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Another prison rape victim tells her story


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Dard Nak!

by azadegan on

Dard-naak! vali in vaghayat zendegi kha-haran va bara-daran dar band mast. 
Tanha komak ma, agahi bishtar, va dori az khod-pasandi va be tafavoti ast.
Afsoos ke soroud Ey Iran khandan, charayeh dard Iran nist!
Jahelan zar-o-zoor, 30 sal-ast ke dast Mullayan  ra mi-fesharand ta Eishan ra beh chapavol jaan-o-mal-o-namoos Irani resandeh va khod az ghebal in doozdi-ha va tahajor, beh mal-o-makani beresand.
Va in ast natijeh sal-ha 'Business movafaghyat-amiz' va ghaltidan ba Rohanian Chagh-o-cheleh
Hayf az in hameh bimari!   


Jahanshah you said:

by Cost-of-Progress on

"Just figure out, how many Persian widows were enslaved, raped, deported, and sold when the pioneers of this Islamic regime first conquered Iran 1400 years ago?"

Well said brother - well said.


Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

با احترام به شهامت و شجاعت شما در برابر گرگان آدم نما.

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

 .  شما که عقابهای تیز پرواز ایران و شاهین های بلند پرواز ایران را سر به نیست کردید و بهتری مردان رزم این کشور را کشتید و اعدام کردید  و ما را در برابر صدام دیوانه بدون ارتش منظم رها نمودید و با ندانم کاریهای خود یک کشور آباد را به گورستان تبدیل کردید و پدران همین فرزندان برای خاطر مقام و موقعیت شما کشته و معلول شدند.  حالا همین فرزندان را به گلوله میبندید و به آنان تجاوز جنسی میکنید  به طمع اینکه ادعای خدایی شما و اطاعت مطلقه را ارج نهند و از ترس مرگ سکوت کنند.   مردمی که به عشق اسلام و با تبلیغات وسیع به دنبال شما آمدند و بعد یا آواره شدند و یا معلول و کشته  و با اینحال سکوت کردند ولی حالا شما حتی به بدن و روح آنان هم تجاوز میکنید.  آیا فرزندان خود شما همیشه فرمان شما را اطاعت میکنند؟  اگر آنان فرمانهای شما را اطاعت نکنند  آیا آنان را به گلوله میبندید و یا به آنان تجاوز جنسی میکنید؟  هر کاری را که بخود نمیپسندید به دیگران هم روا ندارید.   جوانان گوهر فروش ما امروز گوهر های جان خود را در دست گرفته اند  زیرا گویا برای خود و ایران هیچ آینده ای  نمیبینند.  اینها فرزندان دوره خود شما هستند.  آینان مال زمان شاه نیستند.  شما بایست نسبت به آنان مهربان باشید و مثل فرزندان خود با آنان رفتار نمایید.  در کشوری که مرتب به حجاب میرسند و به عفاف اهمیت میدهند و دختران ما را به زیر پوشش کشانیده اند و از ورز ش و دوستی محروم کرده اند  چطور میتوانند اجازه دهند که در زندانهای آنان عمل جنسی انجام شود و یا لواط که مستوجب مرگ است اجرا گردد؟   این جوانان و این دختران ایران همه پاک هستند  کسی کثیف است که با دست بسته به آنان تجاوز میکند.  آنان گوهر ان خود را بشما میفروشند  تا گوهر آزادی بدست بیاورند.  این متجاوز ها هستند که چرکین و ناپاک هستند و هم چنان فاحشه ها به گوهران فرزندان معصوم و بی گناه ایران تجاوز میکنند. کاری که هیچ سگی نخواهد کرد.   کجای اینکار اسلامی یا انسانی است که به کودک و یا نوجوان دست بسته و کتک خورده تجاوز جنسی هم شود.  باشد که همه ما قدر این گوهر فروشان را بدانیم   کمر وسر در برابرشان خم نماییم.  زنده باد ندا ها و سهرابها که گوهر جان خود را به رایگان برای خاطر آزادی ایران از دست دادند.  نفرین بر ظالمانی که این گلهای نا شکفته ایران زمین را با جهالت و ابلهی پرپر نمودند.   



اعتراض برادر


اعتراض برادر همسر ترانه موسوي



Sad to watch

by Iraniandudeee on

We'll make the islamists pay for their crimes very soon.


very hard to watch

by curly on

could someone  call Ms Jaleho to explain this one!



by amirkabear4u on

As an Iranian I regret all the terrible exprience she gone through. But have you ever heard of;


criminals never show their true identity and actions like this are sourced from them.

But then IRI is responsible for many events like this. And they will pay for it.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Ex programmer craig and Parviz!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

I have made my opposition to IR crimes and atrocities abundantly clear in the last two posts and previously, for anyone who has eyes to see.  I am however making this enquiry from Ex-Programmer Craig, as an American right wing hypocrite, to expose his duplicity.  I asked him a simple question to which he has been unable to reply:

Do you extend the same outrage to the victims of American rape, murder and other atrocities?  I AM APPALLED BY THIS CRIMINAL REGIME  AND WISH ITS DOWNFALL.  I CONDEMN ITS INHUMANITY AND CRIMES.  But Ex-Programmer Craig is shut up about the crimes he is responsible for as a citizen of a so-to-speak democracy.  He defends them.  I am exposing a hypocrite and a liar who does not wish well for our country and is only pursuing his own evil agenda.  

I condemn the IR and I condemn the US.  What about you?! 

Agha Parviz, what is your issue with me?  Have you not read my condemnation, or are you concerned that I am exposing Craig and his like, in the process, too.  Do you have a problem with that, hamvatan?! 


@ Setareh Cheshmakzan

by PArviz on

I do not really understand what your issue with Craig is, but you appear to be wanting to divert the attention from the issue at hand.

OK, we all know most countries have committed and still commit crimes against people in different parts of the world. BUT that is not the issue here, here we are specifically talking about the crimes and atrocities committed by the Islamic Republic against its own citizens. Why do you want to discuss crimes committed by the US and why do you want Craig to take a stand against those? Was he one of the people committing them? Is this article against crimes committed by the US?

I just wanted you to know that YOU, with your democratic and justice-loving exterior (and god knows what kind of an interior) are not doing the people of Iran any favours. And please save your lectures about rule of law, humanity and innocent until proven guilty for someone else I am quite familiar with those.

If you really mean what you say, go and lecture the mullahs on those or is it that you have no problems or issues with the mullahs? You are apparently here just to "muddy" the water in IRI's favour.

ex programmer craig

Setareh Cheshmakzan

by ex programmer craig on

I really don't know what your problem is. You choose this thread to rant about the US? For what reason? You say you want justice for victims of IRI, but I don't see any indication of that. All I see is you playing a moral-relativity game, which serves the purpose of brushing IRI's eggregious misconduct under the carpet.

I left a long reply and then deleted it, because something you are doing is hosing up all the formatting. Don't comment at me again. I won't reply. I don't want to hear from you, and I don't care about your opinions.

Kaveh V


by Kaveh V on


No doubt, the 1979 event in Iran was one of the most significant events of the late 20th century. It certainly stunned Americans, Europeans and Iranians to the inherent barbarity within Islamo-Iranian history that has been covered up by the "progressive" forces within Iran.

Although there may be valid reasons for it, it is simply unconscionable that millions of Iranian emigres living in affluent democratic countries have done so little and acknowledged so little about these widespread crimes against humanity. Not too long ago, many of these second generation kids raised outside of Iran were questioning the veracity of these crimes on this very site.This ignorance combined with the Islamic demagogues (and by definition the co-conspirators of the Islamist criminals within IRI) who were (and still are) beating their chest for being proud IRI hating Muslims, and who were demanding respect for their criminal-genocidal religious belief: Islam, were probably among the primary impediments for many to voice their anger against the Islamic barbarity that has been producing these crimes for centuries.

The EU and the US must realize that warrants issued by the Hague court against any and all of IRI heads and goons will be another effective card in isolation and containment of IRI. This will have the overwhelming 100% support of the Iranian communities outside and inside Iran.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Ex-programmer Craig - in your haste to cover up US atrocities ..

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

In your haste to cover up US atrocities and condemn only the IR, Sir, you choose to omit what I said very clearly!!!  This sounds familiar of course!  I said: "What has happened to this woman and others who have been subjected to torture or killed in Iran is repulsive and I agree that the perpetrators and all their accomplices, at all levels must be punished".  Do you understand the meaning of this?!  It means I believe all those responsible - at ALL LEVELS of responsibility - either by explicit or implicit instructions, or silent permission, must be brought to justice.   

I also said: "I appreciate your concern for justice for Iranian victims", and asked whether your 'principles' extend to victims of the US rapes, torture and genocidal murders?  

I then asked you if you have written anything at all to protest against US atrocities, say, in Iraq, if you are so concerned about human rights and application of justice.  The blood is fresh and still flowing.  You have understandably 1) not responded to this and 2) chosen to ignore that I START my comment with the expression of repulsion and condemnation of the Iranian government's crimes!  

Unlike you, I oppose this regime but the principle of justice, as far as I am concerned, is non-partisan and not a bed-fellow of boundless hypocrisy.   You clearly have an agenda, my dear, which has nothing to do with concern for humanity and justice. 'Fishing in muddy waters', as we Iranians say, or  'Shedding crocodile tears' as you Americans describe it, are old and exposed tools of that trade.  


Are you really shocked?

by PArviz on

Why the shock? This has been systematically going on in Iran since 1981. Do you mean to tell me that you did not know these atrocities have been taking place?

Many people, or at least those who cared and wanted to know, knew about these and other barbaric tortures inflicted upon men or women in IRI jails.

The only way of fighting against such barbarism was to take up arms and fight this regime since no democratic channels were/are available to discuss matters in a civilized manner. But then again some of the same people who are outraged by these "revelations" were/are amongst the first to condemn armed struggle against this regime as "terrorism". The mullahs only understand the language of force. If you think you can fix the Islamic Republic by soft politics (as is customary in democratic countries) you are dead wrong.

The only way is to overthrow this regime and punish those who did to our people what no foreign army/enemy ever did.


Down with the Islamic Republic! 


Too slow to ack...Kaveh

by oktaby on

As with everything else with islamic regime, it has been one big coverup. 165,000 murders and executions we know of, above and beyond the historic damage they have done to the country on every front. What will be uncovered after these beasts are gone is horrific to even contemplate. Margaret Thacher's listing of Reagan coming to power, and 1979 'revolution' as two most significant events of second half of twentieth century back in 2004-5, is telling. The grand scheme that ongoing financial cluster initiated is still in flux.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Imagine the depth of disaster

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Just figure out, how many Persian widows were enslaved, raped, deported, and sold when the pioneers of this Islamic regime first conquered Iran 1400 years ago?

Jaffari Amir

Oh my dear sister

by Jaffari Amir on

Oh my dear sister Mrs. Azari your honor runs through our soul, please don't let those thoughs steal your life and dreams in this way, one day we will bring them to justice I PROMISE YOU. that day is not too far away!


these SOBs......these akhoonds

by shushtari on

need to be taken to castro district in san francisco and let the men their do their thing with them....so they can feel what this poor woman has felt!


hey begeen enghelab meekhaym.....this is what u get, damn it! 

ex programmer craig

PS-Setareh Cheshmakzan

by ex programmer craig on

Do you object to the idea that the Islamic Republic should be brought up on Crimes Against Humanity charges? Do you understand what that is? Do you believe the Islamic Republic is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity? If you do, then why would you object? Why do you feel that regime officials who have ORDERED these crimes to be committed should be able to travel freely with no fear of arrest and prosecution? If they ahve no fear of consequences, what is their motivation to change their behavior? Why do these international laws even exist, if they are never to be invoked? What do you think Shirin Ebadi means when she ask ban Ki Moon to travel to Iran to investigate human rights violations? What do you think she wants the UN to do? Issue a report, and then go away?

ex programmer craig

Setareh Cheshmakzan

by ex programmer craig on

We punished our torturers. They are in prison. We punished our rapists. they are in prison. We punished our murderers. They are in prison.

When the Islamic Republic does that, you can compare the Islamic Republic to the United States. In the meantime, save your breath. 




by KouroshS on

I understand the premise of your argument, but in what society do you observe the fact that the innocents and the most vulnurable are actually being protected? Do you understand the men of the country you live in?

How can iranians, iranian men in particular can retaliate against the regime and let them taste their own medicine? Should they take up guns and start doing the same thing to armed security officers out on the streets? I do not doubt that the regime deserves no mercy but at the same time i really don't think that you are clear on what course of action should be taken in order to combat this. Do you realize the consequences of an armed conflict against this regime? Do you think everyone in iranis ready for this? Are they guilty and to blame if they are not? IS that how men in US solve such problems?

Little Tweet

Stop Social Taboo

by Little Tweet on

These tortured men and women are heroes //www.rahbordonline.com/zeit/?p=1139

Setareh Cheshmakzan

ex programmer craig - Fishing in muddy waters, eh?!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

 What has happened to this woman and others who have been subjected to torture or killed in Iran is repulsive and I agree that the perpetrators and all their accomplices, at all levels must be punished.  

However, as for the International Criminal Court and deterring Iranian diplomats to travel abroad for fear of being arrested, I would ask you whether you are aware of the Guantanoamo Bay torture camp and of Abu Gharib torture chambers, the site of rapes and murders of many innocents?  Have you indeed heard of those Iraqi women who have been raped and murdered by American occupying soldiers?  Have you also happen to have heard that the US has made itself exempt from the International Criminal Court, and for good reasons?!

I appreciate your concern for justice for Iranian victims, I wonder if in your books, the same principles of justice should apply to the victims of American torture and barbarity, sir? And if so, where have you protested and written about it? 



by Abarmard on

I can't imagine any kind of conscious being able of torture and rape. I wish her luck and hope that she can live in peace.

Hearing this makes you wish they were at least as decent as animals.

ex programmer craig

This is very powerful

by ex programmer craig on

This is very powerful testimony.

I really don't understand why there is no indictment against the Islamic Republic for Crimes Against Humanity. This is a textbook case of it, going on for 30 years now and continuing even today. Who cares if IRI doesn't comply? At leastif the indictments are registered, Iraniandipolmats and other regime aparatchiks willnot be able to travel without fear of being arrested. And then we won't have to see Ahmadinejad's ugly face at the UN anymore, either.


5 pillars of islam

by Iranyvaliazad on

Khatami, the Fariba and not the barbarian who presides in Friday prayers said, "Iran has lost one of its greatest contributors" when Lajevardi was sent to hell next to his mentor, the Hendi-zade.

Killing, Rape, Pillage, Destruction and Misery are 5 pillars of islam.



by LanceRaheem on

I beg to differ.  It has nothing to do with machismo and everything to do with decency.  If we are not willing to protect the most vunerable in our societies, then what values to we hold dear.  What or whom are we willing to protect....to take a stand for if we cannot or will not stand up for those who cannot fight for themselves.  You can blame the regime all you like, but when it comes to raping women and hanging children, I will not excuse those that looked the other way.  I swear to God that I do not understand the men of my mother's homeland.  I will not presume for you, but for me...I would rather die on my feet than to live on my knees.  Iran's government will never go away quietly into the night.  There is no compromise to be made, for they will NOT share power.  All they understand is force and brutality.  For this government to fall, enough of the people have to be willing to resort to the same force and brutality that has been used to intimidate and humiliate them for the past three decades.  IRI officials and their supporters deserve no mercy, for they have shown no compassion or mercy toward their countrymen for all these years.  If you really doubt that, please listen to this video clip again.  Our women...our strong and dignified women.. have been the REAL men in Iran for thirty years.  Now that's machismo!



by KouroshS on

This issue has been argued about a billion times before. You are placing the blame on men for the wrong reasons. Islamists do not stand to be bullied, and they bully you back in the harshest possible ways. Have you not seen the images? Men have not voluntarily turned awya, as you may imagine in your mind, they feel just as angry as you do, but they are powerless. I know that they f.. with your life, but if you f... back with them they will ruin you. So it is the regime that needs to taken out and be blamed 100% not the men. Save your machoism for when it is really needed.

Maryam Hojjat

Tragic 30 years of IRI

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am sure that if in the past, people wanted to talk about these IRI's crimes they would be killed and shut for ever. Recent uprising,  helped people to lose their fear & encourged them to speak up.  If some Mullahs such as Kroubi talks loudly about these crimes it is because he knows the days for IRI are numbered otherwise I am sure all these criminal & thief Akhoonds knew what is going on during these 30 years. 


Simply Outrageous

by LanceRaheem on

I found this very emotionally distubing to hear.  As Khanoom-e Azari spoke, all I could imagine was that it could be my mother, sister, aunts or cousins sitting there recounting such a horrific and traumatic assault.  WTF have all the "brave" men in Iran been doing for the past thirty years while our women have been so ruthlessly and shamefully violated by IRI filth?  I am shaking, I'm so phucking angry.  Every man who turned away and "minded his own business" when our sisters were being brutally tortured and sexually assaulted ought to take through the backdoor.  They aren't men if they can't find the courage withing themselves to protect our women.  Iranian women have become the real men of our nation.  I wish someone could find these rapists and cut their goddamned wanks off and let the dogs eat them. 

Payandeh Iran and Iranian Women! 



انتقام جانانه


یک روزی نه چندان دور سایۀ  این رژیم پر برکت اسلامی از سر سرزمین ایران و ایرانیان کم خواهد شد. آنروز آنهاییکه در تداومش کوشش کرده اند با واقعیت های انکار ناپذیری روبرو خواهند شد که با هفت دریا آب هم پاک شدنی نخواهد بود.

هر آنچه که بربرهای حاکم در چنته داشته اند  کرده اند و در انتها نتوانسته اند ایرانیان را  به درنده خویانی همچو خودشان تنزل دهند. انتقام جانانه از این ددان  همان برقرای دموکراسی در ایران است. درود بر این دخت ایرانی که نماد عصمت و طهارت است و آن دیگران فقط و فقط خون دل.