"Protester commits suicide"

Very disturbing

The text on this YouTube video states that a young protester in Isfahan commits suicide immediately after his provisional discharge. "He was chased, and threw himself off the pedestrian bridge... He prefered to die rather than experience again the nightmare of iranian prison..." These claims are unconfirmed and there have been no news reports.


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Kaveh Nouraee

So sad, so tragic, so angering

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Gol-dust.....the regime is not even human.....to say they're shameless is an understatement.

khaleh mosheh

His father's acute state

by khaleh mosheh on

of grief- so heart wrenching.

These callous acts of the regime will be their undoing. 


IRI=jeffrey dahmer

by sseyedian on

People are guilty of bringing IRI to life and they should bring it to its doom. SHAME ON US ALL


or basiji pushed him down? life is not worth living under IRI!!

by gol-dust on

Shameless regime!