"Death to Russia"

"Minister of Slogans" shouts "Death to America...Israel... England", crowd shouts back "Death to Russia"!

Global Voices, Hamid Tehrani: Traditionally at Friday Prayer, people are encouraged to chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” but today, they defiantly shouted “Death to Russia”, in referring to opposition accusations that Russia has been involved in training repression forces of the regime. In the following video, recorded from a short distance of the outdoor gathering, you can hear a male voice over the loudspeaker screaming “Death to America”, “Death to the hypocrites” and “Death to England”, while the crowd roars “Death to Russia!” in response EVERY time >>>


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Below is a correction

by Dariush on

Below is a correction to a sentence in my previous posting .

Are you denying that China's and Russia's veto saved Iran from the destruction by your beloved America?


Soviet Union,  America or

by Dariush on

Soviet Union,  America or England, they all have been the same shit for Iran. China is a different story for Iran.  However, Russia today is not the same as Soviet Union.  Just as America after Obama may become a better different America.  Soviet Union was expanding then, Russia has let the separation and independence of some of her states today, which by the way was another political scam by America and England to separate some of the oil rich states from Russia and to benefit from them economically, militarily and strategically. On the other hand, America has been expanding using excuses such as drugs, terrorism and human right while they are terrorizing and breaking all types of human rights and international laws themselves.

Are you denying that China's and Russia's veto saved Iran from your beloved  America's destruction?

I know what Farhad Kashani thinks. It wasn't their veto. It was the America's love and respect for humanity that stopped them from turning Iran into another Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, south America, Vietnam, Japan and many other countries.

This is yet another political scam of divide and concur. 

I understand your love for America. For some of you it is all about the pie not the truth. It is that simple.  For some about the hate and emotions and some use their genitals to think.  No matter which one you use,  just make sure you don't destroy all the bridges. 




From 1722 to 1828 there was

by vildemose on

From 1722 to 1828 there was a series of wars between the Russian and Persian empires, most of which resulted in Persian defeats and the annexation of Persian territory.  There is thus a history of rivalry.

The Russian expansion into Central Asia which provoked these wars with Persia was a matter of grave concern to the British Empire, which was concurrently establishing its position in India (including modern Pakistan).  Russia and Great Britain engaged, throughout the 19th century, in what was called the "Great Game" -- a kind of precursor to the Cold War, in which espionage, subterfuge, patronage of local potentates and proxy wars substituted for a hot war between Britain and Russia which neither party desired.  In this "Game", Persia and Afghanistan were the uncomfortable neutral zones between the Russian and British spheres.  And in 1907, in what was even worse for the Persians, the two powers kissed and made up -- dividing Persia into a northern "Russian sphere of influence" and a southern "British sphere of influence".  These were nominally just areas in which Russia and Britain could pursue their economic interests -- but it must have seemed like a prelude to the carving up of the country between the two.  Indeed, at one point, Russian troops occupied Tehran to force out an American financial advisor whom the Russians thought was working against their interests.

Seven years later, World War I, in which Britain and Russia started out as allies, broke out.  But after the Russian Revolution of 1917, the new Soviet Union, which replaced the Russian Empire, began to try to expand its influence south of its borders once again.

This was the background for what is probably the most traumatic event in modern Iranian history -- more even than the overthrow of Mosaddeq, the revolution of '79, or the war with Iraq.  That was the contemptuously quick overthrow of Iran's defenses and the Iranian government in 1941 by the joint action of the Soviet Union and the British.  Iran was occupied by these two powers until 1945-6, and for a while it looked as if the USSR was going to annex part of its northern territory or turn it into a puppet state.

The Iranian obsession with the British has to be seen in this light.  The current régime frequently alludes to supposed British plots.  But in actual history, the Russians and Soviets were as great or greater a threat to Iranian independence as the British were.  With softening relations between the Russians and the Iranians, that history is played down by the régime.  But it is not forgotten; and therefore, when the régime (with a friendly Russian eye looking over its shoulder) denounces the British and the Americans, it's altogether comprehensible that the popular retort should be to denounce the old hereditary enemy, the Russians and imply that the activities of the régime are actually the work of Russian puppeteers.

Farhad Kashani

IRIs 30 year old propaganda camapign has miserably failed!

by Farhad Kashani on

For 30 years, IRI started and has been perpetuating this conflict of civilization culture between two great nations and two great people, Iran and America. That’s not something Iranians or Americans believed in nor wanted it. Both people and the entire world paid and are still paying a heavy price for this irrational IRI campaigns of disrespect, foul mouth, bash, trash, animosity, foul language and low class behavior.


Well, Iranians showed how this 30 years old propaganda miserably failed. Iranians do not consider America, government and/or people, an enemy, but rather a friend with common values. They understand who are stabbing them in the back and are abandoning them in their time of need: Russia and China.


Iranians will never be fooled. IRI needs to understand that.



This is such an approprite photo of JJ next to his article!

by gol-dust on

He so excited about this and goes real well with his comment! As he can smell going home someday!

I say this regime is a traitor like MEK for hiring foreign troops (Lebanese, Iraqi etc.) to kill us! That shows how insecure they feel! I think, that's where the plain clothes people come in. They are mixed in that group, since technically thay cannot be in uniforms! What a bastard regime!


rosie / Fred

by Dariush on

You are right. I am not getting what you are trying to say. I often read between the lines in addition to the lines, but i don't know what to make out of your comments. Good luck.

Fred, as they say, night is long and still time for you to wet your bed. 


Spontaneous conspiracies

by Zara on

I wouldn't over-analyze the geopolitical implications here.  It seems to be a spontaneous mocking of the shoar vazir and the old chant.  One of the best things about this movement is that it is not totally lacking in a sense of humor.

Mardom Mazloom

Another wonderful (high quality) video

by Mardom Mazloom on

Shoar vazir says: Death to America, People chant: Death to Russia
Shoar vazir says: Death to Israel, People chant: Death to Russia
Shoar vazir says: Death to England, People chant: Death to Russia
Shoar vazir says: All these blood in our veins, People chant: are a gift to the people
Shoar vazir says: We are at your orders, People chant: Moussavi
Shoar vazir says: Aye free-stand leader we are ready, People chant: ouhhhhhhhhhhhh


Reality is a hard pill to swallow

by Fred on

The bashful reality-averse Islamist/amateur economist says:

 “If it wasn't for china, Russia and a few others doing business with Iran, there would be very little income and people would be starving by sanctions, that includes the demonstrators who are chanting death to china.  If it wasn't for them Iran was another Iraq long time ago. It was their veto that saved Iran from Bush administration.”

So Chinese trinkets and third grade produce paid for with petrodollars at the additional hefty price of ruining local agriculture and industry or bulk buying outdated Russian military junks for Syria and IRI and paying through the nose for a 1950’s Chernobyl model nuke reactor which never gets to be completed is the saving grace for the Iranian people?

The other part of the bashful Islamist’s post about the disaster of losing China/Russian support makes as much sense as his economic opining does.


Our World: Bankrupting Iran

by vildemose on


 Putin’s interest in

by vildemose on

 Putin’s interest in Iran is more than meets the eye, although you exposed a good portion of it. Russia’s insistence on giving nuclear technology to Iran in the past year has been followed by an almost complete turnaround in recent days. I believe Putin has used the crisis thus created with the West to divert their attention from Russia’s expansionist moves elswhere (like claiming the Arctic Ocean as Russian territory). Also, it is in Russia’s best interests to weaken Iran, an economic and regional rival in the vital Caspian oil region. By creating the spectre of a fanatical, suicidal nuclear power (with


 significant conventional capabilities) bordering Iraq and Aganistan armed with missiles capable of reaching Europe, Russia ensured Iran would undergo endless sanctions, black ops, resolutions, and possible invasion. Russia’s ambitions in the Caspian would be free of a significant counterweight. If Putin was really serious about aiding Iran to develop its nuclear energy (and possibly weapons) technology, he would not have “backed off” and joined the West in criticism of the situation he largely helped to create. Russia wants a weak, isolated, and

possibly occupied Iran, but not for the same reasons the U.S. does

rosie is roxy is roshan

Daryush, you're not getting it...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Many of the people chanting this are very young. Students. Many are pacifists. They don't want marg bar anyone. They meant MARG BAR when they were having their heads cracked open and they shouted Marg bar Basij and so on..but this...

this is THEATER. They organized this. It's THEATER OR THE ABSURD.

They're doing this as a REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM (reduction to the absurd by taking an argument to its logical extreme in case anyone doesn't know) of the WHOLE marg bar CRAP.

It's funny. It IS.

Why SHOULD they have to stand there after PRAYERS and marg bar ANYONE? Any country? Any person/ Any animal species?


What kind of prayer is that?

If you can defend this kind of compulsory 'prayer' successfully, then I will reconsider that their chant is proof positive of insidious influences behind their movmeent.


To repeat: I wish I could've been there and that Shirazi girl in the video I linked below could've been right there next to me.


This one's not about RUSSIA. It's about freedom. It's about having the freedom not to have to a) pray and/or b) pray for marg bar.


And that brings up the further point, the one that I have already sacriligeously and brazenly stated here ocne and will do it now again:

It doesn't MATTER whether the elections were fraudulent or not. (First of all the subsequent unleashing of the Basij and 'losing' of people in prisons and changing the bylaws of the Bar so the Rakbar will handpick all lawyers and so on render the current Regime thoroughly illegitimate anyway),

but also because the protestors potested for freedom. The freedom to laugh and dance. That's what it was really all about. About THIS JOKE ON THIS VIDEO. About the right to play a joke like this in public.

EVEN IF (and I said EVEN IF) only a third of the country voted that way, they were RIGHT.

I taught underprivileged youth in community colleges for many years and I know the United States is not YET a democracy because it purposefully undereducates its youth so that they can't vote intelligently (remeidial urban college students have at very BEST a junior-high school reading level and late primary school general knowledge as an average by any normal standards..).  If a populace has been socially engineered so as to be INCAPABLE of voting intelligently, it doesn't really matter who 'won' an election.

Forget about 2000. Think '04. Bush had about a 30% popularity rating but he won, and I heard a poorly educated "Republican" interviewed: do you think he's done a good job? No. Do you support the war in Iraq? No. Well then why did you vote for him? He started the war, it's up to him to get us out.

That's like saying the drunk driver who just hit me must take me to the hospital.

Even if there was NO fraud, Bush didn't win the SECOND time any mroe than he did the first.

I have a very simple litmujs test, Daryush:

Do not support any Regime which, if you lived under it, there stands a good chance you would wind up in one of its prisons.

ALL it clearly shows is that they're sick and tired of having every single aspect of their lives mcromanaged with penalties up to and including possible hanging, AS SO EQUALLY WOULD YOU BE IF YOU WERE LIVING THERE WITH THEM (please correct me if I'm wrong and you live there...)


                                                                 --Emma Goldman


oh and ps don't worry about Iran losing her allies. IR official press totally and completely censored this out of ALL their coverage, along with anything and everything that might offend those 'allies', (including parts of Rafsanjani's speech, I believe). Hardly even showed that there were demonstrators at all.



If it wasn't for china,

by Dariush on

If it wasn't for china, Russia and a few others doing business with Iran, there would be very little income and people would be starving by sanctions, that includes the demonstrators who are chanting death to china.  If it wasn't for them Iran was another Iraq long time ago. It was their veto that saved Iran from Bush administration. 

Not that this is a shred of evidence, but it clearly shows who is behind what and who is using whom. 

A slogan doesn't have to be death to this or that. It can be no east, no west, freedom, independence and etc. 

Iran cannot afford to lose allies like china and Russia at this time. This is a foolish move. 

The leadership of the opposition has made a trade off and has decided to take the western support of their movements instead of using common slogans to bring conservatives from public to their side, and be against undeniable western atrocities toward Iran.  They even advise their supporters to distance themselves from the opposite side.  This will only creates more division, tension and leading to more confrontation.

Consider the possibility that once you lose the support of China and Russia, west is done with you and the green might change to red. The only one standing on the way for now is Obama and that can  change. 


Darius Kadivar

Interesting cause Russia is Iran's Nuclear sponsor too

by Darius Kadivar on

Both Russia and China are Iran's nuclear sponsors and are delivering the technical material and advisors.

This proves that Iranians do not see any advantage of having an IRI with nuclear power which would inevitably lead to a Bomb.

A Free Iran with a democratic government and regime would be a threat to no one and access to nuclear technology under such circumstances is not only a right but would not risk jeapordizing the security of the people.

We don't want a Tchernobyle Technology with a Red Button under the finger of the Velayateh Fagih ...



rosie is roxy is roshan

Ya know, I read about this.. / Reza

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

but it isn't the same as hearing it. This is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I cant stooop laughing!!!

It's because they sound so HAPPY saying it!

Reza, don't worry. I don't think they really want to kill anyone...

i can just imagine some of those kids ya know jUmPiN' uP & DoWn n' bOppiN aRoUn'  goin' marg bar rusiyeh! marg bar rusiyeh! & then turnin' & lookin' at each other in the eye n craaacking upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp & trying so hard to stop laughing so they can keep on going marg bar rusiyeh .marg bar hahahhahaha.!!!!!!!!


okay, wait, so THIS is what i mean. can you imagine THIS kid in THAT demonstration???????????????????/




by Benyamin on

This is freaking funny!

I wonder if it is edited, but whatever it is, is just fantastic and funny both.....lol

David ET

The idiot doesn't give up either!

by David ET on

He has been doing it for 30 years and at last Iranians show their true feelings . What a wonderful example of Iranian defiance and civil disobediance.

Multiple Personality Disorder

The regime is finished :O)

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

That's for sure :O)


Reza-San Diego

by Proud_To_Be_Anonymous on

The slogan "Death To..." existed way before Khomeini.  You may refer to the events and demonstrations at Mossaddegh era.  As far as making Russia and China mad because they take it personal, I say that they can kiss my ugly behind!


love it love it love it

by rtayebi1 on

Even though I am sick and tire of MERG BAR ... but this one sounded good

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

The word Death to ...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Is a Black Poison when is spoken or written toward anyone and/or anything!!!!

It is extremly negative on so many levels and unfortunately no one uses it more than us Iranians in the past 30 years!!!

It is not human and certainly not taught and encouraged in any true Persian/Iranian Free school of thoughts and/or literature.

This un-holy word was first introduced by Khomeini and later has been practiced by Islamic Republic and has been absorbed amongst masses in Islamic Iran and other oppressed Islamic nations and countries. I hope we Iranians one day can remove these Poison slogans (Death to...) from ourselves and our beloved Motherland Iran once again....

On a different note, Both Governments of Russia and China are the among biggest supporters of I.R. regime, Kamenei and An., so they are automatically against the Freedom, Justice and Prosperity for Iran and Iranians at this vital moment.  

This recent slogans of "death to Russia and China" can really diturb those governments since they do not have the same tolerance of their rivals and counter parts on the western side and take things very personal!!! No wonder I.R. officials are so scared of Death to Russia and China slogans! 

Majid Zahrai

حاج منصور خیلی گلو پاره کرد اما صدایش به جایی نرسید!

Majid Zahrai

From Peiknet:  //www.peiknet.com/1388/09tir/27/PAGE/33MANSOUR.htm

تو بمیری این بار، از آن توبمیری های گذشته نیست

برخی از دیده های امروز من تا ساعت دو بعد از ظهر :

یگان ویژه نیروی انتظامی اکیداً دستور داشت که پیش از خطبه ها با مردم درگیر نشود با اینکه خیلی دلش میخواست بشود .

پلیس ضد شورش چند بار ادای حمله به جمعیت را درآورد بعد چون هیچکس فرار نکرد چند بار راستکی حمله کرد بعد باز چون هیچکس فرار نکرد جمع کرد رفت پی کارش .

نیروهای لباس شخصی شامل بیست لشکر پیاده نظام که مجموعاً حدود دوازده سال سن داشتند چند بار مانور دادند و برگشتند.

پیش از خطبه ها دست و سوت و تکبیر مردم ، گلوپاره کردن حاج منصور ارضی را خنثی کرد. صدایش تا دو متری هم نمی رسید.

حاج منصور از همه دعوت کرد تا شعار مرگ بر امریکا بدهند، اما مردم روسیه را هم به آن اضافه کردند.

در این هنگام محسن رضائی با یک ماشین زانتیا رسید و همینطور بیخود و بی جهت مورد تشویق جمع قرار گرفت . فکر کنم یک کمی هم خجالت کشید اگر اصلاً بفهمد این چیزها را .

مردم با شعار "هاشمی ، هاشمی ، سکوت کنی خائنی".

بلافاصله بعد از خطبه اول در کل انقلاب برق را قطع کردند تا صدای هاشمی رفسنجانی از طریق بلندگو به گوش مردم نرسد .

موتورهای ضد شورش از سمت غرب اضافه شدند و به مردم از سر خیابان جمالزاده حمله کردند. مردم کتک خوردند اما فرار نکردند.

سرانجام برای متفرق کردن جمعیت نبش خیابان 16 آذر اشک آور زدند . مردم نشستند روی  زمین.

بلندگوها که قطع شد ماشین ها در میدان انقلاب رادیوها را بلند کرد و شیشه ها را پائین کشیدند و صدای رفسنجانی باز هم شنیده شد.

خطبه ها که تمام شد حمله ضد شورش شروع شد.

آمبولانس زیاد بود و ماشینهای آتش نشانی بیشتر.

این ساندویچی هایدا شعبه میدان انقلاب را باید مدال داد . دویست تا ساندویچ داشت که پنج هزار نفر را برای خوردنش آنجا جمع کرد . هرچی هم گفتند مغازه را ببند گفت همین یکی را بپیچم می بندم و این وضع دو ساعت ادامه داشت .

نیروهای عادی انتظامی حضرت عباسی کاری به ملت نداشتند .



by Javan on

That is rather funny...."Marg bar Russia"

Iran, Russia, China, and India have become allies in the new emerging eastern Superpower developments.  The world stage of power is changing in the sense that the Superpowers will no longer be America, Britain, and Israel.   It will be Europe and Asia.  This is one of the reasons why America is becoming "The North American Union" with a unit of money called the "Amero" to compete with the the Euro and the new emerging universal "Dinar" of the Islamic Union (www.theislamicunion.com).  

Jahanshah Javid

Shouting back

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is unbelievable. Unimaginable just a few weeks ago. The people's unity and total disregard for official slogans is another indication of how this regime is losing its grip.