Washington International Network (WIN)

Another Iranian TV station

"WIN TV is set to launch in the fall of 2009 from Washington, DC. Bringing you the latest in international news and feature stories focusing on the plight for democracy in Iran, WIN TV will strive to set a new standard in international broadcasting. WIN TV's team of experienced anchors, reporters and producers will provide a unique insight into the struggle for a true democratic system in Iran. WIN TV aims to be a bridge of communication between the Iranian Diaspora around the globe and the people inside Iran."

Promotional videos:


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Was this funded by Nemazee??

by peace45 on

I wonder what did Hassan Nemazee got for all that money that he poured into Obama campaign ($500,000) and millions for Hillary and Bill, he must have gotten something ? what was that?


Boy in this tough economy and national bankruptcy

by Q on

there sure seems to be a lot of money for these things...


Is that why it is not legal for VOA to be broadcast in US?

by Bavafa on

Or is it that the Americans will know what sort of crap they are feeding to the outsiders?


American Dream

How to know it is fair and balanced

by American Dream on

If it is financed by non-Iranian companies it is fair and balanced.  Most people in Iran watch BBC in farsi in Iran and listen to voice of America.  That is where most Iranians get their international news.  Even taxi drivers in Iran listen to voice of America.

If it is financed by some Iranian opposition group in exile it will have no credibility what so ever.


I killed my TV a few years ago and have not missed it for a sec

by Bavafa on

However, it would be fair to ask who is funding this station and how independent of their financier they would be?

As they say "Follow the money"