Asking the nuclear question

Christopher Hitchens asks the big question on Iran's nuclear program


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Fact is on IAEA

by Abarmard on

Unless proven otherwise, the official organization that keeps track of the Iranian nuclear programs are them. Their official reports indicate that there are no trace of weapon research in Iran. That's the fact.

Now what if:
Mr. Afshar, what do you assume will happen? If Iran is not better than Pakistan, it certainly isn't worse. No Nuke program can safeguard a regime from its people. One thing for sure, the chances for foreign intervention will certainly decrease and the people will have a better chance to direct their ways; In the long run.
Who knows, what if every country on the planet gets a bomb, and then perhaps there would be no wars! what if?


"Iranian population in

by vildemose on

"Iranian population in danger of another all out war if this bomb business continue"


 If Iran get the bomb, the war would be inev itable. I have a sneaky suspicion that is exactly what some people want in some corners of both Iranian and American politics...

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

I agree, but what IS fact... do you know?

Afshin - I wish people would answer your question.  It's not really ever been discussed like that before.  It would be interesting to see what people's views are IF they entertain the idea of the IRI have nukes and what the possibilities are.  <shiver>


All is fine

by Abarmard on

We all have the right to sit and imagine what if this or what if that. The fact is a fact, and everything else are either lies, deceptions or just a "drunken fool" ;)


He is right

by cyclicforward on

Nuclear Iran will blackmail the region. They are following the exact steps of N. Korean and Pakistan. Once they have the bomb the life of Iranians will be hell. IRI will do whatever it wants and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it then. We need to get rid of IRI and their bomb now. Iranian population in danger of another all out war if this bomb business continue.



by Afshin_Afshar on



Who is really running Iran

by vildemose on

Who is really running Iran now-a-days? does anybody know?


Warmongering idiot

by Q on

He can't hide his intellectual dishonesty, and petty partisanship.

If he had an ounce of integrity he would have mentioned that lebanese elections were a joke. The colonial era "constitution" grants more weight to Christian votes compared to Shiite votes, so Hezbollah lost, despite having the most numerical supporters.

This idiot backed the war with Iraq, and he wants to do the same with Iran.


‫این رژیم جنایت پیشه است


حرفش کاملا منطقی است، دنیا باید متحد بشه جلوی این رژیم.  رژیمی که به تعهدش نسبت به قوانین خودش و مردم خودش پایبند نیست چطور میتونه به تعهدش به دنیا نسبت به تولید سلاح اتمی پایبند باشه؟ رژیمی که به دنیا نشون داده دست به هر جنایتی بر علیه مردم خودش میزنه و هیچ اهمییتی به حقوق مردمش نمیده قابل اعتماد نیست


Iran Leaders Aren't Madmen

by liberation08 on

hitchens is a liar 

u.s. and israeli leaders have been saying since the early 1980s that an iranian nuclear weapons capability is imminent

i too have searched for and not found a picture of hezbollah's supposed mushroom cloud symbol. hezbollah did not lose badly. its coalition won the popular vote

iran has a right to fight for its independence and prosperity, more so than the middle east emirates and kingdoms


What do you expect from a drunk...

by Ostaad on

His argument that Iran will "blackmail" Bahrain and/or Kuwait is patently "british", that means bullshit. Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait and many other countries in the Persian Gulf have formal economic and diplomatic relations that benefits everyone - more the Iranians than the other countries because the Persian Gulf countries, minus S. Arabia, serve as vital trade and financial channels. Active diplomatic and financial relations with Iran's neighbors has enabled Iran to bypass the counter-productive sanctions that are strongly supported by the regime in Zionistan and its supporters.

Iran's then president Rafsanjani announced publicly that Iran' nuclear weapon policy was to be a "screwdriver away from the bomb". That policy is legal, rational and nonthreatening. Hitchens seems to have missed that, perhaps because he was busy talking to the bottle when it was announced.

The "mushroom cloud" on Hezbollah's flag seems to another product of his alcohol-soaked brain. Has anyone seen any pictures of that flag? Funny, he has never shown a picture of it, but he seems to vividly remember seeing it, which for an "alchie" is quite possible.  


Speaking is not taxed

by Abarmard on

He would have not spoke so surely if he was taxed for every word that he could not proof.