Poorya Nazari

$3 million poker prize

The Star: What does a 22-year-old from Richmond Hill do with millions of dollars in poker prize? A record $3 million first prize in the largest poker tournament outside Vegas has been won by Poorya Nazari, a 22-year-old from Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada) who is relatively new in the world of professional poker. Nazari has recently graduated in biochemistry from McMaster University, but poker has been a hobby of his throughout the years. He started in Grade 10 of high school, playing small-stakes games with friends. His mother speaks fondly of his skills as a mathematician, noting, "He is very, very smart.">>>



Hold Em poker is 30% luck

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Hold Em poker is 30% luck and the rest is skill. Those that depend on the 30% luck part and don't learn how to play the game will consistently lose.
If you are going to play first start out playing for play money online and then when you start winning then use real money, with very low stakes.
Card clubs around LA are full of people looking to clean out "fish", those that are just starting out and those that depend on luck.
Poker is gambling and it can cause problems that have weak umpulse control so watch out. But if you know how to play and are not prone to impulsive actions then there is a chance you may win.

Kaveh Nouraee

Everything has its limits

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Playing poker can be fun, but that can all stop as fast as the cards are dealt.

Marge...it's not just Iranian men who love to gamble.

I had a girlfriend who got caught up in the poker craze, thinking that she could become a high roller after she took down a couple of pots at the Asian card rooms around L.A. But mostly she lost and lost big. She would borrow from friends to chase cards that would never be dealt her way, and over time, she had lost her job, her car, and then me. I couldn't handle the change in her.

This guy made some money playing cards? That's great. I'm truly happy for him, so long as people who love him were not hurt in the process.

Bijan A M

Setareh Khanoom

by Bijan A M on

Did I sense some racism in you post that says:

"honar nazdeh iranian ast o bas!"?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

lots of iranian families are in debt

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

because of this poker stuff. iranian men LOVE gambling and especially poker. be careful people! 



by Urban girl (not verified) on

Kareh har boz nist kharman kooftan,
Gaveh nar mikhahad o shireh kohan

Not that everybody can do that!!!!!!

Setareh Sabety

honar nazdeh iranian ast o bas!

by Setareh Sabety on

from brain surgery to poker! what a people we are! should teach my kid poker and forget the SATs!