Khamenei: "We are all in danger"

Khamenei piles pressure on Iran's opposition

The Guardian: Iran's most powerful cleric intensified the pressure on the country's political opposition leaders today by blaming them for the "desecration" of a portrait of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, the Islamic revolution's spiritual leader. The remarks from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, followed days of protests, claims and counter-claims over footage on state television of an alleged anti-government protester setting fire to a picture of Khomeini. "This grand desecration is the consequence of breaking the law and drawing encouragement from the foreign media," Khamenei told a gathering of clerics >>>

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: I've had it with any system that

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Interesting! Then you have had it with pretty much every system humans have come up with!

Lets see:

Islamists; capitalists; socialists; facsists; all find enemies in order to survies.They all worship some dead icon like: Imam khareh or president sageh or some other donkey out there! 

I think it is just natural people instinct to do the wrong thing. I hope after IRI we get it right. May be Just for once we do not build a screwed up system :-)

Ahmed from Bahrain

I've had it with any system that

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

a) Creates enemies (doshman) in order for it to justify its existence.

b) Where men and women are separated.

c) Where icons are made of dead men and the living are ignored.

d) Where it is stuck in ancient dogmas and avoids progress thus denying that humans are forever evolving.

e) Where there is the notion of "us" and "them".

f) Where a belief system is forced upon one instead of encouraging one to find their own self.

g) Where  a person is denied their rightful freedom of choice in the name of some man-made deity or any other such invention/illusion.

h) And finally where respect and love for the human, animal and the land is not part of that system.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Modares, Nouri, Kashani, Khomeini, Khamenei

by bachenavvab on

May our people remember our history and never again put the clergy in positions of power.  May the cancer of Islam be removed from the face of the planet once and for all.  Looking at the faces of these parasites who produce no value and live off of the petro dollars angers me to no end.  Our children are weaving in and out of Tehran's traffic trying sell some flowers to simply survive and who knows what kind of abuse they are enduring when the night falls, while what belongs to them is sustaining life styles of these leaches,  May our people rid themselves of the ignorance that is preached by these demons and arm themselves first with awareness and then with guns.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran

Down with enablers and supporters of this evil regime

Down with the inteligensia who have prostituted themselves to serve this regime

Long live peoples of Iran

The court of the people will deal with this and other criminals in due time 


Iran's top intelligence

by vildemose on

Iran's top intelligence official denounced senior clerics who he said support the country's opposition, an acknowledgment of the split in the leadership amid the postelection turmoil and a sign of growing pressure by hard-liners within the government to extend the crackdown.

The comments, reported Thursday by the state news agency IRNA, came after this week's widespread student protests, the biggest anti-government rallies in months. The unrest appears to have raised authorities' frustration that a fierce crackdown since the June election has failed to crush the opposition.

Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi spoke to a gathering of pro-government clerics in the holy city of Qom and warned that the opposition movement -- which authorities label as a foreign-backed plot to overthrow clerical rule -- extended into the country's high ranks.

"Unfortunately, based on precise intelligence, a lot of forces that were expected to defend the supreme leader instead went with those who rose against the supreme leader, he said, referring to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who stands at the top of Iran's clerical leadership.



What A Load Of Rubbish!!!!

by R2-D2 on

His days, and indeed IRI's days, are numbered :)




He knows

by masoudA on

He has no support amongst the wise.   His talent and his expertise is in fooling the fools - that is his target audience - the 5% of our population was gets fooled or is willing to act as fools for the right price.   But all aside - His Veghahat is amazing.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Oh he gets it alright and will get it !!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

He thinks he is in danger! He is right; he and the rest of them are in big  danger. The people are waking up and don't like what they see. The more they repress people the worst the reaction. My advise to them is to leave NOW and go to Chavez or whoever lets them in.

If he stays then he will get it from the people he has tortured. From the nation he betrayed and his victims. He screwed up the nation and is going to pay for it.


Simply Delusional

by mehdi2009 on

My dear fellow Iranians,I have to say that most of the posts here are very accurate in describing that the time for this Blood Sucking, murderous regime is up.The man is Simply Delusional, and he is simply listening to his closest advisors who are telling him the same nonsense that he blurted out on this ridiculous speech.

If our fellow Iranians inside Iran weren't suffering as much as I personally witnessed, I would have considered this speech very comical. However, I found it very tragic, and I am hoping that the end result would be more peaceful like Czechoslovakia 1989, rather than bloody Romania 1989. As I said before there are huge fissions and disagreements within the regime and specifically the IRGC and Bassij. The majority of their Rank and File are also suffering from massive inflation and economic hardship brought upon Iranian people by this incompetent, murderous regime.

The same pious, brain washed followers will be the ones who will bring down this murderous regime when the economic hardships in the country reach their crescendo, and that that is why this "10 Toman" Mullah is feeling the danger for himself and his cronies. 

While in Tehran last month I saw exactly 2 mullahs in the streets the whole time that I was there. They all know that the Jig is up, and therefore they are pressing and preparing their 2 and 3 piece suits along with the razor blades to shave off their ugly beards for when the time arrives. However, everyone in Iran knows who these leaches are, and they will pay handsomely for all of their crimes.

Be hopeful my fellow Iranians, the time of reckoning is fast approaching.

Salutations to All TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.





by Fatollah on

you crack me up! :)


why compare 'Gooz' with a man like Shah, the comparison is beyond any logic. The Shah, an educated man who spoke several languages, who didn't hide behind God, religion, "avam faribi" and the causes that had nothing to do with Iranian national interests! 

you are comparing 2009 vs. 1978, see how much the world has changed since then!

Or perhaps you mean by, how "khar k..." this man is? Well, you are right in that respect, no doubt !



خدایا من نمیدانم


خدایا من نمیدانم

چه معنا داره که شیطان

کند سر پیچی‌ از انسان

اگر من جای تو بودم


چه معنا داره که شیطان

رود در قالب انسان

و در یک مرکز دانش

نماز آتش دوزخ به پا دارد

دهد دستور

در زندان کهریزک

وضو گیرند و قبل از هر تجاوز یا شکنجه

سجده بگذارند

سپس با بطری و باتون

با جان دختران افتند

جوانان پسر را نیز

از این کردار شیطانی

برای لحظه ای

محروم نگذارند

ترانه دختر ناز مرا

اینگونه تحویل پدر دادند



Unholy Alliance of Motrebs and Raghaas

by ghalam-doon on

Well, the Shah was always afraid of the unholy alliance of the Reds and Blacks. And we saw the same alliance led to his demise. 

The supreme leader is talking about a new alliance: it's between millions of Motrebs and Raghaas in exile. That is his logic and that's how he sees us, people who do not subscribe to his point of view.

I'm sorry but I don't see any grasp of reality in that. In fact, the Shah had a better understaning of his enemies. 

Perhaps if I was one of the many who were sitting in that audience and had been brainwashed at the hozeh all my adult life, I would have "thought" otherwise.


خفه شید. مطربهای رقاص


شما را چه به این غلطها. دیدید که آقا گفت که ایرانیهای خارج از کشور یک مشت مطرب قاص هستند. با بیش از چهار میلیون مطرب رقاص تا چندی دیگر عجب قر و قمبیله ای بدهیم


in Hell...

by Emil on

His ass is in of him would join soon...


His logic can be truned back at him

by Abarmard on

One can argue against him based on the exact logic that he uses. For example one can ask back: Why don't you calm down? Why don't you listen to people? etc.

Sadly, similar to Shah time, no one can question him, however I have to make a point that his grasp of reality is a bit higher than 1979 Shah and his advisors.


I sense a new panic in coup

by vildemose on

I sense a new panic in coup government's ranks

This brutal stage of savagery  was predicted, and it is now upon us.


Yes you killers are indeed in danger.

by پیام on

And don't worry ali geda jan, we will get what we are after.


The Moron does not get it

by mahmoudg on

His time is up and he/they still dont get it.  The hatred for his mullah Khomeini is deep rooted and will ultimatley bring the regime down.He has forgotten, these are the same tactics that brought down the Shah and he thinks he is somehow immune from them.  how history repeats itself.