Yazdan Ghafouri Isfahani

10-year-old winner of UK poetry competition



I like the last segment of the tape...

by yolanda on

My favorite part is the last part of the tape. When the kid's dad heard his son is the winner, he raised his arms in the air like watching an athletic competition! The dad looked more excited than the little boy! I truly feel for the dad! It is not easy to be bilingual, it takes a lot of hardwork! Some people say that if you don't know the language, you don't know the culture. Hopefully we can all succeed!


He's impressive, cute as

by desi on

He's impressive, cute as heck and smart too.   Kudos to him and his parents for stressing the importance of being bilingual.  Damn I feel inferior.  I bought the Rosetta Stone at almost 300.00 dollars for my son and all he can say is "Asbe sefeedam teshnast".


What a proud moment for Iranians!

by yolanda on

It is so exciting to be bi-lingual! The kid is very adorable!


Ye donya setareh dareh Iran

by Princess on

Moosh bokhoratet! Way to go, Yazdan! You make us proud. :)


Absolutely Brilliant!!!

by shiringhobadi on

Most genuine, and authentic voice I have heard coming out of Iran in 30 years. Poetry flows through him effortlessly. He is full of confidence and has so much lust for life.
He made me so happy !! After all these awful news about Iran and Iranians.What an absolute delight to hear this little Iranian soul make such an uproar in the literary scene ( No matter how small we may think this is). It’s just doesn’t get any better than this; because none of what he does is forced or coached; making his performances flawless; priceless.
HUGE Two thumbs up for the parents..!!!

Maryam Hojjat

Absolutely genious!

by Maryam Hojjat on

God bless him & his family.  thanks for posting.  I enjoyed it.


Darius Kadivar

So cute and Talented

by Darius Kadivar on

I had seen the BBC report on him and his family. Also more on Persian Poetry in the Western World Here on BBC's Tamasha program: