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Iranian filmmaker on becoming a Christian


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Strong comments usually come

by Kevin Anthem (not verified) on

Strong comments usually come from weak minds. Before trying to "open up" people's minds, try opening yours first. Present Christians/Muslims do not deserve to be persecuted today just because they had a despicable history. Do you beat a child to death just because his grandfather slaughtered your hen some years ago? We all deserve some respect, regardless of our religious affiliations.


why any religion!

by Alireza Shokouhi (not verified) on

Religion is man made and one is not necessary much better than the other but worst of all is Islam. We have no obligation to belong to any religion, BE FREE AND FREE YOUR MIND. USE YOUR EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION TO DECIDE WHAT IS RIGHT. THIS IS YOUR ULTIMATE RIGHT BECAUSE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN MIND.


Persian Cowgirl

by Anonymous_Agnostic (not verified) on

Ok why would anyone become Christian?? I mean I have read both the Bible and the Qu'ran...and honestly there are so many contradictions in the bible it's shocking. You can tell it is a man made religion that broke away from Judaism.

Theoretically Jesus was a "bastard" as he had no father. Jesus states in Deuteronomy 23:2 that bastards can not attend church unto the tenth generation...

So by this...Jesus could not attend or be a leader of any church, yet in Christianity he is the leader of the Church.

In Luke 18:19 Jesus says "Why do you call me good? No one is good except God" implicating that he is not God or Son of God.

Finally and biggest thing of all that turns me away from Christianity is when people say "Jesus died for your sins...Jesus was hung on the cross for you" It is the one thing that is absolutely senseless and made me figure out the Christian God has no sense. It is like me having 2 bad and one good and me punishing the good son for everything the bad one has done. It's like the American court system punishing all low abiding people for criminals.


To Persian Cowgirl

by Mani175 (not verified) on

You say "Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of being a Christian! islam is the root of all evil."
Lets see....have you ever heard of something called the "Spanish Inquisition"? How about "The dark Ages" and "the Puritan's subjugation of all free thinking people"?
For over 500 years Christians imprisoned, tortured, mamed and killed anyone who gave the smalest hint of free thinking. With the recent resurgance of far right christianity, they may do the same for the next 500 years. It isn't the religion "Persian Cowgirl" its the people running it that causes all the problem.
So two suggestions:
A) Apologize for your half-wit comment to all decent Muslims and
B) Change your name from "Persian Cowgirl" to "Persian Cowbrain".
God speed with you intellectual adventures.


"islam is the root of all

by anonymousanymous (not verified) on

"islam is the root of all evil. Get rid of the religion and there will be no more evil in this world."

Wow, I was waiting for a blatantly stupid comment like this for a while. I need to refer to this sometimes, and I never find people dumb enough to write it somewhere. Thanks for the reference.

So, if Islam is the root of all evil, why is Christianity so obssessed with evil and sin, 621 years BEFORE Islam? Were they anticipating the evil that Islam was to bring?

Retroactive evilness! How great is that?



by Persian Cowgirl (not verified) on

I think people who call themselves "Iranians" need to study their history a little more. islam was never a religion of the Persian and shouldn't be today either. Pull up a map of the world and point to all the places that are in some sort of turmoil or another. The one thing they have in common is that they are all islamic countries. Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of being a Christian! islam is the root of all evil. Get rid of the religion and there will be no more evil in this world.


Someone should do a

by Niki on

Someone should do a statistical study of the number of Iranians who claim to be Christian to get asylum in the Scandinavian countries. It really does appear to be the newest trend, and as you might imagine, the authorities are increasingly skeptical about such claims. 



by Anonymouss (not verified) on

I bet he became Christian because there was more money in it. Holywood producers don't care about Muslims.


Sometimes Telling the Truth is Inevitable: O Well...

by A. Hassan Danesh, Ph.D. (not verified) on

We will all die one day and when Lord asks: what was your religion when you were alive on earth can reply by saying:

It is none of your business instead ask what is your nationality because with the accent I have there is no way I can get away from it to tell lie or otherwise--



These are new tricks!

by Haj khaanom (not verified) on

You guys all missed the point!
As you hear from him, this guy has applied for asylum in Norway. Scandinavian countries do not accept Iranian refugees any more because Iran is not in war and the Iranians don't seem to have any major problems with their regime (as keep traveling back and forth to Iran every year). Therefore Iranian refugees have to find new tricks in order to flee deportation and get asylum.
I know many young Iranians who have "changed" their religion from Islam to Christianity for this simple reason!


Whatever...not impressed.

by desi on

Whatever...not impressed.  So he's drinking another flavored koolaid.  Chaghok and Saman are right.  I think that the old testament, new testament and Koran is just another game of playing telephone.  These stories ARE equivalent to the Odyssey and the Illyiad.


2 words...GREEN CARD!!!

by GOTTI (not verified) on

people have their own methods of getting one. **wink**


From Mohammad to Nick…

by Saman on

In my opinion these people only have half of a functioning brain. They start off well by questioning religion and rejecting the one forced upon them … however the brain stops functioning at that point and instead of seeing all organized religions and God as a whole, and as a hoax, Santa Clause/Tooth Fairy if you will … the brain decides to convert from one dumb idea to another crazy manmade myth. It’s like substituting your wet blue jeans for wet black jeans! It’s quit sad I think to see how weak and insecure human beings can be.


Better religion for what reason Anonymous Irani.

by choghok on

I see many people comparing religion as if they would be cars. So what if the Quran that was written hundred years a go is the same as Quran now? There is no art of not changing something. The art is to evlove and do things better.

Quran was written way after Muhammad died by people close to him. Beleivers say that it is the words of god. If I tell you some words today and you are illiterate and you tell my words to some others and after you died 20 years from now they decide to put down these words, how close are they going to be to the words I said? Then Quran is as accurate as that.

Bible does not claim to be word of God (That is then ten commandments). Old testament is a mythical book just like Ilyad and Odysseus and our own Shahnameh describing the history of the Hebrews, the new testament is like the resalehs given by some mullahs full of dos and donts.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


I went up and I went down,but I could not find a religion better

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on

I went up and I went down,but I could not find a religion better that Islam.I do not practice a religion,but from what I see in other religions if I ever to pick a religion I would pick Islam.Here are my reasons.When I compare for example Christianity to Islam,I realize that Christians are too divided and not even two person in the same church believe in same thing,and no one knows what Christ really is.Was Jesus a prophet,like Muslim believe or is he God,or is he son of God or is he a holy spirit or is he all of the above.Their Bible been changed by previous kings to their likings that I do not know if the current Bibles are copies of the original. In the other hand Muslims holy book has not changed.They have Qurans which are hundreds of years old and they are the same as current one and that is why Muslims believe Quran to be a miracle.


this guy is not even

by ringool (not verified) on

this guy is not even confident in his own words...i hope Jesus helps him out to become normal. I think the government of iran making people really insane.....shame on them.


Three points

by Mani120 (not verified) on

A) I can not understand why ANY ONE would change from Islam to Christianity. They are both built on the very same dogma, foundation and belief system. There is no theological reason for such a move. Actually I know the reason: Christianity is more fashionable.
B) If you feel compelled to convert to another religion which is similar to Islam in it's belief system (e.g. Christianity), why the hell not convert to Zoroastrianism? Anyone with a 2nd grade or higher education knows that most of the Christian dogma was copied from Zoroastrianism. What the hell is wrong with these people. Oh, I forgot...Chritianity is more fashionable and we Iranians are, if nothing else, a fashion conscience people.
C) Finally, this dude said that he was in Iran on a mission to score points with his new God by converting Muslims through books/CD distribution. This fact alone makes me far less sympathetic towards him. Muslims, Bhudists and Hindus they all live thier spiritual lives, regardless of what others think of thier belief system. A Christian, however, has this fetish that they MUST convert EVERYONE. It's a way of collecting coupons to use for getting into Jesus Heavan later on. Well to get those coupons, you are going to piss some people off and there will be consequences.


his looking for refugee

by hajiagha on