"Flash protests" in Tehran

Interesting development in the way people are protesting these days

Whereas in most of the other videos we have seen people gathered specifically to protest, this video shows the emerging "flash protests" in Tehran. On set days people leave their homes and go to the vicinity of a pre-announced venue. They then just walk on the sidewalk and periodically join with others in chanting slogans and then disperse before the police arrive, catching up with another group somewhere down the street.


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good going!

by mahmoudg on

Beat them at their own game.  How stupid despotic clerical regimes are (not that there is any, other than this system in the world) to think they are immune just because they have the will of Allah on their side.  People of Iran will show them an Allah that will be a freaking Akbar.   


Genie is out of the bottle

by Bavafa on

Now it is time to force Mullahs into the bottle