Israel Ambassador on Iran

CNN's Fareed Zakaria interviews Michael Oren


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Mollah Nasredeen jan,

by پیام on

Visa? I don't need a visa, my comment here has made me an honourary citizen of Israel ;)


For my part Israel may wipe out all palestinians of the face of the earth, all arabs for that matter. I don't give a crap about them thugs who kill my fellow Iranians in streets of Iran. Reviewing the history of my beloved Iran and not Arabestan like your sort is trying to shift/change Iran into, Iran has been fucked and backstabbed to many time by arabs. So, whether Israel is built up on occupied arab land or not, is non of my concern. I only remeber how Arafat came to Iran at the start of the revolution and seized the Israeli embassy and grabbed whole lot of cash and left to support Saddam during Iran-Iraq war. Unlikethem arab bastards, Israel had a veru friendly relation with Iran before the revolution.


And back to the point of military might; Israel would wipe Iran of the face of the earth any time it wishes. Their military is much more advanced than Iran's. The only thing withholding them of attacking Iran, is the fear of retaliation by hezbollah and Iran's missiles. For your information, Israel's government values the life of it's citizens, unlike Iran's current regime who doesn't seem to be willing to mis any chance to get Iranians killed.

Like all Iranians should be, I am against any military action against Iran. If you had taken your time to read my full comment, you would had find out. Anyway, I don't need to explain my comments to 9 year olds like yourself. So consider this as a one time favour :)

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

Hey Pretty boy, go count the number of defenseless women and children you have killed then judge another f@@cking religious regime that have risen to compete with your despicable religious regime.

Is that really a comparison you want to make? I think the IRI has Israel beat by a factor of at least 100 to 1 on that scale.

Once again, Ayhab shows his true colors. Thanks!

And do let me know if you want to break out the spreadsheets.


one religious nut case to another

by capt_ayhab on

When this pretty boy ambassador talks about democracy and freedom for Iran I want to puke. The biggest religious criminal regime of the century who has terrorized entire world since 1950's talking about another freaking criminal bunch is nothing short of nauseating.

Hey Pretty boy, go count the number of defenseless women and children you have killed then judge another f@@cking religious regime that have risen to compete with your despicable religious regime.

I Invoke Anti-Trust laws[WINK]  on terror between Israel and IR, both are trying to create monopoly on crime against humanity and terror. 



BTW INTRODUCE = DEPLOY, Israel come close by hair in USING atomic bomb in 1967 war. This is how dangerous this anti-human  regime is.  Besides Bunker buster bombs that US refused to supply Israel are made out of depleted uranium.


Benyamain, we are trying to focus on Islamic Regime criminals ..

by aynak on


it is the criminals running the state of Israel that are trying to divert attention.   Please reread my post in this thread about the way these seeming enemies, appear to help each other at the time of crisis.

Instead of saying dont talk about Israel please read and answer my question:  Why when there is such domestic strife in Iran, and Ahmadi-Nejad has not made (had a chance to) make comments about Israel, does Israel send its Navy ships and nuclear subs to Red sea and Indian ocean?   And why do we hear threats of  preemptive strike by top Israeli officials?   Does that help or hurt the pro freedom/justice movement in Iran?   And what if that threat becomes reality, like it did in the time of Saddam?

--I-- am the person that posted the rape expose' by Babak Dad. At the same time, it should be obvious that even worse can happen without the world community noticing, IF there were a war.

In fact that is what happend back in 1387/1986 while the war with Iraq was going on.   Same type of crimes took place and thousands of our people were murdered in Islamic Regime prisons.

While we defend the rights of our fellow Iranians, we must also tell the world, no country has the right to strike Iran under whatever pretext.

In this case the beneficiaries will be criminal Islamic regime, criminal Israeli government and of course world weapon manufacturers.



Mola Nasredeen

Piam and benyamin, have you received your visa for Israel yet?

by Mola Nasredeen on

The trip is free and it's paid for by us the American tax payers. You both are pushing a loser's point of view. You compare apple and shit and come to the same conclusions. Apple being Iran and shit being the racist/fascit regime of Israel.

1. Israel is created on an occupied land, named Palestine.

2. It's Israel who wants to attack Iran and not vice versa.

3. United Nations has hundreds of resolutions demanding Israel to withdraw from Palestinian lands to no avail.

Now go chew on that for a while.


Israel can fuck up Iran in a blink of an eye.

by پیام on

Iran is military equal to Somalia. Lots of the so called Iranian military might is also known as "table too khali".


Let all us hope that before the morons on both side decide to take arm against each other ( openly), Iran's government is changed for a more humane and a more reasonable one and Israel's government gives up bullying it's neighbours. Althought at the end of the day it's non of Iranian goverment's business what the heck Israel does or does not to arabs, the same arabs who kill Iranians on Tehran's streets. And besides, there are plenty of arabs around in the region to fight for their palestinian brothers.


To Ostaad and everyone else:

by Benyamin on

LET`S HAVE OUR EYES ON THE TARGET AND NOT GET DITRACTED. Whatch the video about "RAPING OUR YOUTH" and then try to put down the israelies!

I was phyisically in pain after that. I got a major headache and I thank those brave people that are fighting with bare hands for freedom and also the brave reporter that repoted and recorded those unimaginable torture methods.

Forget Israel, we all sound like "KASEH-YEH DAGHTAR AZ AASH". where as in our own country the biggest crimes against humanity is forming and being implimented. Everytime we pay attention to Israel`s issue we betray our own brothers and sisters in jails getting tortured as they cry for help.

Let`s not forget our own "jigar goosheha" let`s be responsible and get united against the dispotic regime of IRI. That is our fight for "now" 

Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

What sort of jingoistic is that? These guys love to "introduce" new jargons into their language to mislead the gullible.

Another observation: this Oren looks very much like a Western face. Jews look like Farid Zakaria. It would be like a German trying to speak for Indian politics. This in my opinion is the cause of all our problems in the Middle East. btw: Zionist regime came before IRI.

Besides, this talk about Iran being divinely inspired coming from someone who believe they are "the chosen race" and the land of Palestine ( for that is what it is called in OT) is their God given right. Try taking that sort of argument to any US court of law to calim ownership of a piece of real estate.

It is taboo to talk about Israel's 200 nukes, naturally. The pot calling the kettle black. Am no fan of the bloody mullahs but Israel's history makes any mullah green with envy - oops shouldn't have used green! ok, may be red with rage!

truly one deserves the other. Sadly people die for this sort of lying. peshe ye sag ro sag mishineh. 

Ahmed from Bahrain


Dear Shustari,

by Sassan on

This guy actually makes a whole of sense, and if you think about it without being tugged emotionally, you will see it so. Back in the early '70's, America was helping the Shah build his nuclear facilites (and Israel had no problems with Iran acquiring the know-how then, neither did the USA of course).

So, it's not like they don't EVER want Iran to join the nuclear club -- the proof is there, i.e., the work that was allowed in the early 1970's. It's just that they don't want this sickeningly barbaric regime to acquire the know-how. And neither do you -- as I know you despise the mullahs and what they've done to Iran.

I sincerely think the Ambassador was saying that just because we stand against this Iranian regime acquiring nukes DOES NOT mean that we stand against a different, more peaceful Iranian regime acquiring nuclear know-how in the future.

After all, this barbaric mullah regime is the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism. For 30 years, the fucking mullahs have stolen Iran's resources to finance terrorism all over the world. Iran, under the mullahs, is the Federal Reserve Bank for Islamic terrorists. 

Would you want that kind of a terroristic regime to acquire nukes, if you were Israel, or even a patriotic Iranian for that matter? 


who the

by shushtari on

f**k is this guy think he is....."a different iran is another story..."

as much as I hate the mullahs, the last we need is this guy or any another israeli 'dictating' what we can and cannot have....

he seems to forget that his ancestors owe their lives to the great kindness of cyrus the great who saved their asses from distruction in babylon.....

in fact all jews pretty much owe iran and its people a debt that cannot be repaid....

so I would keep it quiet if I were you little one! 


There is no such a thing as exclusivity of criminalists

by aynak on


Both the state of Israel as well as Islamic 'Republic' are criminal regimes.   Some people with low comprehension, argue if Islamic Regime is criminal then Israel must be peace loving and right, and vise versa.   Rubbish.

As Osataad already stated, these two regimes are complementary.  When Israel was committing war crimes in Gaze, Mahmoud came to rescue of Zionist state, by once again telling European who were about to pass a strong condemenation resolution, that the place of Jews is in Europe no Middle East!   This effectively, turned the spotlight from one criminal regime (while they were commiting war crimes in Gaza) to another.

Now days that the criminal nature of Islamic Regime is once again exposed for the whole world to see, and Ahmadi-Nejad is shown for the psychopath he is, Isareli regime is coming to the rescue by threatening preemptive strike.

What is pushing Isreal to make new threats, when historically, regimes engulfed in internal strife have no time for external enemies, and welcome a war and external enemy as  god's gift?

If in 1980, Saddam Hossein invasion of Iran, KILLED any chance of democratic progress and transformation of revolution, 30 years later Israel appears intent, to follow up on Saddam's path of diverting democratization movement in Iran,by making threats and possibly acting on them.




by Ostaad on

Islamism and Zionism are two sides of the same coing. Just like two crime gangs that terrorize the poeple to keep them under their control, BOTH of these religon-based despotic political gangs must be eradicated for peace to return to the ME. These two criminal movements feed on each other and use each other's actions for their own raison de etre.



No Way


Israel Goh khordeh irano bezane. They don't have the balls to hit iran, they would have done it by now. This is just  huff and puff. Their Arrow II anti missle project is a complete failure. They have not defence against the Shahabs coming down on their head. Israel is a criminal war machine. They know how to bomb women and children that are defenseless but they don't dare attack iran. Believe me,

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Michael Oren makes perfect sense!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

I am not taking Israel side's especially against my own beloved country!

But Islamic Republic, its leader, officials, members and supporters have committed the ultimate crimes against humanity/Iranians and ultimate treason in the Holy/Sacred name of Iran.

The EVIL and CRIMINAL Islamic Republic has systematically committed mass genocide and crimes against humanity against its own so called people and citizens, "The Iranians" !!!!!!!!

Which by the way makes the Evil I.R. a perfect candidate to be taken and trailed in the International Criminal Court of law in Hague/Holland!!!! (In The Name Of God of all Consciousness, We Iranians hope very soon!)

Once I.R. has the Nuclear weapons  in its EVIL hands, they will not hesitate to use it against any citzens in the world especially Israelis who they hate the most on this planet!!!!

Like so many people around the world and despite my own pesonal disagreement with Israel's foreign policy and treatment of innocent foreign civilians and on so many levels, I still give them 100% right to be so careful and on 100% alert about and with the "Evil Islamic Republic"....Evil I.R. has done crimes against humanity that even Israel has not done yet! Beating, Insulting, Imprisoning, Torturing, Raping and Murdering its own citizens!!!!!!

No one in this world believes and trusts these I.R. criminals anymore !!! NO ONE, except few terrorists in middle east and those who are spreaded out  around the world doing P.R for Evil I.R.!! Majority of World citizens and their view, sympathies and supports are on the Israelis side vs the Evil I.R. Now!!! That is the fact that everyone must accept by now.

Iranian people know that first hand and for over 30 dark and painful years...

Free Iran and Iranians from EVIL.


Suddenly he looks much more "human"

by Benyamin on

In light of what has gone on in Iran, Israeli Government suddenly looks much more "human" that the Iranian one.

I heard the young Iranian boys and girls were "raped" in the jails of "Islamic Republic". The depth of tragedy is so grave that I had a hard time sleeping and as I was listening to what they have done to the young Iranians I was physicaly in pain and I was shievering as i was lisetning to the reporter.

Israel is not "just" for Palestinians. I know that. But if Islam has no merci on its own children then I would give every "right" to the "Jews" to defend themselves against the Muslims, since we know what will happen if muslims take over.

I have voiced my concenrs over Israel`s treatment of Palestinians(and I still believe they are inhumane) but comparing them to what Islamists have done to my brothers and sisters in the name of Islam I "judge" them in a better place.

Shame on those that cry foul for Palestinians but rape their own kids.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

That's right, Mola. You are one of the good guys. Keep telling everone that, and maybe someday they will believe you.

Mola Nasredeen

X-Programmer, Ahmadi is your kind of leader, why?

by Mola Nasredeen on

1.Because you do need a boggie man to scare Americans and distract them from their real problem Israel. 

2. You do need him to give billions of dollars to arms makers of the world

3. You do need Ahmadinejad to fan the flames against Muslims, Iranians and Middle Easterns in general, why? Because you are a racist who believes in "I'm Christian I'm white, I must be right" 

You can't win by lies, misinformatin, fear mongerin and hate. Remember Zion.

As that old preacher from the South said "We Shall Overcome Someday".

PS. Bush is gone, So is Cheney (waiting for his court date), Ramsfeld is gone, Wolfovits is gone so is Bolton, McCain is out, and Barrak Hossein Obama is our President. Republicans have bankrupted our country economically and politically. Go Chew on that for a while.



by Abarmard on

Great interview.

What he meant by the word "introduce" is when another nation in the region "gets" the similar capabilities, the state of Israel will "introduce" their nuclear capabilities to match the possible rival.

He seemed to follow a moderate view rather than extremist of Netanyahu. This was a good move by the government of Israel to have an individual as such in the US while president Obama is in charge.

ex programmer craig

exposed the deep hypocracy

by ex programmer craig on

exposed the deep hypocracy of the racist...

Intersting comment, considering you support Ahmadinejad.

Mola Nasredeen

An Excellent Interview

by Mola Nasredeen on

I happened to watch this program on CNN.

Farid Zarakria stopped the new Israeli ambassador when he tried to lie, BS and misinform the audience every turn. Fareed asked him if Israel has 250 atomic bomb then why is it so against Iran's nuclier enery activities. Imagine, Israel's embassador in an American citizien.

Zakaria exposed the deep hypocracy of the racist Zionists government of Israel headed by Likude and a bunch of other racist parties whose goal is to ethnically cleans the Palestinians from their own land. Zakaria's name probably have already been added the Zionists black list for journalist who think independently from the rest of the lapdog media journalists. You go Fareed!