Basij defector

Militia member tells all

Channel 4 News: A defecting member of the infamous Basij militia, the men who wounded and killed in the aftermath of the Iran elections in the summer, talks to Lindsey Hilsum about what he witnessed. "I've lost my world and I've lost my religion" - the words of a former Iranian Basij militia member who says he witnessed killings and tried to stop rapes during the uprising that followed the disputed Presidential election in June >>>

Conefessions, part 1:

Conefessions, part 2:


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More hoaxes for waffen SS propagandist

by Fair on

How about this Major?




Majid Tavakoli was taken from in front of the university for giving a speech. He has not been heard of since, and all attempts at contacting him have been blocked.

Is this a hoax too? Is Majid's arrest done legally, has he been officially charged with a crime, is he given access to a lawyer, and are his prison conditions observable? In the Islamic republic, is it permissible to give a speech at a university?

Hint: NO

How long will you defend fascism? Which country are you going to blame this one on?

Shame on you fascist SS Major.




Is this a hoax too, SS Major?

by Fair on

This is the representative of the Islamic Fuehrer in Bonyad-e-shahid saying kill the leaders of the oppositions:


is he an opportunist also? Is this an Israeli or American or British plot also?

No, this is the regime speaking itself, loud and clear. And no apologist like you can change that.

You also didn't respond to the IRGC statement openly threatening the protestors and publicly stating their direct role in the crackdown despite your attempt to misinform everybody here and say IRGC wasn't involved.

You see waffen SS major, before you worry about "hoaxes" from opposition people and try to discredit what they say and pretend like none of this bad stuff happens, you need to worry about your dear mullahs themselves who put their feet in their mouth everyday, openly stating their barbarism and how uncivilized they are. How are you going to justify your regime's own statements?

So wake up, there is no denying this criminal regime's nature anymore. The cat left the bag a long time ago, and you or no other professional liar are not capable of putting it back in. Resisting the truth is futile.

Stand with your people. Have honor. Be a soldier not a criminal.




Yeah Right

by Fair on

Everytime someone says something that exposes the regime, it is a hoax. When someone gets raped and burned to death like Taraneh Mousavi, you claim it is not real.

But when the regime claims within hours of and election (when some polls had not even closed) that AN has won the election, and the Islamic Fuehrer says the result is divine, it is real. (talk about "creative" and "convenient".

Like I said waffen ss major, it is very simple for the regime to disprove such "hoaxes" if they are indeed so. It is very simple for them to open up the ballot boxes and records for all to see the results as indisputable. The mere fact that they don't and apologists like you are out there to just accuse the opposition without any proof of being hoaxes says volumes.

Tell me waffen ss major, if a person from the Basij defected and spoke out, would they have any reason to fear identifying and showing their name and face? Honestly tell the readers here whether such a person would be safe. Whenever you can say that, then you can question why this person or any such person does what they do the way they do. Until then, you have no ground to stand on.

So I have a very good grip on myself, and I sleep well at night. I have always stood and will always stand with my people- the same people whose oppression you support. The same people that your AN calls "dust and dirt" and you call "a vocal minority". As if that justifies gang raping them in large numbers.

Shame on you for standing with the fascists and rapists, and being an accessory to the rape, murder, torture, and maiming of your own people. You are a disgrace to our nation, and the biggest obstacle to democracy in our country, many times bigger than MI6, CIA, Russia, Britain, and the US ever were.



Sargord Pirouz

Fair, get a grip on yourself

by Sargord Pirouz on

This is a textbook case of a compliant false confession, based on reward. The man is a visa/asylum seeker. How many stories for visa/asylum seekers are there? So this one's more opportunist than the next. The problem is it's overly creative and too convenient. 

If your own hate and ill will compels you to fall for this hoax, so be it. No doubt you felt the same way over the Taraneh Mousavi story.



Dear Fair You have given this Thug way too much Credit

by mehdi2009 on

Dear Fair,

You have given this THUG and his Disgusting Lot way too much credit. The REAL officers and soldiers of the Iranian Armed forces are either dead from that horrendous war, disabled or too ashamed. The others have either been purged, resigned or retired.

Thugs and low lives like this APOLOGIST are the ones who are the REAL COWARDS who spew garbage without any credible rhyme or Reason.

They also know too well that the DAY OF RECKONING is VERY CLOSE. Otherwise the man (brain washed child actually) speaking in the news report would not have high tailed out of Iran and defected to the West.

Believe me when I tell you that People inside Iran HATE THIS MURDEROUS REGIME, and also Their massive 10% remaining support is eroding by the minutes if not seconds.

Salutations to All The TRUE Son and Daughters of Iran.



Waffen SS Major defends rapists again

by Fair on

You are pathetic indeed. A law enforcement "professional" to verify the man's stories? The Iranian embassy itself refused comment on this. Why? Why could not they have come forward and shown indisputable proof that this man is a fake and none of this happened? Which investigation can you point to that openly, transparently, and unequivocally proves that your Islamic system is innocent of such offences, despite the many who have come forward and spoken of their ordeals?

You have lied before many times trying to whitewash crimes of your fascist regime that you defend. You have stood there defending rape, torture, and oppression of innocent Iranians. You have had the gall to state that IRGC was not involved in the crackdown, even when the IRGC itself says on state TV that they are involved:


Instead of you standing and defending criminals, stand with your people. The girls they are raping in prisons are no different than your sister and your mother. Where is your gheirat? Where is your honor? What kind of soldier are you?

I will tell you what kind of soldier you are. A COWARD. A FASCIST. One who stands and defends torturers and rapists of his own people.

Shame on you. You have no honor, and are not a warrior. You are a common criminal dressed in a sacred uniform (unless it is an IRGC one).







by darius on

Am I  getting the impression, if you commit crime , rape and torture you head West and ask for protection?I guess next Cable shows will be

all these Basijiis and Pasdars and scientist covering their faces and telling us the facts and the thing we knew long time ago!

Couldn't he simply resign and stay home and  try to heal his soul by joining the opposition?Isn't this sending a wrong message saying

heading West is th eonly way to redeem your guilty soul?





Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Wouldn't any one with

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

There are a lot of cowards out there. It is easy to be a bully when it is safe. But it is hard to admit fault and accept open repercussions.

That does not mean the person is not regretting it. In this case the regret may be just reading the "writing on the wall". They know the regime is nearing breakdown. So the rats are jumping ship. The irony is that we need the rats to jump ship to make the transition as painless and blood free as possible. If these guys feel they will be severly prosecuted then they are likely to stick with the Mullahs until the bitter end. But if they feel they have a place post IRI they will not be so likely to resist. 

The issue is: what is the best approach to change? I rather see as few people hurt as possible. Major defections from the Basijis will mean that. On the other hand if they stick with IRI then there may be a civil war which is bad for all.


Wouldn't any one with

by Bavafa on

Wouldn't any one with conscience first not submit himself/herself to such organization knowing that all the training they had received in advance was meant to commit crimes against people.

And wouldn't be even more conscience able to show your face, name names even if that means that some harm may come to you (as you have brought to others) just to give your story more credibility and meat and with the hopes that justice may is brought to those (Haji) responsible a bit sooner.

I am not by any means disputing the crimes that has taken place in Iran by Basiij and company, I am just saying that I don't think he is really feeling the "shame" that he is talking about otherwise he would have been more brave back then and specially now to do the right thing.



VPK jan

by HollyUSA on

You say  "A grown man may do many stupid things and at some point realize it and change." 

Like you mention yourself later in the comment, if he stole or drove through a toll road without paying or cheated on his wife even (yes even that) I would agree, but systematic rape, torture and murder of innocent people?????? Nope sorry. I could search deep in my soul for ever and a day and I'd find no 'welcoming gestures' for that I'm sure!And what makes it even worse is that these people claim to be God loving creatures. 'Makes me ILL!

I am VERY happy to see defection within the regime. I just niether see this as real defection nor repent. If he was truly sorry he would stay, go underground and help the cause or those he helped harm in the past. If it meant he would give his life for it, then so be it. That's the least he could do at this juncture. With the inside knowledge he claims to have he would be a lot more useful there than sitting with foreign media. Saving his own sorry behind and not showing his face? Not quite so redeeming in my view, sorry. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Never too late to repent

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are absolutely right. There is always time to become a better person. As for his guilty conscience the best cure for it is to help reverse the harm. If a  Basiji were to switch sides and help kick out the Mullas that would go a long way. 

After the fall of the Shah the Islamists went on the revenge spree. I recently read a book with graphic pictures of the Artesh leaders after the Islamists were done with them. It made me sick and I have a strong stomach. The next government should not follow in that path. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: What a load of crap

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Holly Jan,

I respect your demand for justice. However I think it is possible for people to change. A grown man may do many stupid things and at some point realize it and change. We should be welcoming of those who want to change. Realistically we need them. We in the west do not have to muscle to force a change in Iran. Real change will only happen from inside Iran.  The fact that there is defection  within the Basijis ranks is a good thing. I would encourage it.

As for trial I think that is legitimate. However all of a person's actions should be taken into account. Some crimes such as Murder and Rape may never be forgiven But lesser crimes : stealing and cheating should be forgiven in return for helping kick out the Mullahs.


As much as I detest him and his actions..

by bachenavvab on

This video is of great value as it is a confirmation of an insider for all that has been claimed by the people.  Regardless of his previous actions, he is serving the movement. Hopefully his peers will see the light and follow his lead.


Apologists maybe should have interogated him!!!!!!!

by mehdi2009 on

My dear fellow Iranians,

The apologists in this site, whom most of them have not been in Iran recently talk a great deal with their heads in the sand. If you have not been in Iran recently and talked with the people in the streets of Tehran, (and no I am not talking about North Tehran and Shahrak-e Gharb, but South of the City and rah Ahan) then you have no business to question the veracity of this man's (child) statements.

If anyone changing is their Tunes on a daily basis, it is the Murderous Mullah's regime. While in Iran I spoke with many of my old friends whom are still working for this Murderous regime and have high posts whom to put it very mildly complained about the current situation brought upon the country by the Thuggish regime. However, I mentioned to them that they were the ones that have helped these Thugs to stay in power for so long. Without Exception everybody said that they were brain washed by the mullahs, and once they were in position of power, they were drunk with it and could go not go back (I know, the lamest excuse ever).

There are a great deal of RANK and FILE Bassijis and IRGC (Pasdaran) who are very uncomfortable and Down Right scared with the murderous Regimes Criminal acts being commited in their name.

Therefore, my dear Murderous Regime's Apologists before you open your mouth and spew garbage just like your Masters, please do some research, and maybe then your mind may become a little more open (I seriously doubt it).

Salutation to the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.


Sargord Pirouz

Confessions of Mr. Everywhere and Everything

by Sargord Pirouz on

So let me get this straight. This fellow was:

a) included in the conspiracy to commit fraud during the election.

b) present at hospitals.

c) present inside prisons to witness rapes. 

So he's seen it all, and is here to confess to everything! How convenient. 

Members of law enforcement are familiar with this type of phenomenon. It's either a voluntary or compliant false confession.

Rather than a journalist interviewing this man, a law enforcement professional should have been brought forward to verify this man's stories. It would have spared us the hoax. Same goes for Dr. Hejazi.

Maryam Hojjat

Poor Guy Besijis

by Maryam Hojjat on

are from naive young villagers who can be brainwashed very easily.

P.S. thanks GS for these excellent video to inform others.

Payandeh IRAN & IRANIANs


According to AN and ali geda's supportes on this site....

by پیام on

... this guy will probabely be labeled as a esraili spy.


What a load of crap

by HollyUSA on

A grown man commits all these horrendous acts over and over for months and only now questions it? And what exactly brings about this sudden awakening of his supposed conscience?  Brainwashed MY A** If the future of the IRI didn't look so bleak he'd be there doing the same thing today. He was likely identified and in danger so he fled.

He needs to go back and stand trial. Each and every one like him should be tried and punished. Ignorance is no excuse to rape and murder. Since they are so good at 'dastoor' gereftan the families of those they raped and tortured will likely have a few dastoors of their own for them!


Never too late to repent

by Princess on

Good for him, for having the courage to step forward, admit he'd been misled and expose the heinous crimes committed in the name of God and religion. I hope others will be encouraged by his example.

His guilty conscience is the worst punishment. I hope his uses the courage and the guilt to give his life a new meaning and direction.



What Conscience???

by KouroshS on

If His Guilty conscience had anything to do with this why coming clean faaaaaaaaaaaar from where the IRI can not get its hands on him? He was in much better position to speak up than an ordinary citizen.

I don't buy the "they were brainwashed" excuse. No one, and i mean no one can commit the act of brainwashing on anyone unless one chooses to be victimzed. It should not be that hard for someone to recognize that Freaking "agha" can not be a replacement and manifestation of any supposedly holy figure on earth!!!

gitdoun ver.2.0

Basij=Thick in the Head

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

basij are a kind of people that are so utterly brainwashed that they either need to SEE the oppression with their own two eyes OR someone in their family needs to be killed or imprisoned for them to finally WAKE UP !!! And so when he saw the horrendous and wicked deeds up front with his own two eyes his world and religion of Wilayat Faqhi began to crumble.  I hope more cult members defect and embrace the fold of humanity.

Niloufar Parsi

so shocking

by Niloufar Parsi on

i really hope you are right JJ. the sooner the better...

thanks for posting GS.


Evil Islamic Republic,

by Arthimis on

Your Evil days are numbered in Iran. Iranians/Persians will defeat you very soon.

Either kill yourselves now or You will die in prisons, in Free Democratic Republic Of Iran by next year!

Iran and True Iranians/Persians will be Victorious against Evil Islamic Rapaists. It is not matter of If, It's matter of when... !!!


So sad! How this regime kills people's spirits & more!

by obama on

Hell is waiting for this regime! ZOLM DAVAAM NADAAREH! I totally sympathyze with this man! The regime has brain washed them. In the name of religion, not preserving their grip on power, they mislead these innocent souls for their own goods! You can never trust the mollah regime!

This is the danger with ruling through the religion. You destroy people's beliefs when they see all the injustice done in the name of religion. You cannot fool them for ever! They have awakened!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

This man will not be the only one to come forward. There will be many others whose conscience will force them to reveal all the horrendous acts committed against peaceful protesters. And all the lies, cheating, and deception to protect a rotten theocracy.

These voices will be heard in Iran through the internet and satellite broadcasts. More basijis will be shamed. Protests will spread further. Not even almighty god can save this hollow and detested Islamic Republic.