Iran, Unfinished Dream

Shocking documentary about poverty, child labor and addiction

A report by Majid Mahichi. Four parts available:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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I heard my heart breaking.....

by Solitude on

Very painful to watch... I wish there was some way that I could help them out... I mean not just those few, all of those kids who don't even have a dream!  


Genetic problem..

by Emil on

I think the problem with Iranians is matter who is in power, Shah or Akhond,  they all turn into bunch of corrupted criminal thieves with no sense of morals and conscious...


god bless reza shah's soul.....

by shushtari on

the pahlavis with all their problems.....actually spent iran's money to modernize iran....

our country is floating on oil, and bache akhoonds are raping our country's wealth by funneling billions to accounts in swiss and given hundreds of billions to arab terrorists....

and our poor children have to beg for money....breaks my heart


add this to the long list of sins of the akhoonds.....

hell can't wait 


Little 2 yo girl in Part 3- so cute

by mannya2001 on

That little girl in beginning of part 3, I am willing to support her.  If anyone has means of contacting the family , I am willing to make a donation of $ 10,000.



Payam, what racism? you mean class? it impacts most!

by obama on

regardless of race, color etc.


Welcome to Hell called Islamic Paradise!

by Khar on

The boy Milaad in the first video with his comment about not having any toys with those innocent and deprived eyes put my heart and soul on fire!

payam s

Some truth at last!

by payam s on

This is exactly what the problem in Iran is. From these videos you can get an understanding of the nature of poverty in Iran and the level of racism that exists. Almost all of the individuals in the slums were people from outside of Tehran who have migrated to the city to cater the desires of the rich fat people. Not only the mullahs, we have alot of non-clerical rich folks who benefit from the status quo; from the misery of these children. Their only problem being the hejab, and too many dirty poor people. I'm sure they don't mind poor prostitutes who they can take advantage of niether. Thats for the rich men of course, but the rich women love this situation too since they can sit on their fat (or plastic surgeried) ass and have that same poor woman clean, cook, and raise their children. And yes, it is aboslutely correct that the US has a lot of poor people, and again you see the racism here as well with most of the poor, jailed, and oppressed being blacks and latinos.

And agha Mahmoudg jon, what are you smoking brotha? "America never purports to be the savior of mankind on Earth"? or better yet, what planet you been livin on my man. The last I heard, the US was spreading "democracy" and free-trade imperialism to Iraq and Afghanistan. Before that, Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Colombia 1948, Panama Granada Ecuador Nicaragua Argentina Korea Vietnam in 70s, 80s, and 90s. Venezuela 2002 (tried but failed) etc. US failed as well. There is not much difference between Iran and US as far as economics is concerned, they are both capitalist exploiters, one with Ammameh o ghabaa with Islamic fundamentalism , the other with a suit and a tie with free-trade fundamentalism . In the US we have the same afghani "namaki" who collects salt and dry bread in Iran collecting cans and bottles from the trash, except that they are poor Mexicans.


"eenja tehrane bache shookhi nistesh,

khabari az golo bastani e choobi nistesh" -Hichkas





by Fatollah on

aslan, USA mardom gooh mikhoran! what's your excuse?


Iran's failed plan

by mahmoudg on

This is the Iran of the Islamic Republic, a failed state, which has nothing to live for but the arrival of Mahdi.  Iran has failed under the Islamic governance.  Furthermore, America never purports to be the savior of mankind on Earth.  It never came to power to be the salvation of souls or bring poverty to an end.  Islamic Republic did and failed.  So its time is up and should be removed.


False propaganda

by jasonrobardas on



     WE DO NOT HAVE POVERTY IN IRAN . WE HAVE ( HOKUMATE ALI) IN IRAN .EVERYONE IS EQUALLY WEALTHY . AND EVERYONE IS HAPPY AND EVERY.................................................................................


kolam, man khaly maham,

by zebel20 on

kolam, man khaly maham, angad maham ke goleh peyazam,

in bache hayeh mazlomo fagir e iran am, had e agal, chand ta as in bache sosola o bache poldarayeh iran ke to maclaren slr o lamborghini koft o zahremarayeh ke to e street a verash medan, man motmaen am metonan sir konan, 

+ amrica ageh lotf koneh ingadr zor nageh maro tahrim nakoneh, dolatam metone komak koneh


what a great title? Are

by zebel20 on

what a great title?

Are Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Determined to Make Iran a Pariah?

the answer to your question is very simple? No, iran have and will have far more relation and intraction with other nations with mutual respect than america

on the contray you should ask the same question about america, who likes america anyways....,  perhaps european's i doubt it.

you see it really does bother me when poeple say

ohhhhh there is poverty in iran, i would say there is more poverty in america,

ooooooohhhhh there is drug problem in iran, i would say there is more in america


ohhhhhhhhh there is prostituition in iran, i would say there is more in america


i could go on, but why don you, beside whatever problem you might say  iran has, i would compare it to america, and trust me, they are far worse.

so have a good day.  



zebel20: You're comparing

by vildemose on

zebel20: You're comparing the most "benevolent, just and holy" government on earth run by agents of God herself with the "satanic America"??

You're too zebel for your own good! :-)


Mrs. Ahmaginejad should watch it

by statira on

But anee ahmaghinejad lectures for poverty in Palestine and boasts about the great economic plans in Iran. Who do we have to believe?


Question of choices

by MRX1 on

Either you spend the money on social issues and trying to do the best for the poor of your country or you send the money to Gaza, palestine, lebonon, sudan, personal accounts in canada or switzerland and you live with the consequences. I guess this is what po IRI folks call economic indepence.



by Princess on

Badbakhti keh yeki dotaa neest, haalaa motaadee-yam shodeh ye vabaa oftadeh beh joone oon mamlekat.

As the population is withdrawing from one opiate (religion) they are taking refuge in another. Such a pity, such a waste of potential for Iran. 



shocking i suppose

by zebel20 on

there is more poverty in america and thats supposed to be a first world country, and they claim to be the richest country too.