Story of Saffron




I patiently wait  for a

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I patiently wait  for a shipment of saffron from my maternal grandfather's saffron farm in Khorasan every year.  I love seeing our family name on the tins.  I had no idea it had so many medicinal properties.  I was told if you consumed too much it acted as a euphoric. That explains a lot.


Thaks for this beautiful video

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It was very much informative and I really enjoyed.


A recipe from Cornwall Uk

by javaneh29 on

My grandmother was cornish, a small area in sw Uk. Cornish ppl consider themselves quite different from the rest of the UK. My Gran was a great professional cook and amonst other yummy cornish recipes she used to make Saffron cake. Cornwall produces a little saffron for its own use.

Here is the recipe:

Saffron Cake Steps 1 Cut up the saffron strands, add a little boiling water, and leave to infuse overnight.   2 Rub the butter in the flour, add the salt, sugar, finely chopped peel and mixed fruit.   3 Warm a little milk and pour it over the yeast and one teaspoonful of sugar in a basin. When the yeast rises, pour it into a well in the centre of the flour. Cover it with a sprinkling of the flour. After about 10 minutes the yeast rises through this. Then mix the whole by hand into a dough, adding milk as needed, as well as the saffron water.   4

Leave in a warm place to rise for a little while. Bake in a cake tin for about one hour at 350 f.

There are many cornish recipes using Saffron but this is the best.


  Ingredients 1/2 gram Saffron 2 lbs flour 1 lb butter 4 ozs sugar 1 lb mixed dried fruit 1 oz yeast 2 ozs candied peel 1 pinch salt 1 tbsp warm milk