Crisis of legitimacy

Abbas Milani on Ahmadinejad's crisis of legitimacy nationally and internationally


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by IranFirst on

Doost-e aziz

Couple of points: "Jaleho" is NOT Iranian, he is a male US citizen. The Alias is an abreviation of his first and last names (just look it up). My point is he can not go to Iran (well maybe he can walk across the border, like the other 3 idiots :-) ) Also he does not understand your Farsi comments (the good ones' he needed to understand).

He is another sorry example of the International "left", who has all the answers pre-cooked in his small mind (just downloaded it from the party or saw it on a web site). He and the leftists like him are not interested in what people of the country want, or debate, they have all the answers, even if they never lived in that country ! Just consider it as noise and ignore him. 


I don't understand why 

by vildemose on

I don't understand why  Joseph Goebbels of the IRI are given free rein to elevate  their particular brand of abomination.

I guess this site would even allow Charles Manson to champion his cause.




Did i miss something?

by iroooni on

he never mentioned that the regime will collapse soon. Also, i take the elites in US over "Shoraye Negahban" to streamline the presidents any day. Finally, some people can find a bad thing in US for every bad thing that occurs in Iran. Then, why we are we all residing in the West?





by Mehdi on

Same old useless chatter we have been hearing for the past 30 years - that the regime will collapse soon! Give it up! Besides, most of what he says is wrong with the regime or the president is also true about practically all governments, including the US government. For example, maybe in Iran the president is not truly elected by people but it is the same in the US - it is in fact corporations and certain elite who pick the pres in the US and people's vote is just smoke screen to make it look like they elected someone. The fact is candidates are prescreened heavily by the elite. 

High laughs

Free Country v.s Freeloaders

by High laughs on


Tokhma Seg half breed you call yourself Iranian...


HA ha ...


Thank you, Darius jan!

by Rebecca on

Thank you, Darius jan-right on... and thank you Dr. Milani!

Ahmadinjad is NOT OUR PRESIDENT eventhough he thinks he is.

 Jaleho, accept the reality!


Mark his WRONG WORDS one more time!

by Jaleho on

Some of these "Iranian experts" never remember their WRONG  analysis and therefore WRONG predictions based on those analysis! Amazing how they can continue to PREDICT when they are never correct!

Lat's mark him here again. After his prediction that Ahmadinejad will not become president for a second term, now he is saying that Ahmadinejad will not be able to finish his second term given the present state of affairs. He also seems to believe that internationally he is considered illegitimate and thus no one will deal with him.

Hope he doesn't forget this in 4 years!

btw, what happened to that Sazegara fellow who was supposed to lead a revolution from afar to coincide with constitutional Revolution?! that clown disappeared it seems.