Leyla Milani

Model, actress

This is a slideshow of her photographs, which are hot, but that's not why this clip is interesting. Listen to the Farsi song used as background music. I can't make out who the male rapper is, but I think the female rapper is Barbie. They sing a verrrrry sexy song about a "doost-e dokhtar" who is a "mankan" (model). I had never heard this song before. Hot song:

Various TV show clips:


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I dislike the term, boob for

by corimic on

I dislike the term, boob for breast. A boob is a stupid person, a dupe, a sucker, a fool. The only boobs in vanity "boob" surgery are the consumers. If these are mostly women, too bad.marire sani


lips like jolie. i love

by Liza Rowe (not verified) on

lips like jolie.
i love her


Here is a little bit of

by mazimilliano (not verified) on

Here is a little bit of Hafiz:
When sweethearts with such charm lovers cajole,
In believers’ faith they will poke a hole.
Wherever a flower begins to bloom,
Eyeballs inside the head begin to roll.
O handsome and young man of tall stature
Play the ball before you are a bat or pole.
The lovers choose and act without control,
You the playwright, and lovers play their role.
Beside the bloody tears that eyes shed
Pales even the thundercloud’s heavy toll.
When my love begins to sing, that song and sound
Angels in the heavens clap and extol.
Heartbroken, tearful eyes, I long for thee,
Why such cruelty must endure the soul?
Leave sorrows behind, listen to your heart,
Then separation becomes a mere droll.
In the darkness of the night, Hafiz, stroll,
Let the bright light of the morn become your goal.
© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
April 13, 1999
شاهدان گر دلبری زین سان کنـند
زاهدان را رخنه در ایمان کـنـند
هر کـجا آن شاخ نرگس بشکـفد
گـلرخانـش دیده نرگسدان کنند
ای جوان سروقد گویی بـبر
پیش از آن کز قامتت چوگان کنـند
عاشقان را بر سر خود حکم نیست
هر چـه فرمان تو باشد آن کنـند
پیش چشمم کمتر است از قطره‌ای
این حـکایت‌ها که از طوفان کنـند
یار ما چون گیرد آغاز سـماع
قدسیان بر عرش دست افشان کنند
مردم چشمم به خون آغشتـه شد
در کـجا این ظلم بر انسان کنـند
خوش برآ با غصه‌ای دل کاهـل راز
عیش خوش در بوته هجران کنـند
سر مکـش حافظ ز آه نیم شـب
تا چو صبحت آینه رخشان کـنـند


Leyla is savvy

by Siavash P. (not verified) on

Not only is she an actress and model, she also is a fashion designer...a SAVVY BUSINESS WOMAN. Read her bio before you criticize that she's nothing more than makeup and high heels. She had her own clothing label at 20 years of age. So sad to see Iranians being so negative towards their own people.


Hey when OPRAH chants your

by Bobkate (not verified) on

Hey when OPRAH chants your name...u can start to compare yourself to this beauty and talent. Quit hating u dirty, hairy, obese persians! LOL

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Good for her

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Do what you gotta do Leyla. I support all of these "models" 100%. Do you know how much starvation, exercise, hair dye, make-up goes into this occupation. It's not easy and just about sitting pretty. It's a tough job, actually, although it doesn't really contribute much except wanking urges I suppose. Still, in the capitalist sense, she's doing FANTASTIC. Stop criticizing! You wish you could be on that deal or no deal and flip the cards and giggle and get paid to do it.


How "interesting"

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

as if we didn't have enough crap "entertainment " around. Oh plese, let's have it efffnic, market it, but do I have to be told?


Any girl can make it

by Ramin Ba vafa (not verified) on

This proves that any beautiful girl can make it in LA as long as ...
they do plastic surgery, show LOTS of skin, and god knows what else ...
I will personally be proud when we have notable writers, artists, comedians, actresses, intellectuals, economists, etc. known in the mainstream, from among Iranian women.

In the category of Layla, I am afraid to tell Iranians that we're way behind most Latin American, Arab countries who have more naturally sexy women.


Um ew. Plz don't talk on

by Anony-mouse (not verified) on

Um ew. Plz don't talk on behalf of women. Ewwwwwwwww.

Christ. why is so much of the material on this site so trashy?

And that song SUCKS. seriously. Iranian music from the last ten year with the exception of a few (as in less than 5...) people is -absolute- trash. worse than the english pop.


She should not..

by Parthian on

She should not be pumping gas while talking on the cell phone. That is extremely dangerous.

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on



خلیل طهماسبی (not verified)

عجب گیری افتادیم....



by shayda (not verified) on

really ?????!!! well i live in washington heights and i have not seen anyone looking like her ,they all look busted .no offense but its my home
cheers and more power to anyone who has a dream and goes after it .


Chill out, she is gorgeous

by mirzakhan (not verified) on

Dear Farshajon,

Chill out man. She looks great, she seems to like what she does, I hope she is happy...

You can marry a PhD philosopher if you like, there is nothing wrong about having fun in life.

Lets abandon that "martyrdom" culture....

I wish my girlfriend looked like her..LOL


hmmm, i think you're right about

by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on

the lips. they didn't look like that when she was on deal or no deal. i think she looked MUCH better then. take away some of the artificial and she was gorgeous before all that.


What is the big deal?

by ghorboon_e_khodam_beram (not verified) on

There is not a thing unique or overly attractive about this woman...i don't get it. She looks just like average Dominican women you see in Washington Heights, NY. She tries to hard to look sexy and does that whole puckering thing which was the 1980's trademark.
I think we have to re-evaluate what the accolade "Iranian of the Day" means.


She is Bruce Willi's girl

by 120 (not verified) on

She is Bruce Willi's girl friend, i think.


Really disgusting!!

by farshadjon on

I can not believe that she is calling herself Actress and Model.So unreal and fake! Look at her Lips, nose, boob jobs, and etc!! I can not count all of them!!



i made this video.... the

by whtvrrrr2 (not verified) on

i made this video.... the song is from farshid mokhpar ft isun barbie



by ali132 (not verified) on

she's not bad....but the nose, lips all fake.....what does that say about "true" beauty????
if you have a nose like a gooshkoob and no lips, you're not gonna make it as a model....so this is not your god given looks



by Anony (not verified) on

the video doesnt seem to work anymore. Does anyone know what song it is?


too much lips

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

Baba when it is fake it is fake, you don't have to do it.


she looks like MOST of other

by Anonymousgholi (not verified) on

she looks like MOST of other persian girls.Have you been to Iranian concerts?;)