Pope positive contacts

Pope Benedict XVIs speech to Iranian Bishops

"The Catholic Church in Iran lives a difficult yet exciting challenge: to make Herself known through dialogue and to contribute to the growth of the human community through works of charity. Benedict XVI highlighted this in his speech to the Iranian Bishops at the end of their Ad Limina visit. Speaking of Iran, the Pope underlined that cultural dialogue has been a richness of the Asian country for millennia. Benedict XVI mentioned the positive contacts with the government, and the establishment of a bilateral commission for the promotion of the reciprocal relations between the Church and the Islamic Republic and to address the issues surrounding the spread of the Faith and the scarcity of priests."


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Tunnel of Time

by Abol Danesh, Scientist (not verified) on

...Do you see the mirror in the background in Pope's vatincan main reception office.

Yes... seeing is deceiving... this indeed a fascade that Pope uses to cover the gate of the tunner of time that he uses at any time to land in any place on earth instantly without the horrible experince of jet lag.

Lucky Pope! When next time I meet him in vatican I asked him to lend me his toy to prove publicly he is generous mand from Germany.


Hassan The Massan

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Just what Iran needs: more religious fanatics! Hooray!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The Catholic Church doesn't NEED another war, country or kingdom to establish itself. It acquired its wealth and land (AND A NATION, REMEMBER, Vatican City) already.

I shudder to think what type of market it is trying to tap into by appearing in front of any Iranians. These people, this church, is INSANE. They infiltrated the USA government thanks to Ronald "I like to arm Iran"  Reagan. 

Never mind the pedophila in the Catholic Church, nor the way it has shut down its opposition, nor the outrageous things it has said about other conflicts (oh they can JUDGE.... casting stones from lovely glass castles).... They want to help Iranians, right? HA! 

Darius Kadivar

Religious Dialogue is Always Important

by Darius Kadivar on

And a Corner Stone in any Dialogue between Civilizations. We cannot afford another Spanish Inquisition, a Second Crusade or a Jihad as expressed by Fundamentalists be them Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Unfortunately our Muslim Clerics have been less responsible in this regard and not just since Sept 11th and the War on Iraq. Today in our own Country Religion endorses Executions in the name of Religious Morality not only of Children but also in the name of Justice.

The Vatican has not made progress in relation to sexual issues like birth control or even AIDS since the Pope has refused to consider contraception or the use of condoms even in Africa (where AIDS is Rampant and sexual awarness through education is still a much desired necessity) as an essential minimum requirement in order to prevent AIDS or other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Iran on the otherhand has condemed two World Experts on AIDS to Imprisonment on grounds of Espionage for Israel and the CIA.

Such absurd behaviors have absolutely nothing to do with individual Faith or mutual respect.

Lets hope that the dialogue between religious authorities will lead to more tolerance in the practice of religious values and beliefs without stepping into the civil sphere of responsabilities that every society should assume.