No fear of nuclear Iran

Christopher Hitchens shares insights on Iran and the Arab world


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AnonymousUser2345 The Same Yahoos as You!

by Appalled (not verified) on

The article says" Five US Soldiers CHARGED with rape". For the past 30 years no one has ever gotten charged let alone convicted for thousands of rapes,torture, murders by the Hezbeh Olagh Yahoos! Got it now? I doubt it!


He makes some good points but...

by farrad02 on

He makes some good points but I just don't think the waiting and just not doing anything seems right!


A famous Mavrick

by ramintork on

There is good money to be made out of talking the  polemicist stance.

If you can convince the world that you are an expert on a subject and write a book about it that is contary to others then as we would say in Lonon you'll be minting it!

I like Christopher Hitchins, I share his views on religion and like him see Islamic fundementalism as a type of Fascism but I do not share his new optimizm that after 10 years many Middle Eastern dictatorships will turn to democracies!


if he weren't so right-wing

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

I'd find him almost sexy. PorT belly 'n all.


secularization theory (to desi)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

desi says: "His theory on the secularization of Iran in 10 years....hmm one could only hope."

Desi, I believe it is more than a theory. Paradoxically Islamic Revolution has been consistently weakening Islam IN Iran (not outside Iran). That group of clergies (Khomeini et al) who mixed Islam with politics to that extent, triggered this process some 30 years ago.
Khomeini himself was very doubtful when pushing that.


Indeed desi

by Zion on

What is the world coming to? ;-)


I'm a fan of Christopher

by desi on

I'm a fan of Christopher Hitchens.  I read his latest book last year and thought it pretty spot on.  He's also a regular panelist on Real Time with Bill Maher.  Very entertaining.  His theory on the secularization of Iran in 10 years....hmm one could only hope.

Damn Zion, I can't believe we agreed on something. 


Who are the yahoos?

by AnonymousUser2345 (not verified) on

Exactly who are the yahoos you are you talking about?
These yahoos?: //

Ari Siletz

substance and chaff

by Ari Siletz on

Substance to argue:

Iran will become pro-US in a decade because Iranian youth are pro-US. A decade is not enough time for Iran to become a serious nuclear threat. Therefore Iran's nuclear program is not a threat.

Chaff to discard:

Shah was a megalomaniac (Value judgment. By this standard all Iranian monarchs were megalomaniacs).

Taxis wouldn't stop for us because they thought he was Hezbollah (Hitchens can't read minds to tell why they wouldn't stop. We all have bad cab days.)


Chris......Hick Up......Hitchens!

by Appalled (not verified) on

It appears that Chris Hitches also better known as Mr. Jack Daniel or Comrade Smirnoff has had one too many again. Mullah's and Hezbeh Olagh with nukes are no threat? What a bunch of BULL Pocky! Please......give me a break! Lets not forget who we are dealing with here. These yahoos rape women before executing them and then charge their families for the bullets. Get the picture?

anonymous fish

"takes finesse, not force"

by anonymous fish on

hmmm... my new mantra.  :-)



by Anonymous23c (not verified) on

just wanna let you know that hitchens and galloway did actually have a debate a while back. you can probably find it on youtube.


galloway destroys him.

Hamid Y. Javanbakht

anonymous fish

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

Reminded me of this cheezy song:


As a former chef, sommelier, and mixologist, I support heirlooms varieties, complimentary intercultural relationships can do wonders over time, kind of like crafting wines from various strains and vintages, a delicate art, takes finesse, not force. 



DK and

by Abarmard on

I think you are right in some ways, he is the other side of George Galloway, but there are differences. George Galloway remains on the holes that he had digged for himself, while this guy changes based on the month of the year. He could easily appear in another show and say something totally opposite. 

Would be great to have this guy and George Galloway in a pub and watch them argue while we toast.



Darius Kadivar

Dear Abarmard ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Right well I guess he is the Right Wing Version to Left Wing George Galloway. ;0)

Like that the shortcomings of one will compensate those of the other and vice versa. ;0))




Kako Dariush

by Abarmard on

I know him a bit more than this interview. I find his ideas along with personality very discombobulated and at times strange/mis-matched. Nothing wrong with what he says at any point, he is free to express his views. First time I saw him was on Bill Mahr show and he came a cross as strange and confused. He has remained that way to me since.

I should have said Pea Intellectual (nokhodi) :)

Just having fun. Don't have anything against him.

Darius Kadivar

He See's a Democratic Potential of an Iranian Solidarnosc !

by Darius Kadivar on

Its the first time I hear this guy but Whats Wrong with What he said Abarmard ?

I think he made some Good observations such as the necessity to Support Civil Society as a major key towards Iranian Freedom AND NOT Military Intervention or anything like that.

I think that he understood the Democratic Potential of an Iranian Solidarnosc.

I also noticed that the Journalist mentioned Abbas Milani.

I think that his Bush Comment is more of an Ironic comment of a Devils Advocate rather than a praise for Bush.

My Humble Opinion,



Best discribed from Persian:

by Abarmard on

Barberry Intellectual


Christopher Hitchens Is great!

by Zion on

I don't agree fully with his ease on the Mullah nukes, given such utterances by Rafsanjani and the likes, and the fact that a dirty nuke terrorist attack is still very much in the agenda let alone that fact that Iranian nukes will produce a nuclear arms race in the most volatile region on Earth.
Nevertheless Hitchens is and remains one of the very few journalist/intellectuals of our time that clearly sees what is the real issues and what is at stake.Great to see him optimistic about Iran. I wish those young Iranians god speed. Keep it up, you all rock!

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i've made the first gesture... i married an iranian man.  :-)

i am extremely proud to be a part of Iran in whatever small way a wife can contribute and i am extremely proud of my husband.


This dude is trying to

by Fatollah (not verified) on

This dude is trying to re-invent himself!

A piece of advise to Mr. Hitchens! Stay true to your ideals!

Despiser of deceiters

Hamid Y. Javanbakht

Time + Culture = Friendship

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

Iranians naturally want a better government, there is not much resistance to western values, they basically want the dignity of self-determination without interference. Ending (probably not denouncing, although violence starting from both sides may be) the support of potential terrorist groups funded by Iran such as Hizbollah can only be achieved with simultaneous concessions of honest concilation by Israeli leaders. They need to embrace integration of both sides, they both suffer from xenophobia, an ethnically mixed Israel will be the only solution.

anonymous fish

very interesting

by anonymous fish on

i'm having an epifany and might be rethinking some former opinions.  very interesting.

if busy and cheney and rove gets away scot free with no criminal repurcussions, i will consider that the darkest period in american history.  and we have plenty enough to compare to. 


I wonder...

by Princess on

How and why they issued him a visa to visit Iran after God is not Great? :)

As usual he makes a lot of sense, except of course the bit about Bush at the end. I really hope he's wrong and that W will not get away that easily.