Foolish war criminals

UK Jewish MP blasts Israeli leaders

Gerald Kaufman in reference to Israeli leaders: "they are not simply war criminals but fools."


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by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear Simink, the question is, why Israel despite all these prominent and powerful Jews (and let's say supporters), is still a failing state? Shouldn't all these geniuses have been able to legitimately build a state and turn it into heaven on earth?! Why does it have to steal the land from Palestinians and live off the hand outs from the U.S.A.? Doesn't this represent a handicap on behalf of all these prodigies? Could it be the ideology that Israel was built on?! Is Zionism a fair representative of them?

The pains and humiliations of WWII still linger on among some of its victims. Hence your indulgence in racial superiority claims is understandable due its therapeutic merits. However, the problem the rest of the world, including the critics on this site, have with Israel is not one of racial or religious nature. But with the inhuman nature of Zionist policies and disingenuous conducts of Israel in stealing, violating and obliterating the rights of an entire nation based on unfounded, obsolete prophetic claims! Otherwise I for one, as many others I know, wish eternal success and happiness for the peaceful and progressive Jews all over the world!


anonymous^2 you may be forgiven

by anglophile (not verified) on

for not knowing much about the british politics and democracy - after all, isn't this an american way of looking at the world from a narrow angle? - now adopted by the iranian immigre community!

in britain, unlike the US, the party comes before the person. here we vote for the party and not for the person how leads it. therefore, it is much credit to its democratic credentials that an eminent member of the labour party can speak against its party line without having to leave it.

the example of the george gorgeous galloway is meaningless because he left the party and founded his own pro islamic party called respect. btw, he is a presenter on the press tv, which is funded by the iri.

gerald kaufman, while being knighted by the queen for his services to the british interests, belongs to a well established pro israeli/pro zionist faction of the labour party and is not, as some people here think, against the state of israel. this is why i admire him.


interesting facts!

by simink hanum (not verified) on


Extracts of speech by Hafez A.B Mohamed: Director-General, Al Baraka Bank.


Zionist even exploited Jews

by ZioNazi (not verified) on

Zionist even exploited Jews by using them as a shield to further their agenda.

Jewish people are great.Zionists have disgraced and caused great danger to all humanity including Jewish folks. It is a matter of fact worldwide NOW.

For what crime those babies are torn apart? Even if the nonsense reason Zionists are giving (Hamas is using babes as human shield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) does not justify the babrbaric massacre.


Attaboy Gerald

by Mosleh (not verified) on

Loved Sir Gerald's speech. Short and to the point.



Zionism Is Terrorism,

by XerXes (not verified) on

Stand against terrorism, fight Zionism


Its been like this for a while

by Alborzi (not verified) on

When someone defends the genocide, it reminds me of
Rajavi's wedding and subsequently naming the new wife as the president. When you talked to the mojahedins they consider it a revolutionary act. They are all brain washed and act like robots. People who defend this genocide are also brain washed and moron. Its the most horrible thing and the images of their interviews with the redneck Israelis reminds one of NAZIs. Its ironical that their fathers werre killed by NAZIs.

Nader Vanaki

Eivaal Kaufman Bravo Marhaba va Ahsant

by Nader Vanaki on

He officially registered his stance as an MP and note how the parliament seats are so sparsely occupied.  It is admirable to see a member of the faith speak against the crimes committed in their name.

I agree with anglo phile, the man has the interests of his country to look for and that is U.K. and not Israel.  In a way U.K. has always been more critical of Israel in such situations than the U.S. while U.N. takes forever to make their "naughty naughty" gesture to Israel.



Re. few points:

by Ajam (not verified) on

Thank you dear anglophile for answering the main question in my earlier post!!!


Mr. Kaufman's "friend"

by Zion on

Arafat in his own words:
A man of "peace" indeed.


to Pahlevan

by Anonymous99999999999999 (not verified) on

I don't think you get it do you? He is a zionist. he says it at the begining of the clip. what else is there to know about him? He has only tachtical differences with Isreal's policy. big deal.

Do you see how there is not a true leader in the entire middle-east? some one that people would take his/her words seriously. Rulers in the middle east in iran, suadi, fake countries such as (qatar, UAE, kuwait) and the rest of the worthless gulf-coutnries, are not popular with their people, they are corrupt, and not respected by their own people. that is the real problem. there is no unified front that would crush Isreal's teeth.

My message to poor palestians. Sorry, your race (arabs) and your brother/sisters in islam (majority of iranians) are so F-ed up and can not even tie their own shoes. you are on your own. Zionists will kill you and they won't even let you bury your dead, and if you are lucky enough to bury your dead children/wives, they will bomb the cemetry too. look at this clip, they did actualy bomb the cemetry. May God's curse be on the people responsible for these crimes.



Wrong analysis Anglophile

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

In every country you will find one, two, three, four, five etc.. individuals who oppose their government's position; including right here in the U.S. (Kucinich, Paul and few others). As such, Britain is definitely not an exception here. Let's not forget it is U.K. which created this problem in the first place. It gave away land which did not belong to it to another people?

Second, if one wants to speak about a British PM who has been speaking out about the Palestinian cause the best example is George Galloway. He has been fighting for the Paletinians and their rights for over 30 years.

Third let's stop flaunting the word "democracy" by these western powers. Let's make sure we understand what this slogan "democracy" really means as opposed to a tool that is used to fool the masses.

You can obviously respect whomever you wish - but the logic of how you arrive at your conclusion is flawed!


Anonumous-2,where have you been!

by Pahlevan on

World community is waking up? haven't you been watching the news?. The west is silent and Israel has total immunity to do whatever it wants, and they ARE doing whatever they want. The major powers of the world are either silent or supporting Israel. By the way, read Kaufman's Wikipedia page he is been speaking out against Israel for years.


I agree where has he been for the past 60 years?

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Why the sudden care for the Palestinians? All of a sudden he woke up and realized that the Palestinians are being brutally slaughtered by the Zionist regime? Or is it more due to the fact that the world community is finally beginning to see the true face of Israel and the Zionists!!!


He is the zionist Ganji

by Pahlevan on


Akbar Ganji once was a member of Ministry of Information ('Vezarateh Etelaat') and a hardcore Hezbollahi, but witnessing the corruption of IRI and its brutality against people, turned against the regime and now he is calling for replacement of Iran's theocratic system with secular democracy. Mr. Kaufman has been calling for arms ban and economic sanctions against Israel to end the apartehid in Israel since 2002, this shows that he is a decent human being.





‫خیلی باحال گفتی.


ye pa do pa

by Anonymous99999999999999 (not verified) on

Look. We are all blind because in this new age we base our values on our immediate conscience. we have no definite frame of reference. this is exactly why you view murderous Kaufman as a merciful and kind human being. that is our problem my friend. iranians don't have core values. right now they are crying for Emam hossein while their muslim brothers/sisters are dying in palestine. this is called blindness. IR leaders don't really support Palestinians, they are just fooling us, because if you take Isreal/Plestine conflict our of their vocabulary, you have basically taken away 50% of what they have to say. If you take Emam zaman out of their vocabulary you have taken away the other 50% of what they have to say, and they will have nothing to fool us with.

Does that mean zionists are right. NO. Zionists are killers of innocent people and thieves that took away Palestinian homes and land. This Kaufman himself agrees with the philosophy of Zionism, which is murdering/stealing/lying. it is in the clip. i'm not making it up. so the people that agree with him should be zionists themselves. just because he seems to be showing sympathy, doesn't mean he is a great guy. his hands are bloody like the rest of the people that support isreal.

the humanity is really screwed at this point, because people don't have the truth as their reference point. and the media tries to confuse the populations and take advantage of them, in America and in iran and every where else. all i'm saying is THINK and don’t make fast conclusions based on your immediate feelings. Kaufman is basically saying that zionism is good, but this attack on gaza is an isolated case. that is his massage, how can you miss that? it is so evidant. come on. people with your thinking processes are responsible for the revolution that we're still suffering from. are you going to tell me now that IR is an islamic government?? doesn't Islam condemn lying and stealing? IR is bunch of thieves and liers. we dont' accept IR and we dont' accept Isreal and we dont' accept American foreign policy. they are all based an lies but in different dress.


few points:

by anglophile (not verified) on


britain has been and will remain to be the bastion of modern democracy. where in the world can you find a member of the party of the serving government attacking the pro israeli policies of his party - not in the USA!!


sir gerald kaufman DID NOT CONDEMN ZIONISM. he simply recounted and condemned the israeli action in GAZA by the present government


sir gerald kaufman, is sporting a tie-pin which was given to his friend, an israeli army general for his defence of the zionist state against the arabs, palestinians included.


sir gerlad kaufman is a knight of the realm. do you iranian boys and girls who have adopted an american identity know what this means? it means he has the ultimate interests of GREAT BRITAIN at heart.


i admire sir gerald kaufman!


Shooting Fish in a Barrel

by Goldadash (not verified) on

This was not a war. This was shooting fish in a barrel. A cowardly attack against innocent civilians. Morally there were two big losers in this carnage: One was Israel which exposed its true face behind the mask of a noble, civilized, democratic state, and the other the Islamic Republic of Iran which used Palestinians as a pawn in its game. A few weeks ago Rafsanjani was bluffing that in the event of a ground offensive Hamas was equipped with advanced missiles capable of dealing a blow to the Israeli army. This was nothing but bluff. If God forbid Iran is one day attacked, Rafsanjani and his cohorts will be able to offer nothing but bluff and bravado to protect our homeland.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Zion: he is smart and human; you are idiot and nasty.

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

He tells the truth; you lie and manipulate.

He is courageous and kind; you are a coward and a liar.

He is a human being; you are a hateful monster.


My previous post was in response to Anonymous9999999999999

by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

I'm sorry, Anonymous9999999999 superior intellect had me so distraught and confused that I forgot to mention I was responding to his post.



by amirkabear4u on

you said,"The only thing it proves is that you can find utter idiotic morons even among Jews who were raised Zionists and knew great Israeli leaders of the past. That is all this clip proves." blah blah as usual

I am so so glade and grateful to god that you left Iran. Oh were is your lovey-dovey friend and brother in arms with his strange avatar? LOL


Are you getting paid???

by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

Wow, your analysis of the clip has truly left me speechless. Your determination to view Mr. Kaufman's speech as a Jedi mind trick makes me question YOUR agenda and ulterior motives. Are you getting paid??? Maybe, just are here to denounce Mr. Kaufman's words with the intention to actually direct us to sympathize with the Zionists. That must be it...or is it? What if you aniticipated us to figure out your plan??? I'm so confused, you my Zionist friend are much smarter than everyone else here, so please stop messing with our simple minds. I'm going to go and make myself a turkey sandwich, wash it down with a cold Spaten, and ponder how to better assess this clip.


Mazal Tov To Anonymous999999999999

by Appalled (not verified) on

We are lucky to have at least one Enlightened Eyeranian commenting on this site. Mazal Tov Anonymous999999999999!


Not fair Cyrus_

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Cyrus_, I also generally disagree with Zion (that is an understatement), however I don't agree with your statement about her. Tell us what she said that you didn't like .... I know that I found it completely baseless when she called Mr. Kaufman a friend of Hemas!


Zion There is NO CURE for you

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

Zion ;
It is simply useless trying to enlighten you and get some sense into your concrete filled head.
You are nothing but a waste of everyone's time here


IRI supporter?

by Ajam (not verified) on

I wonder what kind of a spin are the Zionist propagandists churning up to put on this one! Obviously, not "self-hating Jew," for it's too tread-bare already, and he seems to be too intelligent for it! How about IRI stooge? Hamas-supporter? Oh, I got it... IRI took his family hostage and made him do it!!!


I can't believe most of you think he is a good man

by Anonymous999999999999 (not verified) on

come on you iranians. no wonder we are in the mess we are right now. you are so gullible and sorry to say but stupid. iranians don't look at things in the perspective and context it deserves. You are telling me you guys don't know what this guy is doing? He is playing the age old mind game. He is trying to say that fundamentals of zionism is moral and this incident is an oscilated situation.

Zionists have been killing palestians for 50 years, throwing them out of their homes, evidance, 6 million palenstineans living outside of palestine, 80% of isrealis came outside of palestine, case closed!!!!

where was this guy for the past 50 years? the answer is, he was meeting with the heads of Isreal, as he said. haa haa funny. Right now the whole world is seeing the true face of zionism in front of their tv and this Kaufman (God break his back) is trying to defend zionist movement by condemning this isreal action; to fool and confuse gullible people like you. if it wasn't because of people like you, they wouldn't do that injustance with Mossadeg.

Hey Jahanshah, I am sorry but, are you f-ing kidding me? highest humanitarian principles. why are you acting like an brainless emotional typical iranian. you should know better than all of us. are you working for someone or are you really this dumb. you are a smart man, or else you couldn't have made it this far, so i conclude that you're getting a pay-check from some where that favores zionists.

why can't we see things the way they are, atleast once. can't you see this guy is actually covering for the zionist by condemning zionism just for a moment, just to say that only at the moment they are wrong, but they are fundamentally decent.

Iranians deserve what they have, because you guys are the smartest iranians and this is what you think. if jahanshah thinks like this, guys, sorry to say, but our country is F-ed, because we don't have a brain.


Watch this!

by Arash P. (not verified) on

There are still decent people in the west who defend principles of humanity no matter where. Please watch this (both parts) and other clips from George Galloway. He is also (or used to be) a British MP. He is amazing!



Some of my "former" best friends...

by ghalam-doon on

This honourable gentleman tells the truth, nothing less, nothing more. I don’t think he deserves to receive the Nobel prize for telling the truth, or the mere fact that he's Jewish.

But according to the Zionist mentality, he’s a “self-hating” Jew. The same way that the people who speak against these atrocities are labeled as anti-Semites.

Jews are people too. One assumes they become upset when they see those images on TV, especially when the crime is commited in their names. The amazing fact is that there are not more of them speaking like this elderly gentleman. The amazing fact is that we don't see them on the streets protesting against these atrocities. That shows the power of Zionist brainwashing.

We get so giddy when we see a Jewish person telling the truth or a handful of Jews chaining themselves in front of the Israeli consulate. Isn't it because there are so few of them?