IRI loyalists

What's left of the regime's supporters voice their views on state TV


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Dec 05, 2012
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Dec 05, 2012
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Dec 04, 2012
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character analysis

by mannya2001 on

1st lady i would AVOID at all costs

2nd guy, I would love to have him along in my long trip, so he can talk and talk while i just listen and and lively guy indeed

3rd guy, I would trust him with my money

4th lady, I would like as wife, both cute and yet traditional-atleast my kids will grow up right

5th lady, I would love to visit and hear all that happened in town in last  4 years as I sip on my tea with relax my legs and lay on a pillow sideways.  She earns my BEST BIASED YET RELIABLE SOURCE OF NEWS award

khaleh mosheh

You may in luck Kareem Khan

by khaleh mosheh on

I have it from good authority that the second female interviewee is Mojtaba Khamenie's bit of fluff but on numerous occasions she has been overheard that

 مجتبا هم هیچ غلطی نمیتونه بکنه.




One hot Fati commando

by Kareem on

Am I the only one who is totally aroused by the second woman interviewed??


If they don't go to the rally, they would be reported by spies

by obama on

in the neighborhood! Don't be surprised to see some of the protestors here. We have become like N. Korea!

It is a shame that we are mixing our religious figure with this regime. They use it only to retain power! shame on them! I had never heard Larijani to emphasize the title of Hossein so much (like: aalaahazrat shahanshah aryamehr, bozorg arteshdaran...)in order to make people think that the protestors have insulted hossein and islam, not the regime! Real ZEERAK politiican!

Separation of religion and politics is a must!

Emil, Please don't insult the religious figures! Nobody insults your Jewish figures like moses! Ignorant comments like yours is exactly what the regime wants to hear so they can label the protestors as anti islam and agents of Israel! So please don't ruin it for us!



Ashora for dummies...

by Emil on

Even retarded Imam Hossain would have been embarrassed for having such imbecile supports.

The second girl interviewed is a pretty, she looks like more qualified to be on the green side than black... 


Did you know?

by alipournourbakhsh on

ما اولین ملتی هستیم که قاتلین اجدادمان را عاشقانه دوست داریم



by jasonrobardas on

   These folks remind you of  ( Shaban Bimokh) who was also another uneducated , opportunistic low class son of a bitch . 

     It shows you that unfortunately  there are always Shaban bimokhs in all eras of history . The one who kissed Shah's ass ( Vatan Forooshe saltanati ) died and went to hell . The eslamic thugs too will have the same destiny .



by Arthimis on

These interviews on this clip seem to be fake and fabricated to some extent...It is yet another desparate attempt by Evil I.R. to prove their lost points with such garbage and non-sense... However, There are still many people in Iran that are extremely un-educated and ignorant!!!

These people know that should the regime change, they have no more financial and psychological securities and supports any longer in the way they had with the Islamic Republic's in the past 30 years... They have grown like useless weeds and learnt nothing positive, practical and proper during this Islamic crap in Iran. They feel very weak and hopeless... 

They know (or should know) in a future democratic and advanced Iran with so much lack of education/ ignorance mixed will psychotic thoughts and behavior, there is no room for imaginary saviours such as Emam Hussein, Emam Zaman and Islamic Republics... These people our fearing their own doubts, insecurities and disabilities to somehow function in a democratic and advance society.. They are fearful of finally joining the 21st century and its requirements to live a decent life!!!

Unfortunately, they know they would have to go back becoming the servants of the rich and more advanced people (who mostly are not fair people...) until they can educate and update themselves to live a better life... And of course we know,they wont do that!!! They want the easy money, live with their religious hallucinations and receive the support from the I.R. system!!!

They are so hopeless and see themselves so low in this world that they would probably sell their souls to the devil (Khamenei and Co.) and give their miserable lives for the Islamic Republic and all the other bull-shit associated with it to live further as ignorants and cowards.


As the rishoo guy said,

by statira on

Har kee ba Hossein( ? Mir Hossein) dar oftad, varoftad!


payam s

The guys were just having fun!

by payam s on

The young guys at the back, and perhaps the ones commenting, were probably paid to be there. They were constantly laughing and joking around. They were not serious at all. I actually enjoyed watching them make a joke out of the whole thing. "Ay val dadaash Ay val." It was funny.

Wyatt Earp

Go live in Karbala

by Wyatt Earp on

1. You speak of Imam Hussein being all mighty and powerful, why the f--k didn't he help Iranian fighting Saddam for 8-year in his own turf?

2. Perhaps you should consider relocating to Karbala and live near your Imam Hussein.  You belong there, you Arab Lover Morons.

Babak Khorramdin

خواهران زینب

Babak Khorramdin

خواهران زینب ولایت وقیح عشقند چه سبیل ریشو صفا دادندجلو دوربین ای ول ای ول

Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave



The concept of insulting arabs long gone

by Cost-of-Progress on

funny, isn't it? The so called government kills its own people with no regards to anything, but talking against some arab guy who died at the hand of his own people 1400 years ago is taboo.....

We Iranians are a fu**ked up bunch......

Kaaseye daagh tar az aash... 





I like to "toheen" be emam hossein

by mahmoudg on

Imam Hossein was a stupid illegitimate child.  Now, l shall await the wrath of god of Islam to hit me. mordeyeh emam hoseein ham heech ghalatee nemeetooneh bokoneh. Now lets have it, where is the bolt of lightning!!!!!!!


I like...

by Rashti on

I like minute 5:11......what a face!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

ایول، ایول رو عشق است - لوطی!

Shazde Asdola Mirza


دقیقه ۴:۲۰ - عجب "حزبلایی" ناز نازیه، این یکی‌!  منم رفتم واسه اسم نویسی تو بسیج.

لوطی، خیلی‌ جیگر می‌خواد آدم بیاد تو روی جمهوری اسلامی اینطوری صحبت کنه.