Mahlagha Jaberi

Model, San Diego

She looks like she just walked out of a Persian miniature! Her MySpace page: //


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I think she is absolutely

by sueparis on

I think she is absolutely amazing.




email extractor


she does look like something

by Anonymously on

she does look like something out of a miniature...


Babak Khorramdin

ali oh yaaaaaaaaaah , i would

by Babak Khorramdin on

if she is NOT number 1-4-6 :-)

gol dust change your name to sth else, u always find a reason to hate people don't u?if sb needs to jump in the ocean to come back to his senses it's u not our favorite commenter in IC.kheili mokhleseem ali.

"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."




Va khodaa zan raa aafarid!

by Aarash4545 on

I never knew such beauty existed outside our marvelous miniature paintings. I wish I could meet her up close and personal.. but this I know is such an unachievable dream..Her presence on this earth is reason enough for living on!

I strongly recommend her to insure her eyes and to freeze some of her eggs and keep her genetic coding for beautification of our nation's future generation. It will be the only way out of these horrible looknig IRI 'baajees'..

Congratulations to Mahlegha's parents. I wonder if they have other children with such exquisite looks... if not.. them too should store their genes....

And the background music was just our hearts' feeling for Mahlegha.

God bless you darling!



by AK69 on

- "Perfectly proportioned and such gorgeous features."

I disagree, her head is too big for her face; and the same goes for the top of her face as compared to the bottom.

5.5 or 6 TOPS!



Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan


Answer to Ali: You have nothing to say, don't say anything!

by gol-dust on

My Gosh, what kinda twisted mind come up w/ these questions? It is only a model! Something to look at not a wife, or presidential candidate! Jump in the ocean to come back to your senses!


I want a referral to the

by desi on

I want a referral to the person that does her eyebrows.  They're perfect!

persian westender

There is no doubt that she is pretty, but

by persian westender on

I am sick and tired of stereotype form of beauty.

I am looking for a new standard for prettiness. For example I made a lot of “adas polo”(Dahl  rice) today and it accidentally became ‘shefteh’, like whole bunch of starch paste. You may not believe it,  but I found a great deal of beauty in the pot! It was so pretty that I couldn’t eat it. I just kept watching and drooling...!!



It must be a slow news day!

by yolanda on

Oh My Gosh, this site has a lot of visitors, it must be a slow news day. I agree with a lot of you that she is very pretty, but has too much make-up. She has a perfectly sculpted face, impeccable skin, and the emotionless expressions (the model's professional look!) I personally like Golshifteh Farahani more 'cause Farahani looks beautiful, natural, and down-to-earth:


I also like Farahani's mannerism, she seems to be polite and gentle, presentable, and lady-like, not crazy and not arrogant! I have to say that sometimes "Beauty is only skin deep!". You can(or want to) have a beautiful (or handsome) spouse, but it does not mean that you will have a long lasting and happy marriage. You really need to work on communications, the looks (after a while) are not that important anymore!

Ali P.

Question of the Day:

by Ali P. on

What if... 

1)She is MKO?






7)White supremesist?




Would you turn into any of the above, for life, just to have a shot with her? ;-)

Babak Khorramdin

smokin' hot

by Babak Khorramdin on

"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."


che khabar e

ok boys

by che khabar e on

Pick up your chins off of the floor.  :-)



by puss on

No wonder GOD was not in touch with Iran.. he was busy to make this unique HOT cutie with extreme beauty..   WOW


20 ?

by capt_ayhab on

Lord have mercy, I'll give her 100 all the way. She is absolutely beautiful, sorry for drooling ;-)


Mola Nasredeen

Lord have mercy on me...

by Mola Nasredeen on

My vote:


Eyes: 20

Hair: 20

Lips: 20

Nose: 20

Makeup: 17

Pestoon: ? Unknown, more research is required 

Legs: 16

Outfit: 15

Ghonbol: ? Unknown, more research is required

Paropacheh: ? Unknown, more research is required




Singer's name

by Yara on

Singer's name is Maziar Falahi, and the song's name is "Majnoon-e Leili", from an Iranian movie by the same name.  You can listen to it here:


This site says you can download the song, but you will have to register there:


I think the singer lives in Iran.


My Goodness!

by aaminian on

She's so pretty, it makes you wonder if she is real!  She kind of reminds me of the beautiful Indian actress, Aishwarya Rai, but I think Mahlagha is prettier.  If there was a true international "facial"-beauty contest, she'd come out the winner, hands down. Amazing!


Does anyone know who the singer is?!




Yep, she's pretty. But what is she like? I know lots of pretty annoying persian girls. Most are pretty.  Just not cool.


She should be a supermodel.

by vildemose on

She should be a supermodel. I hope she becomes one.


Ghormeh Sabzi (PG) said it best...

by ThePope on

"She looks like she just walked out of a Persian miniature!"


Who cares

by XerXes on

so what?
I am with Saman

Anonymous Everyday

Not my type

by Anonymous Everyday on

Her face lacks character. Each feature by itself looks beautiful but all put together is too plastic. She could do with a lot less make up. Why oh why do they have to put so much make up on?

Btw to her credit I don't think she's got a nose job.


Your video on

by Gulamhusein on

Silence is Complicity

You are BEAUTIFUL. This is God's gift to you. It is precious. It can be a boon or a pitfall.Use it carefully, for a good cause.



by Saman on

I'd trade 10 of these cute girls for one bad one in the streets of Iran ... with fist full of rocks.


the Music

by iranesabz on

please share who is the music by  thank you

kheili khoshgele irad nagirin bebinin khoda che karde tu soorat in dokhtar! 


Stunning & drop-dead gorgeous!

by yolanda on

This lady looks like a porcelain doll! Good luck with her career!

Kamran Ramyar

Iranian model

by Kamran Ramyar on

Plastic surgeon who did her nose ought to be incarcerated for incompetence as 1) It is obvious she has had a nose job and 2) Surgeon cut too much tissue, making her nose too small.  Nevertheless, she reminds me of a Persian cat.  MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!



by javaneh29 on

She's really beautiful. Perfectly proportioned and such gorgeous features. Im so jelous .. no not really! I hope the best for her.