War plan against Iran?

Did the Israeli Ambassador slip up?

Israeli Ambassador in Australia slips up and mentions Israeli war plans for Iran in one month's time. Realizing his mistake he then orders media to stop filming and cameras to be turned off!


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Israel Rules, Get used to it!

by Lover of Zion (not verified) on

Like it or not it is a fact that Israel is the dominant Super Duper power in the middle east and possibly in the world. They have shown extreme restraint and have acted with the outmost concern in dealing with a group of people who are sworn to her destruction and annihilation. Now, Which person or country in the world would just stand by and do nothing in response to people( Hamas, Iran, Hezbeh Olagh) who have openly and vehemently declared their hatred for you and nothing stops them from killing you, your family, children, dog and cats?


plan is ON !

by david king (not verified) on

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I don't hear him mention war.

Yes there is a rift that's developed and is growing between moderates who are tiring of the death and destructions and these wacko fanatics who just want to see the world burn.

Also, if you notice, there are several instances where this man is looking directly at this one particular camera. It would be interesting to know who owns and operates that camera. It seems that this particluar camera captured his attention and he asked only that camera be turned off. 


What an idiot this embassador guy

by farrad02 on

Asking people to switch the camera off?!!! Didn't he know the cameras were there for the event? This is either a slip of the tongue that revealed an actual plan or an intended action to mislead Iranians and put them on guard; a diplomatic equivalent of a magician's misdirection, if you will!


surgical attack?

by capt_ayhab on

Israeli version of surgical attack equals bombing of:
Residential complexes
Markets were women and children gather
Israel's lust for blood has made them to act like a mad-cow in heat!
I for one, if such a thing is to happen, shall return to Iran and take arms against any aggression to Mother Land.

capt_ayhab [-YT]


to Anonymous99999999999999999

by bandTomboon (not verified) on

Where are our people? Where are our Azari, Kurd, Lor, and Bakhtiar … Why have they forsaken Iran? Why do they need the west to attack us before they protect Iran? We are under siege by the enemy within. What are they waiting for? It is later than they think.


to bandTomboon

by Anonymous99999999999999999 (not verified) on

i like your name, it suites your way of thinking. attacking iran is attaching iran, whether it's a surgical bombing of nuclear facilities and or killing innocent people, like they are doing with palestineans. if isreal attacks iran in any shape/form/extent iranian people will not let them get away with this. we're not arabs that zionists can attack us and we'll just sit and watch. attach on iran in any shape or form will be the end of fake state of "isreal" for ever. Isreal is not dealing with gerti guys from the capitial tehran, they are dealing with Tabrizi/Ardabili/Kurdish guys, we'll turn the whole middle east on their head. when arabs came, it was again Azarbaijan that stood in their way, we'll do it again.


Israel @ it again.

by Nader Khan (not verified) on

it is time to work together.
JUST say No to war.
Ahmadi...can say it but Israel is doing it . enough suffering. Stop the madness plz.
net&yaboo is running for election and he wants more land.
peace for all.


Too much innocent blood on their hand.

by Asghar Galtagh (not verified) on

Attacking Iran will actually be death wish trigger for Israel. I'm sure Israelis know this as a fact. There is too much psychological pressure on Israel right now. They have too much innocent blood on their hand.


It is not important what the

by bandTomboon (not verified) on

It is not important what the chubby boy says in the video. Before the revolution nobody complained about the Iranian nuclear reactor in Boshehr. I think the French were helping us with it as opposed to the Russians.
The reality is that IRI is a fanatical irrational government who has taken its people hostage. Nobody in the world trusts them to have access to nuclear weapons. Looks like in a few months there would be no diplomatic way of stopping this tyrannical government to get access to nuclear weapons. Then the surgical precision bombing would be the only way to go.


The United planet of Earth Against Israel.

by Sialashgar on

It's the only way to stop this shameless human killing machine.



by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

Iran mix of islam petrol naIranis with in Iran... is the recepi for mees that we have {Iranian} on hand.


Israel with all her nuclear

by A military analyst (not verified) on

Israel with all her nuclear arsenal can't do a damn thing because they know it would be a suicide. Israel with the size of a urinal compared to Iran is more vulnerable to the Iranian non-nuclear missiles. Even if the payload of the missiles is made of pehen (caw manure) contaminated with some sort of salmonella germs, it's massive enough to kill them all of acute diarrhea. Boy! what a mess! Hope peace will prevail!


False or Not....

by Mammad Damaagh (not verified) on

... Zionists dream of killing more innocents will not go with out crushing response.
This illegal entity can not even deal with resistance from Gaza let alone to take on Iran. That war criminal George Bush understood this during his last year in office. The price they will pay is far greater than damaging Iran.

Mammad Damaagh


Zionist psy-ops

by Ajam (not verified) on

It's all Zionist propaganda and empty posturing. Israel is only good at bombing refugee camps!

khaleh mosheh

Well Ahmadinejad is a

by khaleh mosheh on

madman I tell ya!! and he wants to wipe us off the map I tell ya!!

Nader Vanaki

Jenab Ambassador, Shekar Khordanhayeh Moft

by Nader Vanaki on

Kheili kheili ghalat kardi va ... khordi


False Description

by Zion on

Sorry but there was no mention of any "war plans" what so ever. His words were about facing the strategic challenge that Iran poses all of us, This is what many have been saying for clearly obvious reasons. It is true. The regime in Iran is the main strategic problem that must be faced in the coming months.
The ambassador was correctly relayed in by the news presenter, unlike you who unfortunately resorted to unsubstantiated distortions. Sadly, this conduct is quite typical by now.


What??? Ha????

by Babak Moghadam (not verified) on

I did not hear anything about "Israeli War Plan". I thing he said "strategic challenge next month" or "months". How is that a war plan?


Why are they so afraid ?

by Sialashgar on

You would think if they're so afraid of moslam countries they would stop their most inhumain treatment of  the Palestenians and kill fever moslams.I don"t get it! But I till you this if they are going to continue their current policy towardes Palestenians they should be afraid of the whole world.