18 Tir, 2009

Demonstrations in Tehran on July 9th anniversary

BBC: Iranian police have fired tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators who defied government warnings that any fresh attempt at protests would be "smashed". The marchers were heading towards Tehran University to commemorate the 10th anniversary of student unrest. All gatherings have been banned in a crackdown on mass protests that erupted after the disputed election of 12 June. The BBC's Jon Leyne says the opposition is trying to put momentum back into the campaign against the vote result. Our correspondent says there were also a number of smaller demonstrations in major provincial cities. >>>

"Ma bache haye jangim, bejang to bejangim":

"Marg bar khamenei," "Velayatesh baateleh, Khamenei ghateleh":

"Irani mimirad, zellat nemipazirad":

Tear gassed woman:

Amirabad, "Natarsim, natarsim, ma hameh ba ham hastim":

I wish I could see what's on their signs:

"Nirooye entezami, hemayat hemayat":

Large crowd in Keshavarz Blvd. Tehran (1):

Large crowd in Keshavarz Blvd. Tehran (2):

Large crowd in Keshavarz Blvd. Tehran (3):

Large crowd in Keshavarz Blvd. Tehran (4):

Singing "Ey Iran", shouting "Marg bar dictator", Amirabad:

"Marg bar to":

"Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein":

"Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein":

People clapping hands and honking horns in Tehran:

Chasing protesters near Enghelab Square, Tehran:

Setting fires in street, Tehran:

"Hemayat, Hemayat, Irani e baa gheyrat"

Slogans against Khamenei's son, "Mojtaba, bemiri, rahbari ro nabini":

More slogans against Mojtaba Khamenei:

"Marg bar diktator"

Keshavarz Boulevard, Tehran:

Taleghani and Vali e Asr, 8:00 p.m.

Basij thugs have a meeting on the sidewalk of an alley:


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Lost hope?

by FrankiPaykani on

American Dream, seems like an odd name for someone with no hope.  I don't know how long it will take, but the Theocracy will come to an end.  Timingwise, This could very well be 1978. 

I do believe much blood will have to be shed to unseat them. Unseating the Shah was relatively easy.  This will be much harder, but it isn't over.  I don't believe it will ever be business as usual for the Theocracy again.

Another item worth noting, is the fact that the images of the last 30 days are emblazoned on the minds of millions of people, all over the world.  Other uprisings went largely unnoticed by the rest of the world.  I will never forget 18 Tir 1378, but it hardly made a blip on the worlds radar screen.  This has been nothing like a blip, it has been more like an earthquake.

And it isn't over.   


American Dream

All the protests are dying down

by American Dream on

And everything is going back to what is normal for the theocracy.  If the protesters are college students, they will be identified and expelled from the university.  For a male to be granted a passport, he must serve 2 years mandatory military service.  At the end of the 2 years the male will no longer be involved in politics.  If they decide to migrate to the west they will migrate permanently and send money back to Iran.  That money will help the theocracy's economy.  Is the theocracy going away?  It doesn't appear so.



It is clear now

by MRX1 on

that these protests have nothing to do with mossavi, election and so on. This is a new generation that does not want to be ruled by bunch of backward mullah's with 9th century menthality. I think the end, will be bloody unless these islamic thugs back off. If  they don't sooner or later this would lead to some kind of arm struggle.


کالبد شکافی یک

nana1 (not verified)

کالبد شکافی یک عکس !

با درود و خسته نباشید برای جانبازی امروز و روبرو شدن
دو باره با هیولائی که قساوتش را با چشمان خود دیدید و
به او پوزخند یک قربانی را زدید
و سینه های خود را جلوی
او سپر کردید
و چشم مردم جهان را به خود خیره و در بهت بیشتر زیرا با دستان
خالی به روبروئی با هیولایان فاشیست رفته اید

هم میهنان عظمت کار اکنون شما هنوز بر خودتان هم روشن نیست
زیرا به قول قدیمی ها گرم هستید !!!!!!!!!!

شما مظهر تمامی روح انسانی یک ایرانی آگاه هستید
که با تمامی ظلم های
به شما شده با بلوغ کامل که شامل همه شما میشود تصمیم گرفته اید
بدون خشونت دشمنان خاک و ثروت خود را به زانو بیفکنید

و وای از عظمت جنبش سبز شما که شما همین شما در این عکس به
نجات و یاری رهبران فریب خورده و توهین شده خود هم رفته اید !!!!!!!!!!!!

شما با شجاعت و ایثار خود از ستل شدن کودتای سیاه مجتبی خامنه ای
و باند کثیفش جلوگیری کرده اید و تمامی اعمال کودتاچیان را افشا

اکنون با نهایت اطمینان میتوانم بگویم که شما همین شما که در این عکسها
هستید ایران را آزاد و ایران دموکراتیک را خواهید ساخت
عکس های مردم در خیابان ها به من میگوید که بالاخره طبقه ای گردن کلفت
و آگاه به خود و ارزش های خود در ایران به وجود آمده و سر بلند کرده که
ارکان رکینش زنان طبقه متوسط و دانشجویان نیمی از ملت ایران هستند
و این طبقه متوسط گردن کلفت بالاخره از خواب سی ساله زمستانی خود
برخاسته و خیال باز پس گرفتن شهرهای خود را از پس مانده های شهر قجر

شما ملت ایران اکنون هم بالغید هم عاقل و هم با خرد

شما ایران را رها کرده و خواهید ساختش این هم +

برای کودتاگران روسی راهی به غیر از مهاجرت از ایران نمانده است

آنان تا روز قبل از کودتا میتوانستند با من برای جانشان معامله کنند
و آشتی ملی

ولی از روز کودتا و ریختن خون ما مردم به شکل قساوت باور نکردنی
برای ترسانیدن باقی

دیگر معامله ای نیست و هر کودتاچی به محض
دستگیری به زندان و محاکمه های جالبی !!!! کشیده خواهد شد

ما از خون ایرانیانی که برای کودتای دوم جلوی چشمان همگی خودمان
و جهان ریخته شد نخواهیم گذشت والسلام

ملت متحد پیروز است .....................................نانا زولا



I believe

by Benyamin on

Things are going to get worse from now on. If khamenie does not back off and his thugs(which are miniscual compare to the other side) continue doing what they are doing, I predict horrible things happen to them from now on, why? because people have their backs against the wall there is no more room backing off by them "all options are off the table" no more room to back down only one direction one way and only one choice is left and that is "to fight back".

This only happens because of one person`s decision and one person only and that is Khameneie.

Of course he has accomplices but he could have made the right decision even if he was behind it all. Now "all out war" is upon us, it is very easy to take control out of the government very easy because they are in "great minority" and people have no other option but to demand their right to be restored. We Iranians have fought for "freedom" and "democracy" more than any other nation, it is time to rise, it is time to get united with "puggs and dirt=khas o khashak" it is time to get down and dirty and scream:

 in the name of IRAN, in the name of MASHROOTIAT, in the name of MOSADEGH, in the name of FREEDOM, in the name of NEDA and thousands like her, in the name of history and culture of Iran, in the name of FOROOHARHA, in the name of all the youge flowers who were exacuted by the IRI and perrshed,......

We need to be demanding no more politeness, no more understanding, no more mercy, no more kindness or niceness as I am sure those who killed my brothers and sisters didnot mean to be kind or "just to scare them" as we know that is not the code for scaring there are many other ways to scare a crowd. THEY SHOOT TO KILL.

They are shooting to kill not only our physical being but also our freedom.

Neda said "I will take a bullet right in my heart for my country". And she did so bravely shortly after she said that.

If the blood of those lost for freedom goes and no freedom attained, then it is a real loss. we must be all for one and one for all. As we have been in the history of Iran. We need to make sure all those champions who lost their lives since the "Mashrootiat" wont go in vein.

WE must make a packt and all of us must get ready to take bullets in our hearts for our country.

no more understanding, no more niceness, no more kindness, no more mercy.

Javid baad Iran  


From Machiavelli's The

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

From Machiavelli's The Prince:

"I say, therefore, that the arms with which a prince defends his state are either his own, or they are mercenaries, auxiliaries, or mixed. Mercenaries and auxiliaries are useless and dangerous; and if one holds his state based on these arms, he will stand neither firm nor safe; for they are disunited, ambitious and without discipline, unfaithful, valiant before friends, cowardly before enemies; they have neither the fear of God nor fidelity to men, and destruction is deferred only so long as the attack is; for in peace one is robbed by them, and in war by the enemy. The fact is, they have no other attraction or reason for keeping the field than a trifle of stipend, which is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you. They are ready enough to be your soldiers whilst you do not make war, but if war comes they take themselves off or run from the foe; which I should have little trouble to prove, for the ruin of Italy has been caused by nothing else than by resting all her hopes for many years on mercenaries, and although they formerly made some display and appeared valiant amongst themselves, yet when the foreigners came they showed what they were. Thus it was that Charles, King of France, was allowed to seize Italy with chalk in hand; 1 and he who told us that our sins were the cause of it told the truth, but they were not the sins he imagined, but those which I have related. And as they were the sins of princes, it is the princes who have also suffered the penalty. "

They can use these mercenaries that they are using to control the crowds, but eventually these mercenaries will get scared that their lives are in danger and they will go back to where they came from "mostly from Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine"


Ghormeh Sabzi

by minadadvar on



watch the end

by asabani (not verified) on


شعار امروز تهران

Anie (not verified)

شعار امروز تهران

مجتبی بمیری، رهبری رو نبینی!

>> مجتبی مجتبی سلطنتت شد تباه !

آفرین بچه ها خیلی شعار خوبی بود.
مجتبی بمیری رهبری رو نبینی.
دم همتون گرم.زنده باشین.خدای ایران زمین پشت و پناهتون باشه.


World Solidarity with the People of Iran | U2 | Worldwide Photos

by TheSemaritan on

Video: World Solidarity with the People of Iran | U2 | Worldwide Photos



Mardom Mazloom

‫یک شعار بر سبک مجتبی بمیری، ...

Mardom Mazloom

‫ملیجک بمیری، بمب اتمُ نبینی

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد