Protesters plaster banks

Bank Saderat and Bank Tejarat are visited by protesters in Paris

The messages now include support for Karroubi and his newspaper, Etemad Melli, for having spoken against the torotures in Iranian prisons:


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work within confine of law !

by delldaar on

and next day you will be sitting on of those IRI show trial..or  being raped in hotel Evin....Mr. what are you smoking..


Idiotic and stupid

by Mehdi on

Iranians clearly don't deserve freedom. The moment they are given a slight amount of freedom, they want to go around and destroy everything. Pointless vandalism is nothign to be proud of. If you don't have enough supporters, the solution is not to do idiotic things in order to get some attention, but to work within the confines of the law and attract more people and legally ask for change. This is chaotic and unacceptable - it only leads to worsening of the situation.

American Dream

Bogus Reformers

by American Dream on

Bogus Reformers that won't change a damn thing.