Sazegara on 16 Azar

Analysis of December 7 events



Criminal opportunist...

by Emil on

Is there anybody taking this clown Sazegara seriously ?...He is just a criminal opportunist, who when young, he jumped on the Arab Islamo Fascist regime band wagon for money and power, and now when he is seeing that the Arab Islamo Fascist regime is going down the toilet , he is jumping ship for future opportunities...


Mousavi's successor

by statira on

Mousavi should have a successor out of Iran in case something happen to him. It should be him or Shirin Ebadi, in order for the movement to have a leadership.


Dear Arash Irandoost

by masoudA on

He had a TV interview on Channel 1 sattelite TV, in which he did say he was wrong in the past, wished he had done things differently, and stepped away from the IRR just a few years after the revolt.   He also said there is no blood on his hand (at least directly) and is willing to satnd trial for all his past mistakes - and he will. 

However - as one who feels like you about all IRI elements - we must also leave the doors open to all who wish to cross the lines and stand next to us.   We just must never, ever allow them to take leadership positions in the future.   

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

he is doing good work

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

some of you people..... he really put his @ss on the line here and elsewhere, and you are still denying what he says is any good? his idea is very smart. I hope people in iran can use his ideas, which actually have potential.

so do you want the editor here and anyone else who was involved in IRI to apologize too? what happened to the value of good deeds?  


Day 2: Clashes at Tehran

by vildemose on

Day 2: Clashes at Tehran universities
08 Dec 2009 16:56No CommentsProtests
Six students arrested at Tehran University

AUT | Dec. 8, 2009

Following two days of protests and clashes with security forces at Tehran University, six students have been detained according to a student online news source.


arash Irandoost


arash Irandoost

حقیقتا ما در
دنیا ای بسیار عجیب زندگی میکنیم. سازگارا، پدر سپاه جنایتکار پاسداران،
داره به ما درس اخلاق میده كه چگونه با رژیم تروریستی مبارزه کنیم، عجب

arash Irandoost


by arash Irandoost on

Could you point me to where he has admitted his misrakes and accepted responsibilty for it?  In Islamic republic you do not become a khodi and move up unless you have killed people and shown loyalty to the regime ...has he admitted to his crimes and apologized to those families?  Sincere question!


I like him too. I know we

by vildemose on

I like him too. I know we have nothing in common as far our political views about Islam's role in politics but he is good motivating speaker.

khaleh mosheh

He is good for the Green movement

by khaleh mosheh on

Organised, focussed and passionate.

Thanks for posting. 


Iran's tri-colour flag

by vildemose on

Iran's tri-colour flag without the IRI emblem waved by the students at Khajeh Nassir university today




I like Him

by masoudA on

He is so focused on the future,   He has already accepted his responsibilities and faults of the past and is willing to stand on a trial for them.   I think using Ashura as a stage the biggest demonstration ever is a great idea - let's show IRR how to mourn for Shahids - our Shahids, Neda, Sohrab,...