Unfair picture of IRI?

Iranian state TV report on American media's portrayal of Islamic Repiublic

Coverage of August 11 seminar held in New York City titled "Iran at the Crossroads: National Unity or Regime Change?" Panelists included Kaveh Afrasiabi, Simin Royanian and Ardeshir Ommani:


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I can tell you

by Benyamin on

This whole panel was indeed orgenized by Kave Afrasyabi and him alone. He is a good "personal" friend of Ahmadinejad and they are buddies. And the lady there probobly is Ahmadinejads Seeghe every time Ahmadinejad is in town she is there to clean Ahmadinejad`s pipe. And I amnot joking. This panel rented a room that was cost probobly 100$ USD and asked of theire usual suspect to show up. This shows actually shows how weakend they are. they can`t even fill a bigger room. They are losing the battle and Kaveh your time will come too.


One suggesteion

by ghalam-doon on

This is what  the leftists have been talking about for decades. The interests of the big mainstream media outlets and the interests of the Western governemnts have always been the same. That's the reason the mainstream media was a big supporter of the Iraqi invasion. That's the reason they never ask the "difficult" questions. But when the leftists talk about the bias in media, they want to create a situtation where the media returns to its rightful place.

Not these fellows. They criticize the Western media without mentioning the other side of the coin. They let the IRI reporter to come to their meeting, take all sort of pictures and make a bias "report" while the IRI outlet in Iran has become a mouthpeice of the government. They even have an interview with one of the organizers  and he never says a word about the repression in the Iraniam media -- or perhaps that part was edited out which I doubt.  

Perhaps IRI should take over the "editorial line" of the Western media as well. They should tell them what to say and what not to say and if they don't obey, they can close them down.

It's the story of "deeg be deeg migeh root seyah."


زیبائی ای دلار


تو قامت بلند تمنائی ای دلار
همواره خفته است در آغوشت آسمان
بالائی ای  دلار
دستت پر از ستاره و جانت پر از بهار
زیبائی ای  دلار
وقتی که بادها
در برگهای در هم تو لانه می کند
وقتی که بادها
گیسوی سبز فام تو را شانه می کنند
غوغائی ای  دلار
وقتی که چنگ وحشی باران گشوده است
در بزم سرد او
خنیاگر غمگین خوش آوایی  ای دلار     
در زیر پای تو       
ابنجا شب است و شب زدگانی که چشمشان
صبحی ندیده است
تو روز را کجا؟
خورشید را کجا ؟
در دشت دیده غرق تماشایی ای  دلار ؟
چون با هزار رشته تو با جان خاکیان
پیوند می کنی
پروا مکن ز رعد
پروا مکن ز برق که بر جایی ای  دلار
سر بکش ای رمیده که همچون امید ما
با مایی ای یگانه وتنهایی ای  دلار --تخلیصی از سیاوش کسرائی


Now we know

by cyclicforward on

   Why they kicked out Kaveh out of Harvard. He certainly deserved and a man like this knows that he is committing crimes against Iranians.


Afrasiabi's words in 2003, Afrasiabi's words in 2009

by Iran_e_abad on

Lets recap what Kaveh Afrasiabi said once about Shirin Ebadi [1],
" I found her just as I had expected, sharp, brilliant, astute observer,
a hands-on lawyer and social activist, who is now shouldering more responsibilities
than is possible by any one person, including the handling of the tough case of Zahra Kazemi's death...
But the ship sails on, and the Ebadi phenomenon, representing a timely turning point in the slumbering
reform movement in Iran, is bound to make its mark on the political landscape, that is the will of Iranian people. "

Lets review what Shirin Ebadi, the sharp, brilliant, astute observer and hands-on lawyer has to say about the rigged Iranian election and the will of Iranian people [2];
"In order to have fair election results, there must be a re-election under UN surveillance,"

The Ebadi Pheonomenon also said;
“I don’t take a political stance but I oppose the government’s violent oppression. Violence must be eradicated and all those who were arrested after the election must be freed.”
So as Afrasiabi put it, the ship sails on and Afrasiabi sails on along with the wind with every opportunity he finds.  Wherever wind blows, Afrasiabi sails along with it, one day praising reform movement and reformists, another day supporting Ahmadinejad in killing Iranian youth on the streets of Tehran. Afrasiabi's words in 2003 : [Slumbering reform movement, Ebadi is bound to make its mark on the political landscape; the will of Iranian people]

Afrasiabi's words in 2009 : [Absence of viable evidence for winning Mousavi , I do support Mr. Ahmadinejad! [3] ]    So you say the burden of proof is on Mr. Mousavi's shoulder. I am asking you Kaveh Afrasiabi, what burden is on your shoulder as you witness the slaughter of Iranian youth while  defending the tyrant Ahmadinejad? Do you ever feel any burden? I am asking you Kaveh Afrasiabi, ebadi made the reform mark on the political landscape, what mark did you leave? Stepping on the will of Iranian people? There are some things money can't Buy. For everything else, there's Iranian oil money, spent in the hands of Ahmadinejad.
Kaveh Afrasiabi, you will be remembered down the history as a ....

[1]  Observing Iran, by Kaveh Afrasiabi
[2] Iran Nobel laureate calls for fresh vote under UN
[3] Were the Iranian Elections Rigged? Interview with Kaveh Afrasiabi


IRI Pep Rally!!

by anonymous111.2 on

What a collection of mozdoor clowns: Ommani, Afrasiabi and Royanian.  The only person missing is Mesbah Yazdi.




by Khar on

One word: Bull-Shit

Boys and girls the moral of this story is that IRI Oil money can buy anything anywhere, even in the U.S.A!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Fascinating video on

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

biasquestion  in Western media coverage of recent events from Press Tv. Panel discussion from last month between two prominent British journalists and two analysts from IRI.




چرا خانوم رویانیان رو نشون نمی دی حاج آقا؟


خنده دار اینه که چون این خانوم رویانیان حجاب نداره حتی باهاش حرف هم نمی زنن و کلوز آپی از صورتش نشون نمی دن. حال آدم به هم می خوره از این همه حماقت و تعصب. خودشون هم نمی دونن طرف کی هستن. هر کی ازشون طرفداری کنه خوبه. بعدم که خرشون از پل گذشت سرش رو زیر آب می کنن


I propose

by MRX1 on

Kaveh Afrasiabi , Ardeshir omani (Mr. Wannabee imprealist fighter) , and ms royanaian all have a big three sum orgy together and exchang oponion with one another and leave the rest of the sane decent  humanity alone. 

Honestly if we want to listen to charand o parand we can always read Keyhan of shariatmadari, why do we even need these people...