Future of Islamic Republic

Al-Jazeera TV on Iran's power struggle

Inside Story asks whether Rafsanjani is playing his hand as a power broker or encouraging the opposition to continue their campaign under his leadership. Presenter Soheil Rahman is joined by Sadegh Zibakalam, a professor of political science at the University of Tehran, Pol O' Geibheannaigh, a lecturer at the School of Oriental and African studies and an analyst on Middle Eastern affairs, and Abbas Edalat, a professor at Imperial College London and founder of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran:


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David ET


by David ET on

BREAKING NEWS: At Friday Prayer today Khamenei will announce he's the Eleven-and-a-Halfth Imam


Shahollahis coming out like flies

by Anonymous8 on

Shahollahi mouthpieces comeing out like flikes. this if fun see!

this has been one of the most balanced and accurate debates about the situation. it is not surprising that it didn't happen on CNN or FOX but AlJazeera.

iran is currently under IRI for the near future. this will change at some point.

but never to a monarchy! this is truth!


Yes they should release all

by zebel20 on

Yes they should release all those during the protest as they continue in road blocking, setting cars on fire, attacking police officers and causing ciaos and vandalism, they should also encourage them and give the a candy bar as well. As they would take such action in the west, giving chocolate and candy bars to those that set cars on fire.

 and as an iranian we should always talk about regim change when we dont agree with our government, dispute over election lets have a regime change, regime change in iran is like going to your nearest shop and buy a pack of cigs, but i have to say i didnt see a regime change in america, when their govenrment  were on a rampage of killing burning and beating black people to death, but i did see a law change, so as a iranian you should consider a LAW CHANGE from now on

Farah Rusta

CASMII's dilemma

by Farah Rusta on

One should feely sorry for  Edalat & Co. as they struggle to clarify their position and keep failing at it.

 On one hand they claim to be on the side of the allegedly endangered masses who might be the target of sanctions and military attacks and on the other they cannot side with the same masses who now demand an end to the very system that CASMII is supposed to defend and is funded by.  



Half done

by Fred on

CASMII lobby the conjoined twin of NIAC lobby has irreversibly been exposed as what it has always been accused of, people of Iran be damned, a lobby after safeguarding all that which is good for the Islamist cutthroats republic.


One mollah and another mollah

by irannostalgia.com on

More mollahs of different flavors. But all of them hipocrits and murderours. Let's not forget that Rafsanjani was called KOOSEH for a reason. I remember very well what a murderour he was.

And as for the elections. What elections? Iranians should reject participating in a sham where candidates are pre-selected.

Can't believe the professor in Tehran starting his bullshitting with "Besmellah!."

What a country!! Yuk!







by ghalam-doon on

So we learn from Abbas Edalat the reason behind the decision to stage this coup. It was merly because they were afraid of a "velvet revolution!" So they decided to run this charade of an election for a month to get all Iranians all over the world excited, and then staged a coup to stop this imaginary "velvet revolution!" So how come they did not stop it before hand. How come they let Moussavi and all those people who were involved in this velvent revoltion to run for presidency and then stage this coup? So in a way Mr. Edalat accepts the fact that it was a coup but since his interests and the interests of the organization that he represents are very close to the ruling establishment in Iran, he still defends the coup detat regime.

Darius Kadivar

Abbas Edalat is the Mouthpiece of CASMII By the way ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Not surprised by his diatribe against those in the West wanting to Highjack the Green Movement.

I respect Sadegh Zibakalam who lives in Iran more than this Clown Abbas Edalat who under the pretext of being anti War are simply a mouthpiece of the Islamic Republic's long term interests. He should go back to his major interest: Computer Science


than mess about Human Rights issues in Iran which his organization has ALWAYS OVERLOOKED particulalry during Ahmadinejad's Term as President nor did he ever expected the current Upheavel  NOR ENCOURAGED IN THE FIRST PLACE !

His organization were Staunchly against the SCE campaign of Nazanin Afshin Jam and other personalities like Azar Nafisi which they accused of wanting War with Iran  :

Rostam Pourzal wrote an article slandering SCE efforts


And I myself got accusatory emails from CASMII when I first interviewed Nazanin on the child Executions in IRan.

He simply wants to prolong the survival of the Islamic Republic no matter how.

A British Citizen too. Mashallah !



Darius Kadivar

I'm surprised that Zibakalam was not arrested yet ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I would have thought that Sadegh Zibakalam would have been arrested by now for his participation on VOA Persian before the elections and his progressive views in relation to the US-Iran relations.

I guess the fact that he started with the religious rhetoric of "Besmelaheh Rahmaneh Rahim ... " to avoid being labled as Anti Regime by the Clerical leadership in Iran and also protect himself against any similar accusations.




The British analyst

by Abarmard on

Was very hard to understand. He needed to slow down on drinking coffee:)