Iran, South Kore 1-1

World Cup preliminary match in Tehran

ESPN: Park Ji-sung scored with nine minutes remaining to earn South Korea a 1-1 draw with Iran and hold on to the Group Two lead in 2010 World Cup qualifying. The Koreans, chasing a spot at their seventh-successive finals, went down on the hour mark to a Javad Nekounam goal before the talismanic Manchester United midfielder pulled the visitors back into the match with an 81st-minute header. The draw pushed Iran down to third, with North Korea moving second, a point behind South Korea, after their 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia.



We have to beat S.Arabia

by fozoolestan (not verified) on

I was glad azadi was packed, We have to beat S.Arabia,
I love daie but he has to put his turkbazi aside and invite karimi, so he be ready for next korea games. both N and S korea are one step closer. We havent played one single good game yet. sure we tied or won. we only played good the first 20min against kuwait. but so far we have no play maker, not even one good setup. no one who we can count on to score.
Maybe daei should get in:)


the wrong guys were used in

by football fan (not verified) on

the wrong guys were used in some positions.
korea has goo defence so the best way to penetrate into them is have someone like ali karimi who was not on the team. he should have been invited. he should be invited for the next match in korea.


I don't know why do we expect more from Iran?

by soccer fan (not verified) on

South Korea's state of football, or as we call it here in US soccer, is much more advanced than of Iran's.

They have a true professional soccer league where we Iran doesn't (I know they like to call IPL a professional league but it is not) and they have more European based players than we do.

I think this result is more than fair for Iran considering the state of our football \ soccer right now!


Ran out Gas again

by shirazie (not verified) on

we seems to surfer from lack of Fitness in Iranian based Players again.

Ali Daie needs to watch game films - Park is a scraper at United and Team Melli did not know that?!!

1. Pulling Masoud Shojae out after Iran's goal was stupid.

2. we have three good players Masoud Shojae, Javad Nekounam, and Mehdi Rahmati (2 Shirazies - of course)

3. Vahid Hashemian was ineffective, understandably due to death of his Mother (God bless her soul). Vahid needs play team at his club ( but his is 32 years old- time to retire)

all we need is a finisher. I still think we will squeeze into South Africa. but then what?

our 16 year olds team Melli looks great, so bring in the young guys now.. Look at 19 year old Pato of Brazil.

Speed and stamina beats experience in soccer anytime. I experience it every weekend (my experience losses to speed every weekend)


Dum vs Dumer

by Korean lawyer (not verified) on

Iran should have scorded at least at the 2d chances

to score with head. lack of basic skill?

Koreans was creeping until then.

I cant understand why Iran went less agressive after 30 minutes. Korean team only do long pass inefectively when pushed tight. Cuase low basic skills and pass work doesnt work with pressure.

Korean caster pointed that Iranians tired after 30 minutes, which I cant understand.

COudnt see the pass work at the Korean center.

Korean lost the mid-field, and lost the height.

Karimi's absence was good to Koreans.

Azizi and Daei, I remember.

Most Koreans basic skill is not top level, as you see. Iran should have pushed more strong.

Disappointed at both team.


There is a reason Man U. has

by LeNamak (not verified) on

There is a reason Man U. has kept (Captain) Park J.S. around for so many years. It was a bad save by the goalie, should have pushed it towards outside and not in front of the goal.

Wonder how it felt for Korean ladies to have to cover their hair...

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ali Daeii? No way do not question him.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He was a great player, but questioning him about anything is never a good idea. He's like George W. Bush. He becomes flustered and angry. I know he loves soccer and Iran, but he is terrible at delivering any kind of message. He just blames the people who ask him questions. We need to just wait and see when he will fade away. No more attention for this fool.


only soccer problem needs to be sovled

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

The country is so rosey and everone is so happy that the biggest headache of the country is our Soccer games. I DON'T THNIK SO.


if they do not win the next

by gm (not verified) on

if they do not win the next two matches while sk and nk win the next two , then the TM will be out basically and ali daei's coaching will come to end.
besides when it comes to final matches maybe sk and nk will do gav bazi to eliminate iran just like the arabs did bahrain and saudis i think.


I agree . he should not only

by alikarimisupporter (not verified) on

I agree . he should not only be questioned buy told to bring back ali karimi.
no need to carry grudges on your hamvatan.

i think kafashian and aliabadi need to think better.
the last time they had dadkan there i said that was going to be disaster and that happend.

ali daei could have invited 2-3 more players and only use them if necessary.
as you say if after 20 min they lost it, a sub would have done it.

koreans probably knew the way to create harjo marj and ruin aasaabe players.

for hasrjo marj in football, experience would be the answer, so mahdavikia and zando would have been good.

Daei needs to think as a more mature coach and not a high schoool kid.
Ali karimi can do miracles and he is still young.
damn those haj aghas who run football org.


an awful game

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Iran played well the first 20 min (1st half) then they lost it. If it wasn't for Javad Nekounam, we would've been 2-0. Ali daei should be questioned about team performance and why he didn't allow karimi to join team. Awful game.


koreans apparently had

by koreanshackfinder (not verified) on

koreans apparently had hacked the
i could not get to te site and if i did my computer continuously popped up new window. ubtil i turned on pop up blocker.