Khamenei poster green makeover

Green paint splashed on Khamenei's face on a huge billboard on Kordestan Freeway in Tehran

Many might not realize how significant it is for Tehran residents to see such bold display of protest and direct disrespect for the Supreme Leader's likeness.


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Lots of hatred will lead to a great society!

by Mehdi on

I think you guys are right! If we all had a lot of hatred and went around and vandalized everything and destroyed everything and killed all those dirty mullahs and Basijis and Pasdars and their relatives and the relatives of their relatives, then all of a sudden a new beautiful society would come about! I can just see it now. Our vandalism and destruction will not lead to a destroyed country that would most likely descend into civil war, or foreign occupation like Iraq, but because we are "different," it would actually lead to a fantsatic society will laws, and just beautiful. I can see it now. Wow, I was so blind. It makes sense that if the current system is not absolutely perfect, then this gives us valid reason to go around and destroy everything. Thanks for enlightening me. Of course, we should forget the little tiny issue that even Iranians outside of Iran, living in the US or anywhere else, who are not subjected to IRI "brutality" are UNABLE to unite under ANY form of government or leader - that is just a very tiny issue. We must first destroy everything in our path before we can find our true leader, or figure out how we want to run the country, exactly. Maybe since we are at it, we should also kill all monarchists, MKO, bazaris and other groups so that we will have a truly pure society. What do you guys think? Are you with me?I say let the killing and destruction begin - for freedom and democracy, of course ;)



by mahmoudg on

moredeshoreho bebaran, va tamameh akhondha and lets go back to history and mordeshoore Mohamad, Ali, Hassan Hossein, Fatemeh, Zahra and the rest of the gang of thugs.

David ET

mayti again?

by David ET on

is so concerned about vandalism of signs of IR but not about the vandalism of human bodies in the torture chambers of Islamic Republic or the vandalism of human hearts with burning bullets of basijees or the vandalism of batons on the heads of people

mehti... you care so much,  we have seen !


It is indeed vandalism to have picture of Khamanee or anyone

by aynak on


in the street.  It is amuzing that the little green paint is called vandalism, but the disgusting picture of this shameless murderer placed in the middle of highway is not.

If you are Muslim, remember not only is this vandalism, but it is also idolism.   Why place the pitcture of Khamanehee on every street? Would it not be an invitation to worship a human instead of Allah?


Not Vandalism!

by shahabshahab on

This is NOT vandalism. It is resistance. Vandalsim means destruction of property in a society run by laws. When the government beats you up, imprsons you, and then butchers you, simply for chanting, it is not following its own lwas. Now, to expect people to not even use paint to express themselves, even at the expense of "uglification,"that's totally unreasnable. A person like Mehdi sounds like he actually thinks before he writes a criticism. The problem is that he apparently thinks in one-dimensional ways, so much like many Iranians, pro or anti-IRI do. It is well advised that these people take a few steps back from the issue, study it, explore its surrounding issues, then make a determination as to its validity.

Given the lack of basic freedoms in Iran, this sort of expression should be encouraged and more of the same needs to be done. The "uglification", which some  people are complaining about is to have these ugly hideous posters of awful-looking demonic beareded men sternly looking down at their subjects. I say: Cover them all up by paint!



Thank you, Babak, for your post!

by yolanda on

 Iranians have suffered enough, I understand that they want to express their anger! I am appalled to hear that someone thinks that throwing the paint is "WORSE" than Mullahs' atrocities. It is an affront to the Iranian people!



by minadadvar on

Get a life.  

babak pirouzian

Give advise to disgraced, inhuman Ahmadi and Khamenei

by babak pirouzian on

You should give your wise advise to disgraced Ahmadi and Khamenei, and their fellow thugs who have blood stain on their hands and remind them to stop killing, torturing, beating innocent, peace loving people. I disagree with vandalism, but you should re read my previous note in this thread.       


solution to mullahs: be worse than them!

by Mehdi on

Seems to me a lot of people here hate the mullahs and want to be worse than them! Shame!


Uglification by whom?

by yolanda on

The true uglifications are forced confessions by IRI, show trials by IRI, election rigging by IRI, tortures by IRI, and brutal crackdown of their own  people by IRI......public executions by IRI and stonings by........


i have to disagree with Mahdi

by iroooni on

and anyone else with muslim nickname :)

Ali Akbar

I have to agree with Mehdi...

by Ali Akbar on

Vandalism is bad.....



But I can't help but notice it looks like is big booger dripping from his nose.... 

babak pirouzian

Manifestation of anger and frustration.......

by babak pirouzian on

We have vivid memories of 1978-79 Revolution, Saddam's capture and his execution; this is a mild reaction compare to those events.  

We also saw recently orchestrated graphite on Ebadi's home and office.  

However, this one is a natural manifestation of anger, frustration for obvious reasons.


No one expects throwing flowers at him ( I hope not), specially after his Friday's speech where he declared war.


This is vandalism, illegal and unnecessary

by Mehdi on

It just shows that those who did it are proponents of chaos and idiocy. If there is such a thing as Green Movement, it better not cross into red or brown movement. This vandalism is totally unnecessary, useless and counter-productive. It mocks the whole nation. It promotes uglification. This is terrible.



by Benyamin on

funny comment, It is indeed a great job.


Why waste paint

by KB on

"Green" raw sewage would have done.



by yolanda on

Great job! The guy needs an egg attack, a shoe attack, and a heart attack next! Thanks for sharing!

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

niiiiice !!!