Behnoush Daneshtalab

Liverpool University student pitches business idea on TV reality show, The Next Big Thing

Pardis is an outline, concept, proposal for the opening, in a suitable city location, of an alcohol free café bar offering drinks and food with a Middle Eastern theme.


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I watched this lady's

by AbbasAgha (not verified) on

I watched this lady's presentation very carefully. I have to say, it is a good idea, however, it could have been better presented. I'm don't know that presenting lady, and i'm not herself or any of her relatives! I drink alcohol myself as well. But sadly, and quite frankly, i have to say most of people commented on the video have lost the main point of it! I bring my evidence:

1- I dont know which part of the pinch made "desi" rush to booze cabinet, cuz it didnt find any part of her presentation that appealing!

2- Although the comment made by ferrad02 are of more sense, but, i think ferrad02 does not consider the whole point of alcohol-free cafe. The lady in presentation, "Behnoush" i think, said it was more like a bar, something you could try on lunch time, have a bite of KUKU-SABZI as she said. Now tell me, Mr/Ms ferrad: what is the food served in Ghahve khaneh? Abgusht, as you said, and the mostly (or perhaps the only) served drink? Tea. More importantly, SHISHA, and even more, the traditional IRANIAN atmosphere, as you said. Furthermore, if we're honest to ourselves and go back to 1960 and 1970 in Iran, we'll find out most ghahveh khaneh customers were of older ages, and those youngsters were mainly "JAHEL" (knife carrying Bullies), or some other opium addicts. To sum up, ghahveh khane was a place for more medium-to-low class people in social hierarchy (if not low only). But i thought her place was a rather modern place targeting more intellectual Europeans who want to try something different, those who do not NECESSARILY want to get drunk, and willing to explore a different culture. I cant find any similarity between Ghahveh Khaneh and what behnoush offered, sorry. I wish we could discuss on this.

3-Topic Booze is good, sorry to say, but is an absolute nonsense i'm afraid! I think he/she just heard something "alcohol-free" and stood against it! If he/she does not get offended, i'd like to know where he/she lives and for how long. I think having a high-tech, civilised country has nothing to do with alcohol or pork, sex, Islam or whatever! It's mainly the culture (in which most of Muslim countries including Iran are poor) that makes people think about their situation, feel the need for change, and invest on good things. If you look at intellectual British people, for instance, (by that i mean, university professors, business owners, lawyers, medics, artists (not celebrities of course!), etc.), they are not obsessed by drinking habits at all! in fact, some of them drink (alcohol) only occasionally. Those who are drinking everyday, are mostly homeless, criminals, and low-low class people who never did anything serious in their lives. If you watch BBC TV or any satellite TV in the UK, there are series of programmes made by Police called "Road Wars,Police-Camera-Action, Police Interceptors, etc." It is completely evident that most serious crimes are committed under influence of alcohol. I hope you think more before blind-condemnation of different people.

Sorry if i offended anybody
you friend


Great Idea to reintroduce!

by Nokteh (not verified) on

I am kind of confused by claims that alcohol is good. Good for what?? for being able to make a fool out of one's self and get away with it? and I am not talking about those who drink a glass of wine with dinner as if that was the case all the alcohol related businesses would have gone out of business by now.

I grow up in an environment in Iran and by the way I am not a muslim, which family gatherings and having fun didn't require "alcohol" so it never registered with me and when I came to U.S. for school while everyone including compatriot students were indulging in the "fun", I didn't see the point and unfortunately lost few friends along the way to this menace and vice, to me alcohol and illegal drugs are the same, is just alcohol creates jobs(more legally) and taxes.

Go ahead and enjoy your bottle of whatever, it is most likely that you can't enjoy without it.


Booz is good

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

If alcohol is so bad then how come all western world are way ahead of muslim countries in every aspect. If eating pork is bad then how come western people live longer and built stronger and taller? If Iranian men can't stand another man looking at their girl and make women to cover with a vail, that only shows the weakness and a low self esteem of the man.


Behnoush jan you're a little late

by farrad02 on

Your cafe Pardis idea has already been thought of and created, back in the 1960's and 1970's in Iran. There are still some left.  It was called Ghahveh Khooneh with traditional Persian entertainment of poetry and passion plays; most of them in Tehran and other large Iranian cities!   They even have hookas and Abgoosht!


She needs to rethink her

by desi on

She needs to rethink her major.  This pitch made me want to go straight to the liquor cabinet and open up a bottle of Belvedere.