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Mir Hossein Mousavi was

by Siavash31 on

Mir Hossein Mousavi was present at every single rally and protest. He has put his life and that of his family in line for the people of Iran.

I can't understand the fools who are putting him in the same basket as Ahmadinejad!! 

I think I am going to have a very difficult time with the Iranians abroad. I need to go back to Iran.







by Mehrban on

Thank you Baback.  


There is God

by Benyamin on

Things wont stay this way. Karma is a ractionary system that works its way through exactly when an action has taken place good or bad Karma will exagerate in the direction of the deed`s trend! if it is bad karma will return the favor worse, if it is good Karma will return the favor better!