Reza Deghati

French Channel France 24 interview

Renowned photographer talks about his work during the past 30 years and the impact of war and poverty on humanity.


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Brilliant. :)

by Anony-mouse (not verified) on

Brilliant. :)


I agree.  Mr. Deghati is a

by desi on

I agree.  Mr. Deghati is a brilliant photographer and humanitarian.  His work with National Geographics is outstanding.


Amazing human being

by Ali Najafi (not verified) on

I've heard Reza speak and he is an amazing person, sin insightful, genuine, and humble. We need a million more Rezas in the world. Not only does he talk about his commitment to children, women, and education, but he is actually doing so much through his photography and his wonderful AINA organization in Afghanistan. If you have not seen it, go to

Darius Kadivar

Brave Man with a Golden Eye

by Darius Kadivar on

Reza was also awarded the Legion D'Honneur by the French Government which is the Highest Honor in France. A Great Achievement for a Great and generous photographer with a Golden Eye.


The best

by Nickmard (not verified) on

Reza Deghati is an amazing photographer, his work has been highly influential to me as an Iranian and as a photographer.

He runs the webistan photo agency based in paris, check it out @ He has some AMAZING books that you can purchase from the site.