Ali Larijani

Majles Speaker says protesters have waged war with "God and his representative"

Press TV: Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has denounced Sunday's anti-government protests in Tehran, urging punishment for "desecrators" of the day of Ashura. Condemning the protests, Larijani on Tuesday called for the "most severe punishment" for "desecrators" of the day. "Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) calls on officials at the Interior and Intelligence Ministries and the Judiciary to arrest the desecrators of the religion and to administer without discretion the most severe punishment for these anti-government individuals." In a symbolic move, Iranian lawmakers also staged a march at the legislative body in condemnation of the Ashura protests.


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حکومت ملی‌


حکومت دینی تمام


Be omide Roozi keh

by statira on

Akseh mordeh Ali Artaxerxes Larijani va baradarasho toyeh safheh aval Roznameha bebineem.


Killing & ruling + $$$$ in the name of religion! How convenient!

by obama on

These people destroyed Islam! Islam is a weapon that they use to fight their enemies so they can stay in power! If Hossein was alive, he would have killed these bastards himself!

They don't say that people are opposing them and their rule; they say people oppose Hossein and islam!!! LOL.  Do they really think that these educated and not educated people are that stupid? Do they have any shame?

Of course, they are trying to protect their own interests! They are that desperate that they walk out on the street, since no one else would do that! They thought they can get some pious join them, but hardly anyone did. Nobody even approached them to get an autograph! Very desperate indeed.

All they say is kill anyone who opposes us (Islam). GHATELA YE BISHARAF! They should all be hanged!

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

This majles including its two-legged Gav members

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

should be bombed into pieces! Where are the suicide bombers when you need them?


Speaker's of who's house ....

by sam jade on

یک مشت مفتخور  دستمال ابریشمی بدست ، که برای بقای موقعیت خودشان به هر بی‌ ابرویی تن  در میدند

در این سخنرانی‌ یک دفعه هم اسم ایران یا "به خاطر ایران" برده نشد ،

اهل بیت کیست ، امام حسین  که مرده ، روز عاشورا که روز درآمد ملاها بود خراب شده؟؟

اینها نماینده کدام مردم هستند ، یعنی حتا یک نفر از اینها ، نماینده این افرادی که در خیابانها

تظاهرات کردند نیست؟؟؟ به یزدان که گر ما خرد داشتیم کجا این سر انجام بد داشتیم

سیاه بازی چاچول بازی تا کجا؟

خودشان میبرند و میدوزند ، راه  حل  یک نماینده هم این بود  بگیرید زندان کنید اشد مجازات

تا مردم بترسند ؟؟ وحشت کنند ، این هم شد راه حل!!!


Larijani your Day of Judgment is near!

by Khar on

Stay Tuned.....

Neda ye Iran e Azad

ترجمه حرفهای حضرت آقا

Neda ye Iran e Azad

همه ما در مقابل امام زمان خجل هستیم که ملت، خودشان را زیر چرخ ماشینهای نیروی انتظامی انداختند ، که سر به باتومهای عاشورایی ما کوفتند، جلوی گلوله های حسینی ما سپر شدند و تصور کردند اینجا کربلاست که هر غلطی دلشان خواست بکنند. ما با شعار غذا غذا امروز روز غذاست امروز زرشک پلو و ساندیس همه مهیاست امروز در مقابل این اقدام شما قیام انقلابی میکنیم و با تامین وسایل رفت و آمد و وعده و تهدید عده ای آدم گرسنه و بیکار را گرد هم می آوریم تا از حیثیت امام زمان دفاع کنند.


سبز سبز تا بهار

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"following Hossein's example in making a stand against Tyranny"

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Well said Gitdoun - god bless iran.


Latest news indicate as he b.s.ed some of his family left Iran

by Hovakhshatare on

For Canada. When I put the initial link on Shfteh's blog, my point was same as that made by several of you. This wreaks of fear and desperation more than anything else.

Also, the reports of IRR families on mass exodus is also reported in the most recent issue of Khyaboon newspaper. jj, let me know if you need a copy. 

gitdoun ver.2.0

Difference of Interpertation

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

Some of these satanic mullahs and their followers like larijani are content with the masses merely shedding tears for Imam Hussein and not following his example in making a stand against Tyranny. What they interpert as sacrilege; i see it as following the essence of Aushura. 


Message to Larijani and Khamenei.

by Arthimis on

Notice to Islamic Republic Agent/s on line,

When you get a chance please report these messages to your higher ranks so hopefully it would reach your bosses all the way in the top of EVIL I.R. ! 

Please send our message to Ayatollah Khamenei (since he gets the report on a daily basis of how Iranians think of him and his likes...)

Please tell him, Larijani, Ahmadi and all the other bastards ruling I.R. that we will come for every single one of them ! And we are coming to kill !


Jaffari Amir

Justice will prevail

by Jaffari Amir on

خاک عالم بر سر ان خدایی که شما از ان حرف میزنید. اون خدا نیست بلکه
شیطان است. خدا انسان را نیافریده که شما یزید صفتها به او تجاوز کنید، و
او را با ماشین  ۳ بار زیر کنید تا بدنش خورد شود، نان حرام خوردید و حرام
زاده وار زندگی کردید، شما چنگیز صفتان در آیندهی نه چندان دور به جزاهای
اعمال خود خواهید رسید، و این دنیا بسیار کوچیک تر از ان هست که شما را
بتواند از دست مردم ایران پنهان کند


نه غربی، نه شرقی، نه وحشی،  جمهوری ایرانی




by bahram9821 on

Did I hear this right? The Speaker of Parliament is worried about abuse at GTMO and Abu Ghraib. Somebody should ask this SOB about the innocent Iranians that are being raped, tortured and killed in IRI prisons.


Ali Larijani...

by ahvazi on


Lanat bar tou va baradaranat. Jayeh to lajanzaar-e-jahanameh!!!


Last Deperate attempt by a Desperate Murderous regime

by mehdi2009 on

My dear fellow Iranians,

As many of you have expertly and succinctly expressed in your numerous outstanding posts, this is an obvious desperate attempt by these Muderous Thugs to appear legitimate amoung their fast shrinking 5% support (The most Brain Washed elements of the Bassij and IRGC). In my return from Iran in Early December, I told any one who would listen that Iran is like a Raging Volcano, which will erupt at any moment.

I have mentioned numerous times in my previous posts, the Magnificent Young Men and Women of our imprisoned land whom I met and spoke with had convinced me that the days of this Murderous and Uncivilized Regime are numbered.

The Apologists of this Murderous regime can not and should not ever make any excuses about their masters' Blood sucking and inhumane tactics in murdering the people of Iran. They have made Dracula look like a boy acout, and there is no where for them to run.

The Day of Reckoning is fast approaching.

Salutations to ALL The TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.



He is Iraqi

by عموجان on

Larijani brothers are born and rise in Iraq and the onlyreason they are where they are today is because they help Khomeini when he was inexile in Iraq. I don’t think they like to go back to Iraq again. How aboutMoscow? Harsh and cold like them.

payam s

A sign of severe weakness!

by payam s on

When members of the majlis take to the streets for a symbolic march it only demonstrates their desperation. They are merely trying to encourage more people to join their side. They are trying to inject some legitimacy into the system by leading as examples; in other words: muslims come to the streets and handle the opposition, cause we simply can't. 


Save 2 meters of rope for this SOB

by Faramarz_Fateh on

He'll be hanging from a tree on Pahlavi Ave soon.  Real soon.



There is no running.

by pedro on

This regime has made so many Iranians leave the country to almost any country you can think of. If this and other members of regime think they could just flea and enjoy the billions they shiped to foreign banks, they are wrong. Iranians will be wating for them no matter where they go.


What a Joke

by seannewyork on

The Larijani Family should be one of the first to be tried for crimes against the Iranian people.

 Victory is coming soon.


I wonder if he actually lives in Iran?

by Bavafa on

I mean not even a lunatic could come up with such gibberish crap if he had any sense of touch with that is going on with the Iranian people.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

oh gosh

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

rtayebi1, I think it's great that you are looking forward to this regime falling, but please don't base a big decision like marriage on a revolution LOL. Just ask Jahanshah Javid.


I have made a promise

by rtayebi1 on

I sure hope U guys R right. I hope these R the last of days of these basterds, but I have seen these animals survive so many times, that I have a very sad doubt. I am a 43 years old single man. I have promised my ageing mom the day these basterds leave I will get married within a week. who wants to see me geting married yeah


Mort Gilani

Shut your filthy mouth

by Mort Gilani on

Shut your filthy mouth,  you peice of crap.


He is a Rashti just like me...

by Rashti on

I bet he has already packed his belongings and is ready to get the hell out..what a shame...this is a shame for all rashtis...


The Islamic Regime is finished

by mahmoudg on

Desparate pleas and they know it.  I gurantee you all of these deputies have already moved money out of Iran, as has Khamenei.  Truth is there is no country in the world that would give them sanctuary.  Well other than the US and Israel which out of humanitarian aspects.  The two countries they demonize would be the only two showing them, there is more humanity left in teh West than all of Islam.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This is just a formality and Larijani knows it

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Please don't unleash a Tiananmen Square on the Iranians! Just make your phony speeches and leave.

Darius Kadivar

Come to think of it Larijani does look like an East European ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

He doesn't even look Iranian. I was always confused when I first saw him in the news when he represented Iran's nuclear interests at the IAEI summits. He looked so European that I first thought he was some East German diplomat ... LOL

Where will he Flee if the regime crumbles ? Apart from North Korea, Cuba or China.

Unless Chavez in Venezuela gives him refuge ...



Darius Kadivar

They didn't seem to be able to rally too many people

by Darius Kadivar on

How many were in that crowd ? some 100 or 200 at most.

Looks like the Soviet Rallies on the last days ...



Mr. Larijani, A soldier of Khamenei is not serving the people

by Amir Normandi on

Mr. Larijani, A soldier of Khamenei is not serving the people of Iran shame on you.

Khamenei may be your Grand Master but not for the people of Iran, we want him and the agents of this brutal regime tried for crimes against humanity.

Amir Normandi