Hossein Khomeini

Opposes theocracy created by his grandfather

Interview with BBC Persian:


American Dream

Made in England

by American Dream on

Ashraf Pahlavi and her twin brother believed that some Iranian Mullahs had "Made in England" stamped under their beards.

This guy has been sent around everywhere.  He has spoken to Reza Pahlavi.  His words have been broadcast on the Mujahedin Khalq television station.

He has been interviewed by the BBC farsi service.

Yet, nothing has changed.

for whatever reason, he still hangs out in Tehran and is not harmed by the Iranian government.

Somehow, this doesn't seem logical.

It seems that the Iranian government has sent him to make these speeches in order to make Iran and the Iranian Clergy seem relevant.


khaleh mosheh

Almost as good as Shirin Ebadi

by khaleh mosheh on

Brave man.



by Dariush on

You got the wrong massage. I wrote, people admire Dariush and Kourosh as kings based on their actions, but they through out another king called Pahlavi based on his actions.  Is this not true? People will do the same to any velayateh-fagheeh or president. So, what is important is, what the rulers stands for and how they run the country, not their title.  So the risks should be minimized by choosing the right system and the rewards should be maximized by applying the right policies.

Why don't you discuss our last king? There is nothing much to defend him except the wrong doings of IRI?

History has judged!


Unjust statement

by Freedom5 on

Making an statement  quote" The problem is how they run the country. People got rid of shah, but still admire King Daiush and King kourosh.  Mistakes of one king or velayateh fagheeh shouldn't be held against every king or velayateh fagheeh" unquote is unacceptable. Camparing king Koroush and Daruish to what is happening in Iran is unjust. It shows that the writer is simply  lacking knowledge.  Old civilization such as our all had leaders and king. Now granted that some of them were in fact dictator. Koroush and Dariush are our founders not to mention that they were also just. Iwill not discuss our last king and wherther or not he was rightous. History will judge him but not now. Denial of Kourosh is the same as saying Thomas Jeferson was not petrotic now you might say he was a president but we are reffering to a young nation. Now I have to admit  that the writer could not be an Iranian but even anyone from different part of the world would know  WHO WROTE THE FIRST HUMAN RIGHT CHART.


Even though a system with

by Dariush on

Even though a system with velayateh fagheeh is almost as undemocratic as a monarchy system, the real problem is not so much a velayateh fagheeh or a king or president.  The problem is how they run the country. People got rid of shah, but still admire King Daiush and King kourosh.  Mistakes of one king or velayateh fagheeh shouldn't be held against every king or velayateh fagheeh, but of course there is the republic that is a better option and even that does not guarantee a better future, unless the president stands for justice and respects human rights and freedom.

While back, there was a blog about capitol punishment and Ostaad attached a link that described some of the Islamic laws. The bottom line was that, only a just government can order a capital punishment and Islam has said, a just government only exist under the rulings of Prophets and Imams. So according to Islam capital punishment under any government today is not Islamic. 

This is what Hossain Khomeini is saying. That IRI is executing people in the name of Islam, while that is not Islamic.  He also mentioned that according to Islam if anyone should order such punishment today, is Imam Mehdi who is still absent, and not anyone else.  So based on executions and many other injustices such as tortures, corruption and etc, this government is not truly Islamic nor just or democratic.  Maybe Hossein Khomaini is not so much against velayateh fagheeh than he is against velayateh fagheeh taking the place of a prophet or Imam and make the decisions that only prophets or Imams are allowed to make.  He is simply saying his understanding of Islam, which seems to be supported by Islam for the most part.  Based on the same logic, there isn't any government on this planet being so just, to order a capitol punishment. 

However, since I am not a true Muslim either, I am for capitol punishment, as long as it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt. 

I am not sure what he meant by "America helping to bring freedom to Iran".  Perhaps his conversation has been much more that what we heard, but the media plays only one sentence that suits them and can be misused.  He can't be that naive.  Show me one example that America brought freedom to a country through peace and humanity.  Even themselves went through bloody battles to bring change.  As I said to jimmy, the reason they don't see any other way is because, killing is the only way they know.  The killing has never stopped. It has moved from one race or tribe to another race and country and even with Obama the trend continues and moves from Iraq to Afghanistan. 

Today, I was reading that they have heard Iranians cry for help and decided to help them economically first with more sanctions and try to starve them and If that didn't work, use other means to help.  I have never seen so much love and kindness in anyone like I see in Americans and British.  Isn't that just beautiful.






David ET

Breaking News from Twitter!

by David ET on

At Friday Prayer today Khamenei will announce he's the Eleven-and-a-Halfth Imam ! :-)

Safa Ali


by Safa Ali on

It's just a little weird that this guy gets more praise than Reza Pahlavi does on this site.

Ahmed from Bahrain

I likw what I heard

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

from this guy. He speaks the truth and what is life if it is to be devoid of freedom. In the end we have to look for it anywhere we can find it.

Give credit where credit is due. Iran needs any such help it can get at the moment.

I strongly believe that, in the current cicumstance, those opposing parties within the religious politburo carry a lot of weight in changing this valayate faqih business. It will lead to a better platform for the rest of the political parties to participate in future elections and eventually to revisit the constitution in confromity with current affairs of Iran.

Salamati. Go forth with peace.

Ahmed from Bahrain

David ET

there are many clergies who

by David ET on

there are many clergies who have been opposing the Islamic Regime such as Hosein Khomeini, Ayatollah Boroujerdi, Montazeri, etc etc. some silenced, imprisoned, executed, exiled etc just like the rest of political dissidents.

They play an important role by offering an alternative for the religious population (seperation of religion and state).

Unforunately some of the same one who cry for democracy, equality and freedom of expression , tend to apply a reverse discrimation to others including those clergy who also demand the same ideals!

hamsade ghadimi

all in the family

by hamsade ghadimi on

individual political views aside, it seems mental illness runs in this family.


oh he didnt get to become a

by zebel20 on

oh he didnt get to become a leader of iran, cry baby, and for the mojahedin, no iranian would approve of you running iran, your entire policies are based on making fun of our current governemnt, but i have to say you are a big fan of youtube and you do not allow comments to be posted on your videos unless its to your advantage.

Kourosh Aryamanesh


by Kourosh Aryamanesh on

ما هيچوقت منکر ترقی و تکامل فکری انسان نيستيم. بالأخره تو اين طايفۀ آخوندا يه چندتا با مابقی فرق دارن. نهايتأ هر دينی آخوند لازم داره ولی مشروط براينکه از سياست جدا باشن. ولی حالا شما مطمئنين که اين آقا نوۀ آن هندی زاده است؟ فارسيش از خيلی از بقيه شون بهتر بود. ديوان حافظ هم ميخونه و با سياست هم کاری نداره.  


He is not a lunetic

by Benyamin on

He has been dissing the IRI for about 20 years and as far as I know he lives in NYC for a long time. Just because he disses his grand father`s ideas doesn`t make him stupid, but perhaps braver than most of us.

Maryam Hojjat

Not Deranged but Naive!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am glad he is not corrupted with power & money like the rest of mullahs.

Payandeh Iran & Iranians

Down with IRI Soon! 


Oh, yes...

by Ostaad on

the loopy one again. I'm sure Hossein aghaa baalaakhounero ejaareh dadeh as indefinite lease. I didn't think we were going to hear about this aaghaazaadeh loser again, but well c'est la vie.

Fred, I kinda see why you like him.


He is the only one

by Fred on

This interview is of the time Hussein Khomeini went to Iraq right after Saddam overthrow and liberation of Iraq. Having spent his formidable years in Iraq alongside his grandfather, Hussein has many friends in Iraq. Afterwards and after his trip to U.S. and speech at AEI, he eventually went back to Iran. As of now he is there but Hassan Khomeini who is the custodian of the expansive Khomeini mausoleum is reported today to have left Tehran bound for Paris.

To date Hussein is the only cleric of some fame to openly advocate a referendum on the existence of the Islamist cutthroats republic. Others including Montazeri, Rafsanjani, Khatami, Kadivar and the rest never ever go there and only limit the elusive referendum on everything except the Islamist cutthroats republic itself.



by Yaasi on

Is he for real???? for the first time I heard a mullah is speaking the truth.  More power to him....

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

the 'logic' is baffling

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Basically he said that there can't be a 'velayate faghih' because there is no 'Emam Zaman'?

Or did I misunderstand?

Darius Kadivar

Beyneh Khodemoon I think he is a little deranged ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Not that I disagree with most of his comments here but something about him is wierd.

I first heard of him when he was said to have met Iran's former Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi and found it very interesting that the sons of two former leaders diametrically opposed that is The Shah and the Ayatollah met in order to try and find common ground for the best interests of Iran and Iranians in an attempt to national reconciliation.

But to be quite honest I think the fellow must be a bit Schizophrenic ...

I can't really take him seriously. He even went as far as recommend an American military Invasion of Iran if necessary to topple the regime in Tehran. A Bold but rather irresponsible statement at a time when no Iranian expat truly dared pronounce it so bluntly even if they may have been tempted by such a radical approach particularly in neo con circles.

I think he has an identity crisis or something.

But I applaud his courage in opposing his grandfather's views and the current theocracy nevertheless.

A photo of him with his grandpa here:


More on him here: