Akbar Etemad

Interview with father of Iran's nuclear technology

Dr. Etemad is the honorary co-chair of Iranians For Peace: iraniansforpeace.net. He was the president of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) between 1974 and 1978.

Interview with Dr. Akbar Etemad from Iranians For Peace on Vimeo.


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Nader Vanaki

To: hooshie

by Nader Vanaki on

You asked which god gave us the right to nuclear energy.  The same god that gave the university graduates of Iran so much talent.  You too should be proud if Iran builds a nuclear reactor on its own.  You lived through the last 8 years of tyranny right here in the US with so much deceit and lies, so I want to think on positive things like our right to nuclear technology.


For those who care to know

by Fred on

When it comes to outing the scoundrels, of all the Iranians in Diaspora only Hadi Khorsandi and precious few others have infallible track record. His web site has a piece on the Great Dr. Etemad.



To Fred

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

Dont you get tired with your baseless character assassinations? Hasbara much?

It's easy to use adhominem to paint someone negatively. Mainly because you dont know any better.


thank you Dr. Etemad

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Thank you and best regards.


Great and Educated Man!

by farrad02 on

Why should Iranians like this gentleman find themselves scattered all over the world and outside of their motherland in their retirement years?!


Which God gave us this right?

by hooshie on

Those of you who desparately try to clean Etemad from having Islamic ties by pointing out his Pahlavi connections should jog their memory, if they have any, a little and remember that there were those with much stronger links to the Pahalvis and yet they cooperated with the Islamic regime. Examples are many: Hossein Nasr to name but one. He was the Chancellor of Aryamehr University and special adjudant to Empress Farah, among other luminous positions. Now he is an Islamic scholar of choice for the Islamic regime!!

 And those of you who think Nuclear Energy is a God given right to the people of Iran I have this to say: God gave them the right to freedom of thought and belief thousands of years before giving them the right to possess the yellow cake!!

 Is it the same God as the one who gave us Freedom from tyranny?



by PersiangirlinParis (not verified) on

Ba Doroud,
Baraye ham-vatanan e gerami ke dar Paris tashrif darand, be agahi miresanam ke anjoman-e ma, eftekhar-e in ro dareh ke Aghaye Dr Etemad davat-e ma ro paziroftand, va ishun dar hamin jomeh 6 fevrier sokhan-raani darand.
Dar surate alagheh, tamas begirin ta baraye shoma neshani (file PDF) in barnameh ro az tarighe email ersal konam.
Be omide didar-e har che bishtare dustane irani dar in barnameh,
Dr Soroush
Masoule Ravabet-e Farhangi Anjoman-e Pezeshkan, Dandan-Pezeshkan va Daru-Sazan e Irani dar France


Dr Etemad is a Wise Persian Man

by Rooh e Mosadeq (not verified) on

Any violent revolution or bombing put Iran back at least 500 years and thats what these foreigners want....

We do not want to be dictated how to run our country!

We do not want a puppet Government like Karzai, Maleki, Amir e Emarat or Saudies etc!

We ,Persians, with 7000 years history of civilisation were, are and will be able to run and manage our country in the best way if the foreigners do not interfere in our affairs...

God bless true Persians and not vatanfrooshan...

Tanha dar Ahmadabad

Nader Vanaki

Eivaal va Ahsant Dr. Etemad

by Nader Vanaki on

Well said.  The man nailed it with the precision accuracy of a nuclear scientist.  Nuclear energy is our god given right and there is no point of return.

Damesh Garm va Saresh Sabz.


Sure, Fred, Akbar Etemad is an "Islamist"

by AnonymousAgha (not verified) on

Naturally enough, Aryamehr Shahanshah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi would appoint an "Islamist" as president of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran from 1974-1978. Maybe the Aryamehr was an "Islamist" too? After all, his name was Mohammad Reza, an "Islamist" name.

No matter what, the Iranian people should not and will not allow Iranian so-called "exiles" who are paid propagandists of the U.S. government to undermine the country's nuclear program, which was initiated by the Pahlavi regime beginning in the 1950s.


A decent Iranian!

by Love Iran (not verified) on

What he says makes sense. Those who advocate "saving Iran by bombing it first" should listen to this decent man. Apparently, he has been part of the past regime, but his rational reasoning has not been obscured by enmity and bigotry like many other monarchists after the fall of the shah. I don't know him well, but he sounds like a true patriot.


Atieh Bahar

by Fred on

Among the list of supporting luminaries in the new Iranians for peace, more than any other the name of Bijan Khajehpour of the Islamist republic based Atieh Bahar is very telling.