Karroubi wants answers

Insists on exposing rape and torture of political prisoners

Mehdi Karroubi's son Hossein interview with BBC:


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Setareh Cheshmakzan


by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Karrubi was the speaker of Majlis, and so were many of the reformist leaders who have been detailed, members of parliament and worked in various capacities in the government and within the 'regime' as you call it!  Does that make them accomplice to crimes?  What a load of utter bullshit.  If you have any knowledge of his corruption and complicity in crimes, then come up with it, otherwise your arguments are old and sad!  I am not defending and have never defended this regime, but your type of logic is a mindless black and white binary logic which burns the wet with the dry indiscriminately and ends up with the smoke.  Perhaps that's what you want, eh; to then import your CLEAN leaders and theorists from amongst the expatiots in the West?!  Is affinity with and complicity with foreign regimes a disqualifier in your books too?!  

I do not idolize and glorify anybody.  A movement throws up its leaders according to the needs of the time, and Karrubi is doing very well, at the current time.  It is your black and white and absolutist frame of mind which causes your limitation of imagination and thinking.  Open your eyes! 


It is Setareh Cheshmakzan again!

by mertsi1340 on

I should have guessed you turn up sooner or later and shower a criminal like Karrubi with your praises.

What the hell do you know about his past and record? Just being a part of this regime is enough to make him a criminal. Do you think people like him can be speaker of the Majlis without belonging to the core of this criminal regime? No way. 

He is a wolf. I assure you there is nothing good about this regime so you shouldn't bother tiring yourself with writing pointless comments.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

brave man and great leader

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Well done Karrubi.  He has had the guts to stand up to these criminals.  Karrubi has no record of criminal complicity and is earning his respect and his leadership by his decency and bravery.  


Do not be too hasty with your praises!

by PArviz on

Hey people! do not get too carried away by these. Karrubi is one of the wolves and has been for the past 30 years (as have Mousavi, Rafsanjani and...).

This akhund has smelt the downfall of the regime and wants piece of the action in the future one. He is also one of the more corrupted in the Islamic Republic, maybe not the most corrupt because that title is reserved for Rafsanjani.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!

Little Tweet

Bravo Karrubi and son!

by Little Tweet on

Someone please find some neshador for this Mr BBC reporter!! halemoono gereft baba!


Karoubi has Courage....

by Khar on

As big as Iran!

Thanks Ebi Jaan for the post.


He does not beat about the bush

by Mehrban on

that these crimes have "allegedly" happened.   He says there is no doubt about the fact that they have happened.