Iran: "2nd genocide of Jewry"

Analyst says there are more reasons why Iranian nuclear facilities should be destroyed

The potential appointment of Ahmad Vahidi as Minister of Defense has given new resolve to Israeli lobby to advocate a military attack on Iran. Here's Middle East Fellow Caroline Glick from the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC:


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just another zionist group using the USA

by Anonymous8 on



Center for Security Policy was founded in 1988 and states that it operates as a "non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to the time-tested philosophy of promoting international peace through American strength." [1]

According to their web site, "The Center specializes in the rapid preparation and real-time dissemination of information, analyses and policy recommendations via e-mail distribution; computerized fax; its exciting, redesigned Web site; published articles; and the electronic media. The principal audience for such materials is the U.S. security policy-making community (the executive and legislative branches, the armed forces and appropriate independent agencies), corresponding organizations in key foreign governments, the press (domestic and international), the global business and financial community and interested individuals in the public at large." [1]

Caroline B. Glick the senior Middle East fellow and the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post


Zereshk she's completely wrong and alarmist

by Anonymous8 on

She and you must have been asleep. Bush is out of office now and pro Israel neocons are having a hard time getting their bloody agenda done.

thanks for joke. It is 100% wrong.

Khar Gir

ahem ... psst

by Khar Gir on

Glick kalash boo Gormeh Sabzi mideh.

Joe L.

Iran will be fine

by Joe L. on

Gradually the government will return to its normal ways and from all these suffering comes a new beginning. People are wiser, system more diverse and security established. I believe to the eyes of the West, Iran looks more powerful and stable than ever before. That gives a great deal of potentials for investments and political reliance to solve the regional problems. Thats how I see Iran changing.



by XerXes on

She should go to that lesbian love page or take a chill pill.


Three Things

by XerXes on

She is screaming: I am ugly, I am gay, and I am stupid.


IRI apologists, take heed

by Zereshk on

I hate to break it you guys, but she's right on almost every count:

1. The IRI will mount an offensive against Israel, the very first chance it feels it can get away with it. Jew-hating is so deeply ingrained in our culture now, thanks to the 30 years of brainwashing we've inherited. Israel's poor human rights record has blinded us to our own Jewphobia. Shaking hands with a Jew is Najes. Right. I still remember that one all too well.

2. The US is next. See for yourself. America-hating is also in our blood.

3. IRI doesnt want peace. Peace with America will weaken their ideological basis. They thrive because they have Great and Little Satans to go to war against, and make it look divinely legit.

4. Getting a nuclear bomb is no unworthy goal for them. All they'd need is for Jannati or some other Emam Jom'eh to one morning come out and declare it halal in the name of Allah and "be eghtezaaye zamaaneh), and it will become "Halal-e Khoda", just like that. If theyre raping our own daughters and women, what makes you think they wont go any further to "the enemies of Islam"? Their Taqwa?

The only thing I dont agree with her is her solution: to use military force against Iran. Not only will it backfire, but it will simply legitimize IRI, Sepaah, and validate their rule for years to come. I mean, look at you ppl; youre already siding against her just for mentioning it, even though most of you are probably no fans of IRI. And the mullahs know this all damn too well.

These are Mahmoud's own words. Is this what you really want? Think about them:

بدون تردید می‏گویم که این شعار و هدف دست یافتنی است و به حول و قوه الهی به زودی جهان بدون آمریکا و صهیونیسم را تجربه کرده و در دوران درخشان حاکمیت اسلامی بر جهان امروز تنفس خواهیم کرد


Totally agree with you

by kingpillaroffaith on

Totally agree with you Darius. she looks tired and as we say in French "mal baisée". She needs it big time.

What the hell is wrong with these Jews who only worry about a bunch of dellusional fanatics living in the West Bank? Jews here, Jews there...She can name the Jewish settlements in the West Bank by heart with the perfect Hebrew pronounciation while I am damn sure she can't name me the names of 5 small towns surrounding the city where she lives in the US. 

They seriously need to come out of their shell and live with other people, exchange, learn, instead of only being concerned about themselves!!


DK is right, and she needs some one like AN to do the job

by Bavafa on

It would be most deserving



argument is just so old

by nikoo195 on

its so frustrating to see ppl still say iran is building nuclear weapons. and this "wipe israel off the map" argument is just so old. Iran as corrupt as the the governement is will sign their own death warrant if they use this magical nuclear weapon everyone claims exists.

Darius Kadivar

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