Hossein the Christian

Baptised by Iranian Christians in Greece

Part 2 is more interesting. Forward to 2:00 where they start singing:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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by divaneh on

Well said Fatollah. I also think little Abol yek Cheshm talks too much and he is probabaly the least sophisticated in this site.


H'emmar koochooloo

by Fatollah on

yes you Noche Ghazanfar! 

I know a few Iranians living in Iran who became Christians years ago! they still live in Iran! So shove your refugee analysis up in your arse!

p/s what did your mamma had to do to acquire that green card ?



obama is right

by nojanthegreat on

Especially on the refugee thing. 100 % of Iranian who change their religion to Christianity are refugee seeker. Losers who don’t have any other capability so they chose this. I think Moslems didn’t lose anything but gain some. This idiots are no longer called Muslim. That great.

They are evangelical church who look for this nuts in the middle east who will sell their countries and families to became resident of western countries. I think sheep is too complimentary for this crowds. They are more like rats .


Bright/Dark side...

by Emil on

Bright side = One less Muslim ...

Dark side = it is a choice between the worst (Islam) and the worse  (Christianity or any other religions)...




by Iran_e_abad on

Slow down my friend. Your words are full of anger and hate. Just calm down and read your statements on emore time. Whatever reason he has had to convert to any religion,  is his choice. Calling people sheep is neither polite nor appropriate. You are proud of Islam and you want to live as a Muslim!  fine. However try to be more tolereant about other views that are not necessarily aligned with yours. Believe me, on the judgement day, you will not be judged based upon other people's right or wrong doings. Tolerance and respect is the key. Can you?


Confused Gharbzadeha! Result of mixing religion w/politics!

by obama on

These guys are so pissed at IRI for pushing the religion down their throats that they not only protest on the streets, they protest by becoming christian. Just going under water doesn't make you christian! well, I guess that's good enough for the ignorants!

They don't know they are just like sheep and they would be used by some smart guys on top again. Divide and conquer part 2! West would love to see more of this non sense!

Why is he filming this? Is it because he wants to use it when he applies for religious refugee in Austria?

The worse part is that they never learned anything about islam, and they know much less about christianity. What's wrong with zartoshti? What's wrong with not belonging to any? Can't they think for themselves?


Dear Yolanda...Banafsheh jaan

by میرزاقشمشم on

I don't know who tells you those horrible stories about my beloved homeland, my dear. I have to be very careful with my choice of words here. You see, as long as he remains "circumcised", the government won't bother him whatsoever. There are some people, I should say, who choose to undergo a rather simple cosmetic operation in order to add a little piece to that "thing", just to feel fully blended in with the crowd when they sit in the pew; those people will definitely get into trouble at the airport especially if they land at Ghazvin airport.

parham palang

i think i heard him say "

by parham palang on

i think i heard him say " toro khoda tu hot tub mana babtize bokon amoo", lol



by yolanda on



Is it just me, or did he say that?

by Kareem on

I think I heard him say " Ya Abolfazl this water is cold..".

(Didn't he?)




The Phantom Of The Opera

You never know, he might walk on water...some day

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

As long as he goes into water on his own free will and, he does not try to drag any other human being into water either by physical force or, psychological persuasion, his choice of belief system can and, in my opinion, should be welcomed among us.

The Pahlavis and all mullahs must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

از چاله به چاه خود اندازی دیگر چه صیغه باشد که ایرانی‌ آن را سرمشق خود قرار دهد !!؟؟  زرتشت و اسلام کافی‌ نبودند و ناقص  ؟!!! مگر چه دارد یک خدا پرستی‌ ساده ؟

البته ما چه میدانیم !!! آزادی غیر از این نباشد که کمتر نیست ...



stupid is as stupid does

by cyclicforward on

If in 21 century you are still after your imaginary god, then I am very sorry for you and you deserve what you get in process.



Ali P.

Rightfully or wrongfully...

by Ali P. on

I believe most people cannot live without a God, and without a religion.

Not now, not ever.

Let's all fight for a society, where religion would be a personal matter, and anyone can choose their faith , or choose to live without one.


Ali P.


Ghorme Khan.....

by UnitedIran on

Now come on......you can do better than that. Just the fact agha Hossein got to excersize his freedom of choice and to believe in the God of his choosing should be a cause celeb for you. At least his "God", however new to him, is God of mercy, forgivness and love......not "lets blow them all up" as it is thought by our latest leaders!!

Don't you wish someday you could have that much freedom in our own country!?!?!

parham palang

khak tu sarat bokonan

by parham palang on

khoob gofti fatollah, lol


huh ?

by Fatollah on

az chah bia biroon biyoft to darr-e ...  


khoda hameye mazhabi ha ro

by Suomynona on

khoda hameye mazhabi ha ro shafa bedeh :-)


We all need to Sanctify ourselves...

by Arthimis on

From all religions that wrong us... And even those that force us to NOT question ourselves as simple human beings...

All we need is simple Truth, Reality, Love , Peace and Consciousness...

PS. Still Hussein?! That is strange ...




by yolanda on