Azar Nafisi

Talking about her new book: "Things I've Been Silent About: Memories"

Bestselling author of "Reading Lolita in Tehran", talks to WNYC's Leonard Lopate about her new memoir about family life in Iran:


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Just another brick in the

by a reader (not verified) on

Just another brick in the wall.


سند رقیت ایران

an informed Iranian (not verified)

How many of you know the meaning of (or indeed can read correctly) the subect text of this comment? If not, then, like Mrs Nezhat Nafisi, Azar's mother, you could have been appointed to be a member of Shah's Parliament!

more on this later ....


I totally agree with

by dove (not verified) on

I totally agree with "Another romantic claptrap in writing", and what upsets is the fact that some people are actually impressed and touched by these "selfless heroes".

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on




به نظر بنده

آقا مصطفي (not verified)

من هفته پيش، در كتاب فروشي بارنز و نوبل، كتاب تازه خانم نفيسي را ديدم، و مقداري از آن را در همانجا خواندم٠ بايد خدمتتان عرض كنم كه پدر ايشان رويهمرفته مثبت نشان داده شده، ولي مادر ايشان بسيار منفي جلوه ميكنند٠ پس از خواندن مقداري از آن، راستش را بخواهيد، تصميم گرفتم كه كتاب را نخرم٠ ديدم كه اين پدر و مادر ديگر زنده نيستند كه جواب اين كتاب را بدهند، و به عقيده من، اين كار درست نيست كه پشت سر مردگان اين طور حرفها زده شود٠ در هر صورت، كتاب را سر جايش گذاشتم، و به قسمت ديگر كتاب فروشي رفتم٠


Another romantic claptrap in writing

by critic. (not verified) on

Azar Nafisy is a classic example of spoilt brat who having enjoyed all the spoils of a privileged life in Pahlavi era, later turned against her family's benefactor, rebelling against her parents, as flawed as they were, to gain her "liberation". Her expreinces are not unique at all. Thousands of Iranian women in that period went through the same expreineces and reacted the same way. Except that many of them became much less useless than Ms Nafisy has been to her society and her former country. This is another self promotional book in the guise of a view of the Iranian family life (see Shusha Guppy's memoir - a generation older than Naficy but equally useless nontheless).


I am sick and tired of these

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

I am sick and tired of these Iranian authors getting "liberated" by the Western culture!


cant wait for the the book

by sheyda (not verified) on

i enjoyed reading lolita greatly .
cant wait for the new book .
thanks azar

Nader Vanaki

Mommy Dearest

by Nader Vanaki on

This is a remake of Joan Crawford's daughter publishing Mommy Dearest-Iranian version.

Azar Nafisi also waited for both parents to die to publish her naneh man gharibam tale.

Surely, a boring read.


Okay so your first book was a hit

by farrad02 on

Does anyone know if her new memoir is good?