Freema Agyeman

UK actor

Wikipedia: Freema Agyeman (born Frema Agyeman on 20 March 1979) is a British actress of Ghanaian and Iranian descent who is best known for playing Martha Jones, former companion of the Tenth Doctor in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, and its spin-off series Torchwood. Freema Agyeman grew up on the Woodberry Down council estate in the London Borough of Hackney. Her mother, Azar, is Iranian and her father, Osei, is Ghanaian. They divorced when she was a child. She has a younger brother, Dominic, and an older sister, Leila.



I love Dr. Who and had no

by desi on

I love Dr. Who and had no idea she was Iranian or half Iranian or whatever.  My 1/2 Iranian son loves the show too and thinks she's a terrific mix.  

 I hope when my kid becomes an accomplished whatever, people will praise and recognize his Iranian 1/2.  I'd like to think my culture, family and language shaped his accolades and he's given the key to the Iranian club.    


Maybe we could learn from animals.

by Zookeeper (not verified) on

When a liger (offspring of a lion and a tiger) is put into an enclosure with adult lions or adult tigers, it will not be attacked. Why? Because each breed of cat recognizes the liger as one of its own.

This stands in stark contrast to the sentiments of many iroonis (not all, of course) who take cheap shots at thier half-irooni brothers and sisters.

If you ask me, I'd say those caged cats act more civilized than some of us. Wouldn't you?

Freema is one hot choice for Iranian of the Day!

Navid K

Great Choice

by Navid K on

She is  a very good actress and she is just Beautiful. 


to be or not to be iranian/persian

by bj (not verified) on

we all have to know that when CYRuS THE GREAT established persian empire he kind of put his DNA in every human being on this planet.therefore we all are persian/iranian.of course some of our neibouring countries kind of damage iranian/persian quality but there is always room for improvement.therefore i recommend look upon every human being as iranian/persian and have outmost respect for him regardless of race,nationlity and wealth.


I don't know why

by 1/4 Iranian,1/4 american,1/4 Greek,1/4 unknown (not verified) on

I don't know why everytime that trash comes out somebody that only whites are Iranians and others are not Iranians, everybody says that it comes from somebody in North America. Believe me people in other places like Iran, Germany, Greece, and even Eygypt believe white is superior. That is really sad.

My questions:

How do you figure it out that the comment is from N. America?

Did you know N. America means Canada,USA, and Mexico?

By the way,I am not begging you to consider me Iranian. As the old actor said it "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"


Here we go again! Name callings

by Benyamin on

I am surprised at those comments that call being Iranian means only full blooded Iranian. But I am equally surprised at those defending thenotion of mix race by name calling. We don`t know for certain that why someone writes something and although "A" comment may seem not favoured or even look racist, doesn`t and shouldn`t translate to racism!

I remember when I left Iran, my late grand mother who was 90 years old then told me whoever you marry, don`t marry a black girl! Now I know why she said that, she was an angel and never harmed anyone in her life and was a source of love and hope for ANYONE that knew her. The only reason she said that was because she didn`t know better. that doesn`t mean she was racist, sometimes it is simply just a matter of knowing other culturs and races more than being racist. Specially with the negative perception that most iranians remember of the old movies and even books. Just like we Iranians started to have a negative outlook by just one movie remember that movie? "NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER" I have defended myself and my culture almost everytime I dated anyone(considering I have never dated a persian girl) exactly because of that movie! Now that doesn`t make them racist but merely uninformed.

Just like my late grand mother.

Being Iranian means being inclusive and in a good way. because when we accept we accept wholly and fully and not just like some cultures that it will take them centuries(Americans) to accept others.



Lance,You do not need to be rude!

by iranian 1 (not verified) on

To make your points across you do not need to be mean and rude.It is nice to see your parents have stayed together for 35 years and I did not mean to be racist because I am not.

Mohammad Ala

Living in Iran, I have not

by Mohammad Ala on

Living in Iran, I have not seen any of her plays/shows.  Looking at her pictures, yes, she is pretty in her own way.   To me every girl or lady is pretty in her own way. 

I disagree with some of you about who is an Iranian.  To me, a person who loves (or likes) Iran and its heritage is an Iranian regardless of her or his race, the language she or he speaks, or where she or he was born.



and this is why

by ayatollah Kanee (not verified) on

Islam encourages Muslims to marry outside of their village, city, and country. Like the Persian cat when distant people marry and produce children, they become genetically better and features become more tuned into the evolutionary updates. On the other hand, the inter family marriages and inter village marriages end up with numerous problems.

Iran should open and International Seegheh Symposium in Tehran and invite women from all over the world to go to Iran to become a seegheh for a few years.


all very nice and well done

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

but what's with the dreadful music ?



by Niki on

Wow, she is beautiful. There is no blood-quotient criteria to be included in Iranian of the day (I'm talking to you "doesn'tgetit"). If you expressed other concerns at the outset, other than the fact that she is half-iranian, then maybe you wouldnt be getting the hostile response you are getting from some people.


Great Dr Who companion

by ramintork on

Ari, I liked that episode too.  Yes, we are Dr who fans!

Freema has brought a wonderful sweetness to the Dr who programs, and she is very pretty and talented. When watching Dr who with my daughter she was very excited to find that Freema is half Iranian. The Iranian kids growing up outside Iran need to have good role models.

So, I think this was a good choice for Iranian of the Day in that in our Diaspora we see the definition of being Iranian has become more multicultural.


Ari Siletz

Absolutely the best Doctor Who companion

by Ari Siletz on

Freema is a wonderful actress whose Martha Jones role sheds a lot of light on the character of the engimatic Time Lord, Doctor Who. The 2007 episode "Human Nature" stands out for me as the most emotionally gripping Doctor Who I have ever watched(yes, I've watched all of them!). In this episode, Doctor Who has forgotten who he is and lives the life of a simple school teacher around the turn of the 20th century. Martha--who knows the truth--employs herself as a maid in the same school to protect the Doctor from his enemies. She hopes that as a human the Doctor would return her romantic love for him. Instead, he falls for a white English woman, completely oblivious to Martha's devotion, intelligence and dazzling beauty. Freema's acting masterfully explores the tragedies of being invisible in a society where class and race obscure presonhood. I'm very proud of her!  


She is beautiful

by reality check (not verified) on

I am amazed with some of the comments posted here.

but i am more amazed, when some iranian put their haif japanese , haif korean daughters posted here, all people, mostly persian man, like oh look at the cutie, they all praised her, nobody even care that how she look more east asian, this is first time, i see comment made about haif children.


well the north america with

by big toilet (not verified) on

well the north america with all her greatness,defender of freedom,women rights and on and on.... it is a big toilet when it comes to RACE.well next time you see someone who do not like another race do not call him racist just call him IGNORANT.we should not tolerate any kind of prejudise or discremination. they say what goes around comes around.sooner or later no matter what or who you are it will get you. a wiseman said "a man is dignified by what he knows and learns.


let me tell ya.......:(

by habib look alike (not verified) on

come on what is the problem? she looks pretty and she has got that beautiful persian eyes!
let me tell you, if you see me in person(beh khoshgeli bedeh karam) then you wished I was half something else, heheehehe. I am sure I could barrow some nice features if my mom or dad had married to another nationality. but, it's cool and most of us (iranian khoshgele) have some other race in our blood (I'm still researching my race/nationalities, hehehehe ) like greek and so on....
my best wishes to all half/half Iranian/??.


I knew it.

by Shekarchi (not verified) on

When I first saw her on Dr. Who I remember thinking she looks somewhat Irani. She is so pretty and a good actress.


Everywhere she is considered black! those who don't accept her

by gol-dust on

1/2 iranian is most likely because of that, since she doesn't look iranian. However, if she looked white beauty, they would claim her as 100% iranian. That's so sad, but they are not the only ones. They have learned that in the US!

In the US if you are 5% black, you are black! Look at tiger wood Obama Halle Barry, Beyonce, Alicia keys etc. they are all 1/2 but people including themselves consider them black! And blacks don't accept the light ones as real black!

I have beautiful 1/2 children, so does my brother who has a gorgeous daughter, and when i put her photo on this site as an iranian of the day, i received all praises, but no talk of other half! Why? because the other half was whiter than us!

Unfortunately, human history is full of racism, however, when they look good, there is less of that! All of those who call these guys racists, do you really would want your daughters marry a black from ghana who are the so black that my nigerian friend says:"they are different than us,do you see how charcoal black they are?" Go figure!

My cousin has twins who are half black. I wondeer how they feel about all these racist attitutude! The truth is they relate more to the blackness. This girl has no name or resemblance to iranians, so people may find it difficult to call her iranian. while blacks would laugh if she claims she is not black! anyway, I think the iranian part did an excellent part to make her look good!

My test of being iranian is: does she speak persian and loves iran?



To: Iranian 1

by LanceRaheem on

When the hell did you become an expert on intercultural marriages?  My parents have been married 35 years and they aren't from the same friggin flock of birds.  You don't know what you're talking about homeboy!  You are simply another racist like doesn'tgetit

There are tens of thousands of us who are proud to be half-Iranian.  If you don't like it, too bad.  We aren't going anywhere.  In all the years that I've been alive, no American has tried to make me feel bad about being half-American, but on my Iranian side, I've had to deal with racist, prejudiced human excrement like you all my life. I glad that most of our people do not hold your filthy, pathetic ideas and attitudes.   You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  What gives you the right to think that you are superior to any of us who have loving, devoted parents from two wonderful backgrounds.  People like you are pathetic. Really, you are different from a friggin Klansman.

Dr. Maryam

I was shocked to see that you agreed with the racist statements made by some of the posters.  I would never have guessed from your previous correspondence with me that you would hold such beliefs.  

Shazde Asdola Mirza

My oh my; suddenly I have this urge for some milk choclate!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

S.A.M (an official Khar Vazir)


birds of the same flock

by iranian 1 (not verified) on

We have a proverb in Persian that is translated in English like this"birds of the same flock fly together".Not matter how affectionate and caring couples are together if they are not from same country and same race they are going to have problems like our Freema.Her parents got divorced when she was a child,but at least she made it in show business and I wish her more success.


She is awsome...

by ahvazi on

Great actress. Great choice for the Iranian of the Day.


Intresting comment Jodi k

by Benyamin on

I like your comment. It shouldnot matter if a person is half or full Iranian, you are right.

But I also have to add, that in the past 30 years we Iranians have been shunned so much so many times and in so many ways that when even a half Iranian person becomes a success story(even though for reasons other than being Iranian or half Iranian) we get excited over it!

But I do agree with you, if someone feels that she/he is Iranian or even Half Iranian and still embrace the other half fully,then that person must be accepted in our community. Iranian culture is always been about inclusive not exclusive.

So, I say, she is beautiful and I congratulate HER, not Iranian part of her, not Ghanaian part of her and not her birth place part of her, but perhaps all of them. I should also wink at her she may like .... so cheers every one I drink to that. 


Oh boy....

by doesnt'getit (not verified) on

Okay, now i see why iranians (1/2 or full) are so far behind in the race........its all becomming crystal clear. All i said, was it is NOT enough to be iranian (whatever percentage) and be called an iranian of the day. Just because you act and are Iranian we shouldn't go around crowning ourselves as "Iranian of Day". So many posts on youtube or on brag about who is 1/2 iranian, or whos father is iranian or whose mother was mugged by an iranian. Based on those very un-noteworthy things, we praise ourselves. So Half-Breed (and NO, i am not labling you that, you did that yourself), which shows us that you have a complex about who you are and are caught in a web of self-doubt. Otherwise, you would have not taken my comment in a spirit which it was NOT intended.


what is "iranian enough"??

by Jody K (not verified) on

As a half Iranian myself, i find peoples comments that half iranians shouldnt be iranians of the day very disregarding and disrespectfull. There are very few iranians making it in show biz in the west let along half iranians. So good for for freema for doing some well in show biz.

maybe should change its name to for exclusiveness to full blooded iranians? but then again how can you prove that full iranians dont have arab blood in them or indeed any other middle eastern blood in them? maybe should do a DNA test before it announces the next iranian of the day to make sure the respective person is indeed 'full' iranian? where does the argument stop...

times are moving people and there will be more mixed cultures coming together more often, just like it has through history. Lets celebrate everyone iranian, half or full blood.



by jakarta on



So 1/2 Iranians Are Worthless???

by Half-Breed & Proud of It (not verified) on

@ doesnt'getit - What's your problem with 1/2 Iranians???

If you have a shenas-nameh and an Iranian passport, that doesn't make a half-breed Iranian enough for you?

I agree that the choice was a stretch. The individual who is selected as 'Iranian of the Day' needs to be someone who has some contribution to Iranian/Persian society.

Given that many Iranians have spent over 30 years outside of Iran and have made lives in other various locations, there are more and more of us 1/2 Iranians everywhere. Get used to it!

Being 100% Iranian doesn't mean that you have the keys to the Iranian club gates and get to chose who is and is not considered an Iranian.

Maryam Hojjat

I agree!

by Maryam Hojjat on

with Saman & Doesnt'getit.  Such a ridiculous choice for Iranian of the day! 


ONLY and only

by Saman on

Only a full blooded and 100% Iranian individual can make such beautiful lady look bad by using the most OMOLLI video transitions backed with the worst BAAZAARI song ever. I beg you to stop please.


And the prize goes to????

by doesnt'getit (not verified) on

So she is named Iranian of the day, just because she is 1/2 Iranian? Are we as a people of Iran so short of accolades that we praise those who are 1/2 Iranian?