Persian Playa on "Blind Date"


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American Dream

Sassan, that's what's going on

by American Dream on

I wasn't giving you my point of view.  I am all fine and dandy with this Persian or Persia title.  But, the wave is going toward using the term Farsi.  And the term Persia and Persian is either being watered down or not being used.




American Dream

by Sassan on

Are you freaking serious?

Your comment is patently ridiculous!

The reason that the webster dictionary "on-line" has the term "farsi" is because people like yourself have incorrectly used the term so OFTEN, that it has entered the lexicon.

Even the United Nations considers Persian, not only the correct term for the language of Iran, but also for the body of water below Iran. 

The Persian Gulf has been called the Persian Gulf for thousands of years! And your commentary on Persian cats and cuisine is monumentally RETARDED!

I don't know if you were intentionally trying to sound retarded for sarcasm's sake or what, but don't take my word for it, go do some research on the subject and see for yourself! In fact, go to hard bound dictionary and see if you find the term "Farsi."

On-line you can find anything these days!  

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

I might agree that his manners were a little slack but I don't think she was much better.  So who was rudder first or does that even matter.  I'm just not laying it all on him.  :-)

American Dream

Sassan, about your comment...

by American Dream on

Thank you for the post on farsi vs. Persian.

Just to correct the matter the Webster online dictionary does have the word farsi.



Farsi has become the correct term.

The term Persia was abolished by Reza Khan in 1925 when he became king.

There are a lot of Persian Rugs that are made in India and China.  Persian as in Persian Rug has become a design.

And the Gulf is called the Arabian Gulf by all the Gulf countries except for Iran.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only Gulf country that uses the term Persian Gulf.

Persian cats are also termed afghan cats.

And a lot of Persian Poets are now referred to as being from Turkey, Uzbekistan (Bokhara/Samarghand) and from Afghanistan.

A lot of Persian/Iranian restaurants in the west call their cuisine middle eastern and serve an arab appetizer called hummus, and serve turkish baba ganoosh and have concerts where an Arabic belly dancer performs.

I agree with your point but, the tide is going the other way and the point we are arguing in support of is like arguing for a theory like "the world is flat".

All the best.  Thanks for the comments.


She was hideous!

by Sassan on

Any girl who readily admits that she would be with a guy for his money or that she cheated on her boyfriend is worthless as far as I'm concerned, so I don't blame this guy for being turned off.



by Fariborz23 on

I dont blame Bobby, 

he approached the situation the right way. Who said he has to  give this dumb, uneducated, UGLY fat chick any recognition. She's so stupid that she can't even hold a decent conversation. Poor guy got matched up with the wrong girl, thats what it came down to. His reaction and attitude towards the date was completely legitimate but was exemplified as being an asshole. For you morons that think he truly is a jerk.. you're even more ignorant than Fabiola  by being deceived thru the subliminal deception. This show fooled you into thinking that he is an asshole not to mention giving a bad name to Iranian men. 


American Dream (Farsi or Persian?)

by Sassan on

When speaking or writing in English and you want to refer to our native tongue, please use the CORRECT term of Persian, NOT "Farsi." Farsi is what WE Iranians call our language when we're SPEAKING OR WRITING in Persian.

Have you ever heard any American referring to the language of Greece as "Eliniki?" In fact, have you ever heard any Greeks calling their language "Eliniki" when speaking ENGLISH? That's, in fact, what the Greeks call their langauge, but when they're SPEAKING or WRITING in English, they refer to their native language as Greek!

Same is true with respect to German/Deutche and French/Francaise and Spanish/Espanol. Have you ever heard anyone in the English-speaking world refter to the language of Germany as Deutche? No! In English, the language of Germany is called German!

So, when SPEAKING OR WRITING in English, please refer to our native langauge as Persian -- NOT Farsi! You won't even find "Farsi" in the English language, but you will most certainly find Persian!

Why is this Important? When you refer to our language in the Incorrect term of "Farsi," you break your individual (and our collective) link to our Persian past, and therefore, you unnecessarily contribute to the dilution of our collective identity. We Iranians are so damn ignorant/falsely proud or cute when it comes to these important foundational matters, we don't even realize the incremental, but massive damage that we're doing to our identity!

Are we Persian or are we Iranian? Do we speak this new language "Farsi" or the much older language "Persian?" If we speak this language "Farsi" are we still Persian or Arab or what?  All of this confusion will most certainly work against our cultural heritage and our collective identity as the heirs of the Persian culture -- a culture that has been identified in the western world as all things Persian (Persian poetry, Persian history, Persian cats, Persian cuisine, Persian music, Persian cats, Persian rugs, the Persian Empire, and yes, the Persian language).

So why unnecessarily BREAK your individual link to all this glorious history by referring to our native tongue as "Farsi" when communicating in English??? In other words, why cut off your nose to spite your Persian face?   

American Dream


by American Dream on


"He needed to take the long stick out of his hairy behind."

How so?

How was he acting like a jerk?

And what are these shortcomings?

All the best,

American Dream



American Dream

by KouroshS on

So what?

He needed to take the long stick out of his hairy behind and at least pretend that he was going along with all the shortcomings and whatever that was making him unhappy for the sake of the show, rather than being a jerk.

American Dream

Why are people dumping on Bobby?

by American Dream on

Bobby probably didn't wan't to go on a date.  He just went on the show for the free food and drink.  Didn't you see him drink the wine non-stop.  Do you guys believe that this would end up being a permanent relationship?

And Boby is not a name in the farsi language.  His name is probably Babak.


Bobby wasn't prince

by deev on

Bobby wasn't prince charming, nagging women don't help bring out the best in people, it wasn't that bad, we all have seen worse.


Persian or no Persian...

by RezaKnowsAcu on

They dont make them like they used to. Hey dude, get a life and some manners in how to treat other people, specially women. What an Idiot.


She is much better off

by vildemose on

She is much better off without this idiot.


How about that for a bad example

by javaneh29 on

What a rude,boring and shallow man. I felt sorry for this poor girl. She must have been left with a great impression of iranian manners. But she seems clued in enough to know he was insufferable.

His manners were appalling. Calling her a 'chubby chick' ... does he think he is some thing special?



they've should have taken

by zebel20 on

they've should have taken him arag sagy testing,


which garbage hole did they find this guy from?

by KouroshS on

He is a total idiot. Just because a guy carries An Iranian pre-fix by his name does not make him an angle. I hope everyone is aware of this fact!

Ali P.

Sad day for us all...

by Ali P. on

They just HAD to reveal that he was PERSIAN, didn't they?!