1979 executions announced on radio

"First group of criminals" Nasiri, Rahimi, Naji & Khosrowdad

I taped this live broadcast from the radio in Tehran myself on February 15, 1979 and converted it to mp3 today after more than 30 years. The announcement tells of the execution of "the first group of criminals" four days after the revolution, including General Nematollah Nasiri (former head of SAVAK), General Mehdi Rahimi (Tehran Martial Law commander), General Reza Naji (Isfahan Martial Law commander) and General Manouchehr Khosrowdad (Havanirooz Commander). Thanks to Robert for creating this clip.



Rest in peace brave ones.

by khosrow on


All I can tell you is that our country was the
most peaceful place in the Middle East those days. I never heard the sound of
gunshot when these fine officers were in charge and protecting us.  Men and woman could drive from Tabriz to
Chahbahar and not worry about anything. Iranian were probably the most
respected people from Middle East, and could travel almost anywhere with
respect and without visa. My mother and sister dress as they pleased and not
forced to wear the black coffin in the street that is norm now. We pretty much
had all the personal freedom that I enjoy today in America.  
A lot has been said about the SAVAK methods
and tactics but knowing what you know today about the very people that SAVAK was
targeting, do you really blame them now?  Is
it possible that these bastard mullahs that are ruling today deserved any
better? 30 years is a long time with a lot of data point to suggest that they were proven right.  If
anything the general’s failures for which they paid the ultimate price was to allow
the release of these bastards in the name of a ill-fated policy of “open political
society”.  Let there be known that the
late officers and enlisted of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces have my
gratitude. Rest in peace brave ones.


EXTREMELY disappointd to

by tabar on

EXTREMELY disappointd to find that some of you think that some people deserve to be executed without a trial?! How does that make you any different than the Mullahs in power?!



by shushtari on

it shocks me that some people on this site think these men deserved to be executed without a fair trial....

and to say that 'these generals were just supporting a corrupt regime..." is just bs....

for example, what did khosrowdad do to deserve to die????

that bastard khalkhali and khomeini labled anyone they wanted killed as'mofsed-fel-arz' some bullshit term that mean corruptor on earth!!!!!!

imagine that! khosrowdad as a corruptor on earth......what bs!

god bless their souls, and they are in heaven right now, unlike the goddamn mullahs 


No More Show Trials

by MM on

Regardless of the guilt or the innocence of these folks, the secret trials, un-named witnesses, forced confessions and no defending attorneys made these so called "revolutionary courts" null and void.  The Iranian history and the Iranian people will judge these show trials and the responsible mullahs harshly, God Willing (or should I say "Iranian People Willing").

ramin parsa


by ramin parsa on

I apologize for going off the handle -- you seem like a nice person. No, I didn't say that there was NO instance of torture in Shah's prisons, there were, but it was exaggerated in order to destabalize the regime. And I don't understand why you don't get what I'm trying to say about IRI thugs getting fair trials, after which, I hope they would get exectuted. Again, what I'm saying ist that I'm very confident that these jackals will be found guilty, just as Obama seems rather confident in bringing the Gitmo terrorists to trial in New York, even claiming they will be executed.

Again, look at the vicious animals were talking about here: Khamenei and Rafsanjani (who already has an arrest warrant for his role in the bombing of a Jewish community center in Argentina in 1994 where some 88 people were killed). All I'm saying is that I'm rather confident that we have enough evidence to convict these butchers. And hopefully, we have the death penalty in a future secular Iran, because if I was the prosecutor, I would push for the death penalty.

So: fair trial -- yes! Due process -- yes! And if convicted (which I'm pretty certain of, if we're talking about Khamenei and Rafsanjani), a death sentence should be their fate.



No New word this time

by Gordzad on

No, sorry ramin jan to disappoint you, I already knew what pedantic means.

Let me get this right. You want the IR thugs on a fair trial. But you want them executed as well. Maybe, as you suggest, my English reading is not so good. But how can you offer a fair trial to someone you already have decided to execute? What is it I am missing here? And please don't get angry, just explain, if you feel for it.

I am afraid I haven't read any of the references you mentioned. I hope they are not stating that there was no torture in Shah's and SAVAK's prisons because that would be a big lie. My dad and 2 of my cousins were guests of SAVAK for a while and experienced their treatment. And I can tell you, there was torture being practiced and those guys were brutal. As someone else wrote, the fact that IR treats prisoners much worse than Shah doesn't mean the latter did not do wrong. And I have no doubt about Shah's prisons being MUCH better than this regime's. This again, verified by my brother and 2 close friends who have been guests of IR's. (As you notice, people around me like to be guests of whoever rules the prisons in Iran. :-) )

It seems we agree on a few things and disagree on others. I suggest instead of the heated discussion about if Khamenei & Co should be executed or not, we focus on how we can get ride of them first (actually your own suggestion). Maybe some other time we can discuss the wisdom of executing the people we hate. And I assure you, you are not the only one hating the present rulers in Iran.


ramin parsa

Irooni and Gordzad -- YIKES!

by ramin parsa on

Irooni, the nickname "Cyber Mommy" was given to Ramin Tork, not me. I'm no mommy to nobody.

Gordzad, I was wrong about you, you just can't read or analyze English. And by the way, you don't know JACK about Savak and the Shah. You're a parrot (like so many Iranians) who don't read and only repeat what they hear. Please list some books you've read on the subject and maybe I will continue this discussion with you. Just so you know, the French newspaper, Le Monde, did a story on the existence of torture in Iran during the Shah's regime, and I would bet the ranch you would be rather surprised by its findings. Secondly, go read Elaine Sciolino's book, Persian Mirrors, and see what former Evin prisoners under the Shah have to say about the Shah's prisons as opposed to the prisons of the IRI. And by the way, Scioliono is no Pahlavi fan, nor a neocon. She's a liberal New York Times reporter.

As to why you can't process English... you write (actually you put words in my mouth by saying) that I want the IRI thugs executed "right away"... and that I'm "no better than the IR thugs who did the same to Nassiry and others. In essence, you are even worse, because according to you, they are already condemned to death so why even have the sham court."

What the hell is wrong with you, man? Are you serious with this garbage?! I have no time for blatant incompetence! I never said that I wanted them executed "right away" or that I didn't want to afford these fascists Nuremburg-style trials in Iran -- all I said was -- OPEN YOUR EYES -- that I wanted them "executed for crimes against humanity." That does NOT mean that I don't want them to receive a FAIR TRIAL!

Even Obama recently said something to the effect that "we want these 5 terrorists to come to New York, get their trial and I'm pretty confident they will be executed."

Just because I think Khamenei should be executed doesn't mean that I endorse a Khalkhali-style kangaroo court! Are you friggin' serious?! Hint: critical reading is a nice skill to acquire! I want these IRI thugs to receive the full extent of their due process rights -- DO YOU HEAR ME? -- because I'm pretty damn confident (just like Obama) that in a FAIR TRIAL, all of their dirty deeds will be openly paraded out in a court of law (and justice), and as a result, they will be easily convicted by a fair adjudicator of the facts, and ultimately, condemned to death!

I just hope that in the future, we have the death penalty in a new secular democratic Iran. And then you guys go off on this pedantic (another new word for you) jibber-jabber tangent about Iranians not being ready for democratic values and institutions! See what you created with some lazy reading of my post?


bad Vs. worse

by PArviz on

Let's not get carried away here. Just because a set of evil people were replaced by a more evil set does not make the first set innocent or heros.

I do not support capital punishment but if anybody deserved punishment these guys were certainly amongst the first ones since they helped enforce and preserve a corrupt and puppet regime in Iran. Do not forget Shah's regime was a brutal and ruthless one. You can not change history by simply wanting it to be different.

Having said all that, I hope some day, preferably very soon, the present rulers and their enforcers (thugs) are put on trial and punished for their crimes against the Iranian people. 


Iranians haven't reached that level yet!

by Arthimis on

Let's be brutaly honest here! Iranians after 1400 years and especially these past 30 years of 2nd Arab/Muslims invasion have not yet reached a level of maturity and readiness to deal with EVIL CRIMINALS in democratic ways...

If the Evil Islamic Republic fail and vanish today, Iranians need two more generations in Freedom, Justice, Democracy, Proper Education and Economical/Financial stability to become the best they can be according to what Persian Culture truly has been trying to teach and has always been standing for...

All those Iran traitors who committed treason and crime against country, nation and the humanity must be arrested and do life for the rest of their EVIL lives.

We can say whatever we wish about Savak and Evil Iranians then, but one thing is for sure, If Shah and many of the Generals around him (despite of being far from perfect...) were as Evil as Khomeini, Khamenei, Ahamdi and I.R. they had the power to inflict massive pain and bloodshed on Iranian people! And they didn't... So, when one goes back being a true and fair person, one can realize they were not even in the same dimension as I.R. and its EVIL mission... Islam, Islamic Republic and Co. have destroyed Iran and Iranians on so many levels and these are undeniable and sad facts by any healthy & sane logic and fairness.

Aazaad va Peerooz Baad Iran va Iraniaane Raasteen.


A merciful and perhaps kind SAVAK? LOL

by Gordzad on

SAVAK was rightly famous to be one of the most brutal secret services in the world. Where do you think the SAVAMA people (IR's early baby of SAVAK) came from? Right after the revolution, SAVAK employees had a demonstration in front of the Justice department, asking for employment in the new secret service. Their argument was that they were trained to fight communists and mojahedin and IR would certainly need their expertise. And most of them were hired. Where do you think the idea of brining political prisoners to TV shows to confess comes from? It was not IR's invention, it was SAVAK's. Savak was certainly not a "matarsak". A matarsak does not torture and kill, like SAVAK did. Yes, they were merciful on some religious revolutionaries but look what they did to others. If shah had realized the danger from the far right, SAVAK would have had no problems getting ride of them. SAVAK was not a scarecrow; they just didn't do a good job, like their commander in chief shah himself.



Deserved it...

by Emil on

Like the X-dictator Reza Pahlavi himself, his military men were also bunch of corrupted criminal thieves who terrorized and slaughtered people....one could bribe the soldiers all the way up to the 4 star generals...They deserved exactly what they got...rest in hell...





by iroooni on

are you the same guy who someone called you "Cyber Mommy" once because you always took the high road. What happened?


God Bless their Souls!

by statira on

God bless the soul of those brave soldiers of Iran. At least they were killed right after the Revolution and did not have to endure 30 yrs of torture under the Islumic rule.


A new word for me

by Gordzad on

Thanks Ramin for mentioning a new word I had never heard before: obfuscator. I had to look it up. I am not sure if it describes what I have said but a new word is a new word.

Let's first agree on our common goals: we have to remove the present fascists and Islamic reactionaries from the power. I am with you 100%. Now, what we do with them afterward is what we disagree on. If you think we need to have yet another series of revolutionary courts and capture and execute them right away, then in my mind you are no better than the IR thugs who did the same to Nassiry and others. In essence, you are even worse, because according to you, they are already condemned to death so why even have the sham court. IR, at least, put them on a dubious court.

Again, I am for punishing the IR rulers, one by one. None of them should escape the justice. They will not be forgotten or forgiven. I just think that they should be put on a real trial (like the one Nazi criminals received when captured by Israelis). I am, however, against execution, which is only to cool down revenge emotions and nothing else. Let them stay alive in prison and have the hell on earth. 

By the way, next time you accuse me of words like "obfuscator", be kind and specify why. We are all adults here and should be able to have civilized discussions without slandering each other.




ramin parsa

Dear Shushtari

by ramin parsa on

Well said! However, you must realize that the SAVAK was a matarsak, a strawman, pure and simple. This is a fact. If they were the KGB, they would have eliminated Khalkhali, Khamenei and Rafsanjani when they had them in custody at Evin Prison in the spring of 1978, thanks to Parviz Sabeti.

And the reason that the Ulama was allowed to fester like a "big zit" is because the Shah had miscalculated that the shiite clergy was a needed ally against communism. That was true at one point, but that rationale lost its value when the Shah began to demonize the akhunds as a bunch of parasites ("dokan-bazi"), and his ferocious assaults against the Bazarris didn't help matters either, because as we all know, the mullahs and the Bazarris have a long-standing family, business relationship.

The two targets joined forces to destroy the Shah, and our beleaguered matarsak didn't stand a fighting chance, not when the whole world was supporting the Hendi mullah, hailing him as a heroic, saint-like, Gandhi-like man of integrity!

What a cruel joke!



by shushtari on

you said it brother.....I'm ready for hunting some akhoonds

honestly, I don't know why some people believe these bastards deserve to live, after all they have done to iran and its people!

In fact, I would go as far as to say that savak was too merciful when it came to animals like yazdi, khamenei, rafsanjani, and the biggest POS of them all, khomeini- all these freaks where in savak's custody at one point or another- and they should have been eliminated- pure and simple....

it's a fact of life, every nation needs an intelligence service, just like it needs an army to defend itself...

the akhoonds were a threat to national security, but they were left to fester like a big zit, until they had a chance to overrun iran.....and you see the disasterous results today

the chenar trees on pahlavi are waiting to have these varmin hanging from them 

ramin parsa

Gordzad the Obfuscator

by ramin parsa on

You're deceptive, and I suspect you know this. I don't wish to waste my time educating you about the Shah, I rather you stay a fool and embarrass yourself repeatedly.

And by the way, I do want Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Ebrahim Yazdi and many others executed for high treason and crimes against humanity. But first we have to remove them from power -- eliminating them will come next. And we should hunt them down even if it takes 100 years, just as the Jews are still chasing Nazis all around the world!



by Gordzad on

Divaneh jan, I can't agree more with your statement: no more bloodshed! No more executing. I am for punishing the people on the list of azadi5 but let them rot in prisons rather than under dirt.

Let me also provide a few lines on the men who were executed. They are no hero's of mine. They should have been punished for crime against the people, although I am obviously against them being killed. Nasiri&Co were the machinery that kept another dictator in power for several decades. SAVAK had no rights to torture and murder Iranians. The mere fact that they were against the Islamic regime and were killed by its thugs does not make them any less criminals in my mind. I see these guys, and their shah, as one of the main reasons we are where we are with the current Islamic republic. 

That said, let me emphasize again, their execution is a saddening part of Iran's history.


No more blood azadi5

by divaneh on

I am glad that no one here has taken your comments seriously. We had enough blood spilling in this country. No one should be executed any more, and that is no one.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

One day very soon,

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

statues of these great men will be erected across the four corners of Iran.
At the same the perpetrators of crimes against these men and other patriotic Iranians will be brought to justice.
God bless the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces.


It was said time will judge them..

by jamshid on

And it did.

I salute these men, and on behalf of myself and others who at one time celebrated their execution, I beg their souls for forgiveness.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

as the pages are turning hopefully these thugs be treated so indifferrently that themseleves beg to be killed or they kill themselves inshala.

peace on earth                  Maziar



by MRX1 on

The worst aspect of this was the fact that these men could have brought hell upon islamo freaks and kill tens of thousends of them if not more. but being a true patriot and a human being  they didn't shed any blood. With out killing people t they were portrait as monsters. one only wish they did that.......


lets make a wish list of who should be executed now

by azadi5 on

If the regime was overturned today, who would you like to see pay for his crimes against Iranian people?

here is my list:

1- Ali Khamenie

2- Mojtaba Khamenie

3- Mahmoud Antarinejad

4- Mohammad Reza Naghdi

5- Saeed Mortazavi

6- Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i

7- Hossein Taeb

8- Any identified basiji or thug who shot and killed people during protests, including Abas Kargar Javid (Neda's killer)



don't be fooled....

by shushtari on

the mullahs are too stupid to have had a plan to destroy iran...

they definitely had the help of the brits and the french....


these brave men, along with dr bakhtiar, gen neshat, gen badrei, gen oveissi, shahriar shafiq, and others....were targeted because they were fearless soldiers for iran, and they godamn akhoonds knew that they were a mortal threat to their conquest of our homeland....

I just wish, these soldiers would have unleashed hell on these animals instead of turning themselves in!!! 

ramin parsa

What a shameful history!

by ramin parsa on

These men were true Iranian heros! Their killers, on the other hand, were Arabized/Islamist monsters, the true enemies of Iran-zamin!

Long live the proud memories of General Nematollah Nasiri, General Mehdi Rahimi, General Reza Naji, and General Manouchehr Khosrwodad!

God bless all those brave and valiant members of Imperial Armed Forces who were unjustly murdered/silenced by the evil forces of darkness, the turbaned shit-faces of the Ulama, the unholy and perverted enemies of Iran. 


Horrible times

by Gordzad on

Listening to this, I feel a terrifying sorrow of what has been the daily event in Iran. Killing, revenge, hatred. Executions carried out immediately after the decision made by the revolutionary court,  witnessed by families of the victims. Ruthless rulers being humiliated and executed just to be substituted by another set of ruthless rulers. Will this vicious cycle ever end?

Ali P.

First they came for Nasiri...

by Ali P. on

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--

because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--

and there was no one left to speak out for me.

- Martin Niemoller