Abbas Salimi Namin

Hardliner, media expert

You would know things are really bad when the worst of Iranian conservatives are attacking IRIB! Abbas Salimi Namin a hardliner media expert (formerly with Kayhan Havaee) criticizes IRIB (Iranian state TV) policies and programs towards post election tension in Iran and asks why every domestic tension is attributed to foreigners. An IranNegah clip:


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Kls1000...I have not forgotten...

by Cost-of-Progress on

.............what is your point haji?

Bush 2000 vs Ahmaghinejad 2009? Is your amameh keeping you from seeing the light???

You people should be ashamed of yourself...............

babak pirouzian

to:k1s1000; are you supporting fraud?

by babak pirouzian on

are you suggesting because of issues in Bush election in 2000, it's permissible to have najor fraud in Iran's election in 2009 and if anyone protest, they are subject to arrest, torture, rape and killing?




بیگانگان کی‌ هستند ؟ چرا کسی‌ درست نمیگه که دشمنان کشور کی‌ هست ؟ چه مدرکی‌ دارند ؟ بدبختی این ملت این است که هیچ کس هیچ مسولیتی ندارد ، تمام اشکالات کره اینگلیسست.   این یارو تعارض حرف زدنش درست مثل احمدی میمونه


Re: He is full of it........

by k1s1000 on

You seem to have forgotten George Bush's election in 2000. If you were not in US, I suggest you read about it.


Happy Reading!

babak pirouzian

He is full of it........

by babak pirouzian on

His main message was to say that there was no problem with election, and in every election the looser hurts and that's natural ( "in football when your team looses, you don't feel good for a few days, but later on you over come it) , but he suggests , the lose is "not the end of the world" , we will have other elections coming up. He suggests if losers are hurt ( ranjour) it would have been nice to pacify them and look after them. The rest of what he said is just meaningless.
All and all he is trying to calm the situation in his own way, NO ONE is there is say :Agha this was among the worst election, the most corrupt election in the history, at least to the best of my limited knowledge



by Cost-of-Progress on

This guy is just another murderer in the long line of murderes and supporters of IRI. His unrelenting reference to the term "beganeh" (foreigner) as the culprit for the recent events in Iran makes him yet another mouthpiece for the Islamic Repressive of Iran.

Yeah, abbas joon, it was the Beganehs who clubed, shot and senslensly beat unarmed demonstrators in the streets just a month ago.It is the Beganehs who is now beating them to death and raping their bodies in your prison..................

This is an outright insult to all those who were victimized by this anti nationalist regime and those who lost their lives in the name of freedom for our beloved country.

He talks a lot, but says nothing of value.

inna hame saro tah ye karbasan.

Secualr democarcy for the only way.


Rafsanjani`s politicing at work!!!

by Benyamin on

This guy is obviously a conservative but NOT ultra-conservative. These type of conseravitves are the ones Rafsanjani has been working on for the past 2 months. Yesterday the Imam jama`at of Qum criticised the government for handling the elections! I predict that if this trend continues we may wittness Khameneie being questioned by the Khobregan and perhaps even get sacked over this whole issue.

Would that be a good thing for Iran or not? that is up to the people of Iran to take advatage of it all and change the whole system through a national reforendum, that is the only way we will have a free country.