Tehran war zone

Man is shot in Tehran street looking like a war zone

High quality video from June 20th riots. Eerie.


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Reza-San Diego: The psychotic criminal

by Mehdi on

Thank you for exposing yourself as the criminal that you are. Please stop issuing life threats against me. I am not afraid of cowards. You should be working for IRI. You fit right in! You are NO different than them, believe me. Now, after finishing with your threats, maybe you could read my comment again and say something RELEVANT to it. What do you think? Can you do that?

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Attention Mehdi!!!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Don't tell me your Emam Zaman dude... :-0

How about defensless and unarmed protestors asking for their basic human rights and Freedom? Let me geuss! You don't see that either cause you are blind in your eyes and in your heart if you have any...

I have read your other terrible and unhuman like and sad comments about other innocent Iranians who were tortured and Raped!!! Shame on you...

If you really honestly feel this EVIL way, You will be punished too!

Remember Truth and Goodness will prevail and you are not part of it!

You too will be identified sooner or later and justice will be served and you will be punished accordingly if found guilty in the FREE IRAN'S court of law!!!

Do not under-estimate us and the TRUE IRANIAN hackers at work here on iranian.com! We are searching and identifing Islamic Republic's agents at home and abroad!!!

Apologize, Repent and ask for forgivness while you still have a little time! We Iranians might forgive and free you if you are only at this sad Idealogical level and have not yet committed any physical crime against humanity...


I don't see the peacefulness of this protest

by Mehdi on

Is this still a green movement?


Two moslem clerics

by Iranyvaliazad on

I saw two "kesafat" moslem clerics among the demonstrators ... don't let these wild animals among you .. they are most likely are spying.  moslem clerics and their evil ideology is a main reason that Iranians are in this situation giving blood to achieve freedom from claws of islam.


when will all this killing end?

by faryarm on

when will all this killing end?

thank you for posting this high resolution clip...