Secret burials?

Nameless graves in section 203 of Behesht Zahra cemetery

Los Angeles Times: An Iranian lawmaker vowed today to examine allegations that dozens of unidentified people killed in the recent post-election unrest were secretly buried in the country's largest cemetery last month. The reformist website on Friday cited an unnamed employee of the capital's Behesht Zahra cemetery as saying that 44 unidentified corpses were buried under heavy security July 12 and 15. Majid Nasirpour, a reformist lawmaker who serves on parliament's Social Affairs Committee, filed a request for an inquiry into the mass burial allegation, the website reported. "This news story needs to be verified," he told the website today. "I will ask the committee to investigate the allegations." The number of those killed in weeks of violence is a source of controversy: Iranian officials claim that as few as 20 died, with nine of them pro-government militiamen. Iranian opposition figures say that at least 69 have been killed, while Western officials in Tehran estimate the number of those dead nationwide to be in the hundreds >>>


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by Leonis on

Not a single day passing without horrifying and repulsive news of heinous crimes against thier own people, particularlt women an children in the Islamic world.

Islamic countries are the very bastions of stupidity, ignoprance and barbarism. Denounce this sadistic, perverted religion.

Without any doubts these are the worst atrocities committed in the history of the man kind.


Dard Nak!

by azadegan on

Dard-naak! vali in vaghayat zendegi kha-haran va bara-daran dar band mast. 
Tanha komak ma, agahi bishtar, va dori az khod-pasandi va be tafavoti ast.
Afsoos ke soroud Ey Iran khandan, charayeh dard Iran nist!
Jahelan zar-o-zoor, 30 sal-ast ke dast Mullayan  ra mi-fesharand ta Eishan ra beh chapavol jaan-o-mal-o-namoos Irani resandeh va khod az ghebal in doozdi-ha va tahajor, beh mal-o-makani beresand.
Va in ast natijeh sal-ha Business movafaghyat-amiz va ghaltidan ba Rohanian Chagh-o-cheleh
Hayf az in hameh bimari!