Sohrab Arabi

19-year-old student killed

(, 12 July 2009) Iranian authorities have informed the family of  Sohrab Aarabi, 19, that he died of gunshot wounds to his heart, 26 days after he disappeared during a demonstration on 15 June, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported today.

Aarabi’s mother, Parvin Fahimi [see in video below outside Evin prison], a member of the Mothers for Peace organization, made numerous attempts to obtain information about his situation, taking his photograph to prisons, courts and other addresses.  Finally, on 11 July, after the protests commemorating the “18 Tir” student demonstrations in 1999, the family was summoned by the Revolutionary Court and referred to the Investigatory Bureau (Agahi), and asked to identify Sohrab from among several photographs of corpses. According to family members interviewed by the Campaign, his body had arrived at the coroner’s office on 19 June, five days after his disappearance.  Sohrab Aarabi was due to begin his university studies this year.

 Aarabi  died of a gun-shut wounds to his heart but it is not clear if he was first injured and taken to a hospital and died later or that he died on the street on 15 June.

“If Sohrab was shot on the street on 15 June, why was it recorded by the coroner only on 19 June?” asked Hadi Ghaemi, spokesperson for the Campaign.

“We are calling for an independent investigation and a full account of the causes of Sohrab Aarabi’s death, and appropriate follow-up by the Judiciary,” he said. “Such an investigation should also disclose why the authorities waited so long to tell a mother of her son’s death.”

The lack of transparency and calculated delay in releasing the information about Aarabi’s unexplained death only raises anxieties about scores of others who are among the disappeared as well as those who have been held in incommunicado detention, with no contact to family members or lawyers, many for almost a month.  An additional approximately 190 persons were arrested following the most recent demonstrations on 9 July.

“Many families fear they will also be told their loved ones were killed in the demonstrations, and will be left to wonder if it is the truth, “ Ghaemi said.  “Indeed, the families of the disappeared are suffering from a form of torture because of the absence of  credible information.”

For the latest human rights developments in Iran visit the Campaign’s website at

For more information:

Hadi Ghaemi, in New York: +1 917-669-5996
Aaron Rhodes, in Vienna:  +43 676-635-6612


Mohammad Ala

Very young to die . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

Sohrab was very young to die.  Those who killed him will pay for his blood dearly.



by Iranj on

Iranian Well take there country back-[islamist..allahs party!]party is over for you be aware you well get kicked harder your days are numbered.-freeIranAriya+


The fact is that he was

by azadi5 on

The fact is that he was killed, either under torture in Evin or shot on the streets by basij. However, If his family actually thinks an investigation will help to bring those responsible to justice, and I hate to say this, they are wasting their time. This government takes pride in killing people who say something against them that they don't like.

My heart goes to Sohrab's family, and the rest of victims of IRI.


JJ maybe rumous but still a murder by Isalmic fascist regime


The parents were not told anything about the son's death does that sound familiar.

That is what they do the kill and murder and don't notify the loved ones and let the Mother burn for so long not knowing what has happend to her flesh and blood then she gets a cold notification about her son's death along with it a letter describing that he was an enemy of the state.

No matter how this young man has passed away. He was murdered by the regime.






by Benyamin on

I don`t think he(wgm1919) is worthy of anything, We are talking about freedom and the struggle we all had to endure at one point in our lives against the IRI and he(wgm1919) is talking about zionists and what not!!! I don`t think he is all

Noosh Afarin


by Noosh Afarin on


too many contradictory stories about this man ...

by wgm1919  on

On this forum, there were videos claiming that his mother was on and asking about her son who was presumably at Evin Prison. Later stories came about that his home was ransacked and he was arrested. Now the story is that he was killed in demonstrations. Which one is true? Or, is it like many other stories of Iran's riots, just stories? 



  من فکر میکنم که شما  ایستادگی مردم را  در مقابل یک دولت دیکتاتور و فاشیست، حرکتی بر ضد خود تلقی میکنید، که اصلاً مهم نیست. شما هم از این طریق امرار  معاش میکنید. ولی در جوابتان باید بگویم  چرا از گدا علی یک دست که رهبر ادمکشان است نمیپرسید که جسد این نازنین برای ٢٦ روز کجا بود؟ اگر  سهراب و سهرابهائی که جسدشان بدون هویت در سردخانه ها نگهداری میشوند، فرزند شما بود، چه میکردی؟ امیدوارم  با وجدان بیدار به این مسئله فکر کنی.


ایران احتیاج به شاه الله هان نوکر یا خر خمینی پرستان حزب الله ندارد.
«مرحم زخم  ایران و ایرانیان ازادی است»


Re: Shameless People !

by wgm1919 on

We should not take things for granted. We have had too many "Shaboon Bimokhs" in the history of our nation, and should not get rid of a domestic monster and replace it with a foreign one.

On the top of list of Iran's enemies are the Zio-Nazis. They are there to occupy, destory, suck blood of our young and old people, the same way they do it to Palestinians (and are doing it indirectly in Iraq and Afghanistan).

We need to be smart and careful and not just make a change for the sake of change. There are too many unexplained and creepy things about Iran's election aftermath and needs explanation before one can conclude anything.





by Benyamin on

I know whoever who has consceous and has heard about Sohrab Arabi or Neda Agha Soltan and .....

Would miss them.


May he Rest in Peace

by oktaby on

In Iranian and human culture there are boundaries we do not cross. This is a young man and a piece of Iran and world's future gone. Please be more considerate and respectful in your comments and opinions.


Shameless people!

by Benyamin on

Our defenceless kids are getting killed by the worst of the worse in the most horrific ways, in big numbers, their parents are notified nothing but shear lies and yet "some people" have the audecity to call their deaths as LIES or STORIES???

I believe we all need to be more than just a person in a certain profession. We need to be more than intellectuals, teachers, labourer, farmer and ...., we need to level this to them we need to show them and tell them "who" is in charge.

There are mothers and fathers that have lost their kids over a simple "shout". These mothers and fathers are shedding tears and can`t figure it out why their kids are killed and those mothers and fathers are "real" and their stories are "real" they are all "real" people. They just arenot on the side of IRI. That is why their "struggle" becomes "stories and lies" by people like wgm1919, as if he is taking to bunch of kids on here. I am "offended" by his first comment.

We need to give it to them and crush them in the mud.

I am tired of them trying to make "us" the people of Iran and our lives and believes nothing but a "lie". And we need to come up with proofs and so on.

When I was a teenage I asked my father about the fait of IRI. And he replied "Do you know how powerfull Shah was? He had an 'unimaginable' power and people never dreamed of getting rid of him! but they did at the end. The ultimate power is always in the hand of people, if the IRI loses the entrusted power by people they simply take the gun out of their hand and give it to someone else"

And that is the truth which needs no prooving.



Barbarian Crime!

by iranbrave on

Regardless of where, when and how our beloved Sohrab was killed, this is the same ruthless barbarian crime that has been targeting the most innocent and ordinary Iranians for the past long 30 years!

This a poem that I wrote for Sohrab-e aziz as soon as I heard the tragic news:




too many contradictory stories about this man ...

by wgm1919 on

On this forum, there were videos claiming that his mother was on and asking about her son who was presumably at Evin Prison. Later stories came about that his home was ransacked and he was arrested. Now the story is that he was killed in demonstrations. Which one is true? Or, is it like many other stories of Iran's riots, just stories?




justice is comin akhoonds

by shushtari on

how many innocent people are they going to kill....?

these animals need to be tried and dismembered for war crimes...

justice is comin akhoonds 

Noosh Afarin

در سوگ سهراب

Noosh Afarin


سهراب فقط حرفی برای گفتن داشت! ملیحه محمدی


با خبر شدیم که همکارمان ملیحه محمدی در سوگ برادرزاده‌اش سهراب اعرابی که در زندان اوین جان باخت نشسته است. رادیو زمانه این ماتم را به همکار عزیزمان و خانواده عزادار سهراب تسلیت می گوید. این مقاله سوگنامه ایست که ملیحه محمدی در سوگ سهراب نوشته است.




پزشک قانونی نظرش چه بوده است؟

پزشک قانونی گفته بود دو تا تیر خورده‌است. یک تیر به پایین قلبش و تیر دیگری در سرش خورده‌است. ظاهرا همان روزی بوده که از ساختمان بسیج به مردم تیر زده بودند. از قرار معلوم همان روز تیر خورده بوده‌است. و جای دستگاهی که قلبش را به کار بیندازند هم روی بدنش بوده‌است.






ایران احتیاج به شاه الله هان نوکر یا خر خمینی پرستان حزب الله ندارد.
«مرحم زخم  ایران و ایرانیان ازادی است»


Another feather in Islamists’ cap

by Fred on

BBC Persian interviewed Sohrab’s paternal aunt, Maliheh Mohamadi, in Germany. The dates of his disappearance and date on the death certificate does not match and most probably he was murdered in cold blood in Evin slaughterhouse.  


More information from gooya!

by choghok on

has more infomation  about his death. It says also that he was killed in protests and not in Evin.


The world is watching !!

by Freedom5 on

What is happening in Evin. Just take a look at the people wondering around this prison. Where is Human right???

Jahanshah Javid

Sohrab killed during protest

by Jahanshah Javid on

[Email from an reader: It is just a rumor that Sohrab died in Evin. Sohrab was killed actually in Enqelab protests 25 Khordad by a gunshot to his head. His mother is not commenting till his body has been received by her, but I got to know through reliable sources that this is the case. She was first not told and she thought and hoped he was kept in Evin. There are around 40 unidentified bodies in morgues around Tehran today that are said to be from the killings.]

Bijan A M

May you rest in peace

by Bijan A M on

the brave soldier of freedom. We will make sur that your life is not lost in vein.

Khoda be madar va pedaret sabr bedeh.


Down with IRI

by Takavar on

Roohet shaad dear Sohrab. Shame on Khamaneie Moghol zadeh.