Madonna: Where is my vote?

Iran protests highlighted in Madonna concert

Performs "Get Stupid" live with images of Tehran June uprising in background:


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It is what it is...

by QLineOrientalist on

Good comments, as usual. There's just something disturbing about all this. Is she using herself to promote the cause or the cause to promote herself? 

And... what were the visuals? I caught Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Mother Theresa, the young Bill Clinton, Iranian green demonstrators, some bad guys throwing a good guy off the balcony.

High production values, a call to action, narcissism, sexuality.  

anonymous fish

my my my

by anonymous fish on

Such a reaction to Madonna!  Who knew!  (I hope you can read the sarcasm in said comments... our dear Madonna has thrived on controvery....:-)

So yeah.  She's tacky.  I rather think putting her in a long gown would totally void her message OF anything serious.  It would be the height of hypocracy for god's sake!

Who is she trying to send her message to? It for sure isn't the mullahs so who gives a rat's ass if they are insulted.  I bet you dollars to donuts the younger generation of Iranians are going "whoo hoo!!!!!".  And THEY are the ones the message is going out to... not the hypocratic-ridden judges here.  So much "judging" from those who cry out against it!  my my my

Rosie.  Your objections are noted. And it takes someone with guts to come back and clarify their dissatisfaction.  And you've got 'em. 

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on




Okay, all right.  I too

by desi on

Okay, all right.  I too thank Madonna for using the headlines du jour to support the plight of Iranians in Iran.  But can I still think she's cheesy.  


Thanks to Madonna

by azadi5 on

For those who object to Madonna using images from Iranian
protests in this song during her tour, you should be thankful that someone with
her level of popularity and fame, as well as U2 and Bon Jovi, try to remind and
refresh some of the current events of the world in people's minds. Remember
that there are hardly any foreign reporters covering Iranian crisis these days and
as a result it gets mentioned less in the TV and newspapers. The more awareness
we can get the more pressure will build on this dictatorial regime, and it will
fall sooner than later.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, so let's get back to Madonna../Thank you, Madonna

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I confess I have such a bee in my bonnet about her that I didn't watch most of this thing. I just saw the image on the homepage and the very opening, and I thought the whole thing was a bout Iran.

This was very disturbing to me. I would definitely NOT want to have Madonna doing an entire piece on Iran dressed like that and moving like that and with that particular song..can you understand why not?

As it stands, it's okay. I hope that if she decides to go further she will do it in a more elegant and discreet way. She is the apotheosis of the commodification of EVERYTHING. She does in some ways epitomize the things that are WRONG with the West, and those are things which at least in part led to the Revolution of '79 as well as other 'revoltuions' elsewheere which also turned into messes.

Now here's an example of one of the several bees I have in my bonnet about her.

So she studied Kabbalah. You know, Celebrity Silver Spoon Kabbalah. She never converted to Judaism but she decided her name was now Esther (ah good..fits all the more into Then she went to Israel and announced herself to Peres as the ambassador (yes I checked it, that's the word she used) for the Jewish people.

Now, her saying this to Peres makes no sense to begin with and let's leave the whole Palestinian thing out of it for now, shall we?  But what you have to understand is that it is extremely offensive to a Jewish person to have a non-Jew call herself their 'ambassador' (to the Israeli president, of allpeople..). And even MORE offensive to the traditional Kabbalists, who are Orthodox, and were in a furor about it, and can you realistically blame them?

So this is the kind of politically stupid and specious and potentially dangerous stuff she's capable of doing out of her own grandiose self-importance. She's just...created a bubble world she lives in out of her own success and power..and I'd be VERY uncomfortable with her going further than this video. I'd have grave misgivings.

But I admit it, I admit it. This video is fine. It really is. Thank you Madonna.

But please, consult me before you go any further.

David ET

a bigot is a bigot no matter where we are from

by David ET on


The bigots attack using anything they can even if it has nothing to do with the subject discussed.

I am Iranian and get personally attacked by them , so "non-Iranians" don't presume it is because you are non-Iranian that you become subject of bigotry, we all do regardless of race, color, nationality, religion, opinion etc etc

Butt with each person the bigot uses whatever "personal" tool s/he can get his /her hands on because there is no logic , so that is their only tool.

Some of the worst attacks have been Iranian against Iranian (see the streets , university, prisons....of Iran).

Its is not where you are from as they don't give a damn, it is what you stand for.

If you are an extremist from Sudan, Lebanon, US, Pakistan or Venezuela  they welcome you and if you are against oppression , wherever you are from Iran , US or Mars they attack you

If you are a minority of any kind somewhere then bigots find you, best way is not to fall in to their traps by looking at yourself within the dividing lines that they create . and don't believe a minute that its you ....its them, rise above them and their bigotary

and only blame yourself only if you ever allow yourself to be brought down to their level by believing in their crap and that happens when you divide yourself and then they already have won ...

Human Rights is universal and "sacred"


rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, first of all, I'm not a liberal,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I'm a Leftist. Second of all, I don't give a damn anymore what anyone thinks of me here and it's taken a great load off my back. Third of all, Iranians absolutely and unequivocally beyond a shadow of a doubt have strong paranoid tendencies within the culture and I am prepared to defend that statement.

That doesn't mean that everyone has them, and it doesn't mean that they predominate or exist in equal measure in those who do, but..

as the French have preciousness and snobbishness as tendencies in their culture, as the Spanish hot-headedness, as the Germans stubborness and melancholy, as Americans a strange combination of innocnece and arrgoance, as the Chinese thrift and the Cubans indolence, as the British reserve and the Russians gloom..

so too the Persians..


In extremis.

I stand by this statement unto death. And anyway why should I be held to higher standards than the rest of you when you condescend to and patronize each other? Or would you rather I just go for the jugular as many here often do?

Anyway your saying you know I have good intentions is condescending and patronizing, and in conjunction with your calling me "lady" and saying I'm using 'big words' is extremely passive-aggressive (which btw, is not  a particularly Persian trait...)


I love how people who've never said a damn word to me about anything I've written here no matter how hard I've worked or what good I've done swoop down on me like buzzards as soon as they find something they think they can claim is clearly objectionable, and then tell me how familiar they are with me and my ideas.

You;re welcome.


PS You must be one of those newly registered people who've been hiding behind the goldfish all this time. Maybe you have told me things before after all. Under several different names.


rosie is roxy is roshan

by Patriot on

And it's not just about the freedom movement, it's just a basic fact of a cedrtain tendency in the Iranian character. Iranians as a people have strong paranoiac tendences and when somebody doesn't know enough about them there are those among them who will whine and pontificate about their glorious underappreciated Persian culture and the trogdolytes who are too ignorant to know about it..

Those are pretty big words and pretty big presumptions, lady!  You are a liberal and your viewpoints usually refect that, so I doubt you are aware that what you perceive as your love for and knowledge of Iranian people, has come out as condescending, patronizing and downright racist in your tone. Please watch it, as I know you do have good intentions.

About Madonna, nobody cares what IRI is saying about this movement and its supporters anymore. Madonna's half-naked girations in support of the Iranian uprising may have been a good tool for IRI to try and say that 'decadence' is taking sides with the uprising.  Not anymore. Iranians know that the whole world is watching and talking about this.  I think whatever anyone can do to raise awareness about the grave situation in Iran is a welcome thing and a source of gratitude for Iranians. I am thankful to Madonna.

rosie is roxy is roshan

That''s actually very obvious, Sad,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

to a non-Iranian (like me) and I've said it here a million times. True, it's nice to hear it come fron an Iranian. And it's not just about the freedom movement, it's just a basic fact of a cedrtain tendency in the Iranian character. Iranians as a people have strong paranoiac tendences and when somebody doesn't know enough about them there are those among them who will whine and pontificate about their glorious underappreciated Persian culture and the trogdolytes who are too ignorant to know about it..

but then someone takes an interest and those same people get all secretive and keep asking you why you're interested in Iran with that accusatory interrogating tone and glare at you at parties and whisper about you to other peopel so you can see they're doing it just to make sure you know you really have no 'right' to be there...

--of course that's by no means whatsoever everyone, that would be ridiculous, but it's defintiely a tendency of a sizable minority...  


but what on god's earth does it have to do with Madonna?



Azarin Jan, Thank You

by sadchicagodad on

You hit the nail on the head.  Non-Iranians, especially those of us who are Americans, are damned if we do and damned if we don't.  If we don't say anything in support of the freedom struggle in Iran, we're condemned as backward, cultureless, rednecks who know nothing of the world beyond our borders.  But, if we dare to open our mouths in support of those struggling for freedom in Iran, we are told to shut the hell up because it's not our country after all plus what the hell do we know anyway because we're a bunch of backward, cultureless rednecks who know nothing of the world beyond our borders. 

Thank you very much for daring to speak the truth about something so many other readers seem to be unable to see.

Payandeh baad Iran!


Down whit terrorist islamic regime

by Iranj on

We {iranian} well kick the islamic regime hard.-freeIran

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Negative Judgements!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

I don't understand some people's negative comments here! How relevant is their "personal opinion" on this particular subject compare to Madonna's good "Personal Action" for and on behalf of oppressed Iranians at this time? It is understandable if one doesn't like Madonna, but come on, What year is this again? Even if you don't like Madonna and her music, please stop your harsh negative judgements in this particular case where she is actually doing all of us a huge favor by giving Iranians some serious exposure through her work and art on global level. Madonna is an international artist and regardless of some of her negative personal choices in her past, she has also contributed many positive things to masses globally as well. That's a known fact to billions of people around the world whether some us here like it or not...

Let her energize Iranians inside Iran with their massive struggle against Tyranny and Dictatorship... Let Iranian kids feel in their hearts that they are not alone and citizens around the world actually do care for their lives and rights as human beings too!

At this very sensetive point, every little Positive Action counts and is Helpful for our young brave women and men inside occupied Iran who have put their precious lives on the line to Free themselves from the forces of Evil...

Thank you Madonna and any other famous Artist who would help these poor kids...

As for Islamic Republic's reaction on this or any other similar subjects,  F#$k em! What kind of crime they are going to commit this time that they haven't already committed? Iranians are not scared of these evil parasites anymore! They can all go to HELL! Now, The whole world now knows their EVIL faces, thoughts and actions...

God bless all Conscious, Peaceful, Freedom and Justice loving on Mother Earth.

In The Name Of GOD, Power for Free Iran and all Iranians. 

Azarin Sadegh

Great work from Madonna!

by Azarin Sadegh on

If the non-iranians ignore us we complain about being ignored, and when they show a bit of empathy for our cause, we're offended because "who the hell they are and what the hell they know about our people, and we don't need them, and Death to this and that and to all the Westerners, etc, etc,...!"

Madonna is a well known artist who has been loud and critical about politics and world hunger and global warming and human rights in her songs. What's wrong with that?

So no matter you like her or not, her message will reach millions of people in the world.

Plus, do you know anyone better than Ahmadinejad to represent "Stupid"?


David ET

"Get stupid"

by David ET on

Get stupid is a very political song which has been taking an important message to everywhere Madonna is now taking her tour among millions of fans and youth.

Here is its lyrics and origoinal clips and it was very responsible of her to add Iranian strugle to the historical clips that she already had in it:


Who is the master and who is the slave? (Robotic Voice)

Tic Tac, Tic Tac (x4)

Get Stupid... (Get Stupid) (x4)
Get Stupid... Don't Stop it... (Get Stupid)

Get up...
It's time...
Your life...
Your world...

Get up...
It's time...
Your life...
Your choice...

It's time for you to read the signs
Your world...
Your choice...
You don't have the luxury of time

Tic Tac, Tic Tac (...repeat)
Get Stupid... (Get Stupid) (x4)
Get Stupid... Don't Stop it... (Get Stupid)

Get up...
It's time...
Your life...
Your world...

Get up...
It's time...
Your life...
Your choice...

You have got to say what's on your mind
the time is now...
if you wait too long it'll be too late

let's go... (x4)

the time is right now
you got to decide
say what you like
there ain't no time to loose (x2)

the time is right now ('s time)
you got to decide (...get up)
say what you like (...the time)

there ain't no time to loose ( now) (x2) 

Original Clip : 


I continue to give two thumbs up to Madonna and thank her too. She did more by taking the message to thousands fans and some who don't even watch the news..... than some Iranian artists who did absolutely nothing

As for IR: F$%^  them  I dont give a S%^& IR say but what I care about is that Iranian Youth will get energized seeing the support worldwide including by major artists and that is what they need to see that they are not alone.  Tic TAC TIC TAC, Do what you can, time is now, Tic Tac Tic Tac

rosie is roxy is roshan

It would be fine if..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

you know, she came out in say an elegant green silk dress and expressed solidarity in one sentence, you know, something subtle, and chose quality music ...and no more...

but to have all kinds of documentation, including images of AN flashing behind a song called 'Stupid.."..I mean...

the irony is not lost on the Islamists, and it plays right into their hands.

They report on these kinds of things, you know, and they preach about them at their sermons too.


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

double post


Oh for the love of god!

by desi on

Oh for the love of god!  Hameen moondeh bood.  I agree with Rosie on this one. 

David ET

Thank you Modonna

by David ET on

For including Iran movement photos to the video clips of your song during your tour and getting the message around the world .


last thing

by capt_ayhab on

Last thing Iranian women who have been demonstrating, getting beaten, killed and jailed need is Madonna to represent them. She is total disgrace to EVERY woman on earth and beyond . A porn star has more honor than Madonna, at least they do not whitewash their actions.

She is not even fit to wear the name Madonna.




rosie is roxy is roshan

Green like puke...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Madonna, you have convinced me. I want to be a hardliner. I am going to buy a chador now.

This is the whole problem. The ramifications of this are endless...this is the poster child for "why they hate us so much", for 'foreign meddling', for rationalization for imposing extreme Islamic codes, on and on and on and on...all of it all of it all of it... this is the whole problem in a nutshell.

This woman is so toxic, she needs to be muzzled. She builds a career for a quarter century on squeaky clean soft core porn, then has kids and publicly renounces her entire past begging forgiveness; then she can't hold onto her marriage so she gets three more boob jobs; she goes and studies kabbalah on some beach somewhere with a personal acupressurist drinking pomegranate juice while swimming with the dolphins and then goes to Israel to thank Peres for his leadership as a representative of the Jewish people...

but I protest too much...excuse me while I pray to Mecca.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

What a load of trash

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

What has Madonna got to do with the Green movement in Iran?  Doesn't this sort of support feed into the claim that this is a velvet revolution instigated from the outside?!  Why don't they leave it alone? This sort of propaganda does not help the movement by one iota, quite the opposite, it taints it as Western oriented and Western instigated.  With friends like this who needs an enemy?