Babak Khorramdin's fort

Annual trip to fort in Azarbaijan

As in previous years, a very large crowd of people made their annual trip to Babak Khorramdin's fort in Iran's Azarbaijan Province to celebrate Babak's birthday in July:


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Mohammad Ala

Aghar Iran olmasa, manim janim olmasen.

by Mohammad Ala on

We have four forts similar to this one in Iran: Fars, Khogheloyeh wa Boyrahamd (Yassoj), and this one in Azarbajian.

Aghar Iran olmasa, manim janim olmasen. 



A true "Iranian"

by Benyamin on

I believe we are arriving to a point and moment in our history that may need to get rid of "arab like people of Iran" People that are now in power and they wont go away unless they meet the sharpness of Iran`s wrath and where there will no longer be any merci for any of them left.

God bless IRAN


In Your Face Ommattis

by anonymous111.2 on

That's what I'm talking about!!!!

Bahram G

Many thanks Gormeh Sabzi

by Bahram G on

I salute the great Babak and his decent "spiritual descendants"--my brothers and sisters of the Azari who are devoted to Babak's glorious heritage and oppose with all their capacities all that is anathema to Iran's noble heritage.

Babak Khorramdin

we need leader like babak

by Babak Khorramdin on



"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."


Shazde Asdola Mirza

History shows: nothing gets done in Iran till Azarbayjan rises!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!



by Freedom5 on

Iran needs another leader like Babak Khoramdin.

Well done Ghormeh Sabzi, another masterpiece. Please read Babak Khoramdin Biography in Wikipedia.