Vanak protests

Saturday, July 25th

Slogans demanding freeing political prisoners:

Slogans against "seda o sima" state broadcasting:

"Marg bar diktator":

More "Marg bar diktator":


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Gol dust

by Benyamin on

respect your boundaries and don`t pre judge me for what I believe or don`t believe. My name maybe Hebrew, but the lack of information about Iran and "all" Iranians or keeping them in dark because that would be "too" dangrous for Iran has created a situation in which we don`t even know what kind of nationalities or belief system exist in Iran.

Calling me an Israeli is just as bad as I call you an ARAB in the face of public opinion. Please be more cautious. If you have problem with my opinions that is something else and I would take the challenge if not, then you have no point and will lose your credibility if there is any.


Benyamin, are you writing from Israel?

by gol-dust on

Just curious. Your name sounds israeli! I am not arguing against or for your points. the fact is that Israel is very much active at this time! As much as we hate IRI, we hate Israel the same! If Israel thinks they are going to take advantage of this, which they are, they are dead wrong!


Night Protests in Tehran July 25 2009

by Golbaang on


Zebel20 get a life

by Benyamin on

Read what you wrote there, you actually agree with the killings and beatings and torture by what you just wrote.


But I have to say who knows

by zebel20 on

But I have to say who knows or can guarantee that iran’s foreign policies would stay to the favour of Iranians rather than the interest of the western countries. Are we going to be independent or our government will be appointed by the west.


Collective decision!!!

by Benyamin on

Ther IRI claims that all "decisions" in its government are made "colectively".

I take that as truth and ever since "no one" has denounced otherwise therefore there is only one conclusion out of that statement, and that is people that are in "charge" of IRI`s affair are directly responsible for the killings and torture and beating of Iranian youth and there are no excuses anymore.

Shari`atmadari(the chief editor of Keyhan), Mohamad ali ja`fari(the commander of sepaah), Zarghami(president of national radio and television) Firooz abaadi, Yazdi, Mesbah e Yzdi, Jannati, Kadkhodaee, Saffar harandi, Ahmadi nejad, Khameneiee, Mojtaba Khameneiee,Farmandehan e arshad e artesh va sepaah, Radan(the commander of Tehran`s police), Larijani(both brothers in majles and justice department), all of those that are colectively killing Iranians are the traitors to Iran and Iranians, and we all know what kind of destiny awaits the traitors.