government by making the outrageous demand of shutting down their embassy.

Your emotions and feelings on this issue is growing way out of control,


While I don't condone

by Fed up (not verified) on

While I don't condone violence, sometimes force is the only language the enemy speaks. It is a good idea to occupy all of these embassies and ask them to release all prisoners held in Evin since the riggged election. Good idea?


Thank you Iranians in Sweden at least you are not hypocrites


What happemed in Sweden must now happen around the world.

Iranians must demamnd the closure of the Iranian embassy and throw their staff out and send them back home.

Same thing must happen in Washington of the Iranian special interstet group

But the sad thing is most Iranioan in America nd europe love both the travel to Iran and holding that fascist passport as well as the want change. My answer you can't have both.

The Iranian embassies which is nothing but a terrorrist agencies must be shut down.




Ali P.

by Anonymous-tehrany (not verified) on

You talk about the world opinion and as always you are very concerned about what other people around the world think and say about us. I think you heard as child the famous Iranian sentence "Heess, saaket, Aberoomon meereh". What did the world do for freedom and human rights in Iran during the last 30 years? What can the world do for Iranians or what they can do against the IRI? Nothing. Because IRI is a savage regime and they don't care whether they(IRI) looks worse and worse.


The "barbaric" police fought these "freedom fighters?!!"

by Jaleho on

"Organizers of the demonstration said a few of the protesters were injured in clashes with the embassy's security officers.

"We want a regime change," said Firouzeh Ghaffrpour, one of the organizers. "



How come I didn't see the "savage brutality" of security forces who injured these "angels of freedom" on CNN 24/7 ?!!


react for iran situation

by buick bahador (not verified) on

i think harming some one is not a good idea, but if some one trying to kill me i will kill him before he find the chance to kill me.

Ali P.

Wrong move

by Ali P. on

The June uprising has been a defensive movement. The world is watching. Neda Agha Soltan gets shot; people take the injured riot-police officer and care to his wounds; IRI, in the eyes of the global public opinion, looks worse and worse.

...and now this.

 A demonstration in front of the embassy would have been far more powerful.


Revenge is a dish best served cold

by Lili on

Time is on people's side. The Mullahs are hated and will be viciously killed in the hands people. It's just a matter of time.

How dare they kill people's children. I pray for their horrible demise. In the case of eliminating Mullahs, I have to give a big shout to Reza Shah eh Kabir for his vision of Mullah's coming to power. We need a leader like him.



by Disgusted (not verified) on

Do yo really beleive that these "pour souls" needed a job and they happened to land in Sweden????

I happened to be at memorial a few years ago and had the "privilege" of getting acquinted with some of these poor souls.

I was really ashamed that out of all the qualified people for such high profile positions, a couple of uneducated, uncivilized, rude, Hezbullahis were sent to enjoy the freedons of living in Europe with their families.

Give me a break, do you think that someone outsise the Hezbullah mafia (agha-zadegan) can get these jobs in Iranian embassies????

These are paid by the butchers and are traitors to Iranian people, just like any other "modire dolati"